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  1. salliemae


    Who doesn’t?!?
  2. My husband and I just bought ourselves a liberator wedge pillow and are trying it out tonight! Can’t wait. Most times I end up on the bottom and I never mind that—we both enjoy him switching from eating, fingering, and pounding me without us both crawling around to get into position. I can just relax and play with my nipples while he works me to orgasm.
  3. salliemae

    What Do You Have Downstairs?

    I started getting regular Brazilian waxes this past year and plan to keep it up. Love the feeling in every way, after you get used to the waxing process.
  4. salliemae

    Morning Sex

    I often tell my husband no, because if we start it’s hard to get up and get the day going, and well, kids are usually awake. But—I do love being woken with him pushing his erect penis into my back or side as we cuddle and him reaching around to a discreet fingering session with my clit. I am usually wet and ready, which kills him as I we often don’t go farther than that.
  5. I haven’t gotten to experience being with a girl yet....but I’ve posted before on here that I am a big fan of sex with panties pulled to the side. Something about the whole fingering experience first, and then my husband sliding my panties over so slightly to one side as he slips his penis in. I think he likes the extra friction too on the shaft as we have sex. ....drool....
  6. Haven't seen it, but now I will!
  7. I was hooked at the title of your story, and it didn't disappoint! "Pulling her panties to the side..." is something that I have commented before on other posts, that I love to have done to me. Only my husband at this point, but I find it so hot, when we start fooling around and fingers slip inside my panties or he is on top of me, without taking the time to take my panties off. Heaven.
  8. Mine are 36G's and for sure not as perky since breastfeeding two babies for a little over a year. The plus side though is they easily reach up to my mouth, and i'm able to enjoy them and relax as my husband is performing oral.
  9. My husband is big on kissing me immediately after eating my pussy. I know he likes it that I don't push him away and that I actually want and enjoy tasting myself on his lips. I imagine being with a woman and having the same done, immediately after going down on her/her on me. He also likes me kissing him, with some of his cum still in my mouth. We both enjoy the exchange and swapping of our own juices, and it usually helps keep the moment going and excites more sex.
  10. salliemae

    Favorite erotica authors?

    I'm looking for a good beach read for an upcoming vacation...and anything that has a bi or lesbian romantic story line, I would be all over. Any title suggestions? I'll also check out the suggested sites above. Thanks!
  11. salliemae

    30 Day Challenge

    I like this idea too, and it's one challenge I should have NO trouble being successful at!!
  12. Of course! I get it...and understand, but it never hurts to ask!
  13. Yes! This is what I mean. I miss all day foreplay sessions where nothing else matters besides pleasuring each other. Only have been able to experience with men/my husband, and dreaming about the day with a woman. Also--tell us more about your shower encounter! ;)
  14. More time! More time for sex and all that comes with it. We have 2 young children and finding time when we are not exhausted from the day, feels near impossible sometimes. And/or it leads to a rush to just get it done. I need lots of cuddling, foreplay, and oral to lead up to penetration. Most days I make use of naptime and turn it into playtime for myself and my toys and fingers!