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  1. Hi. Welcome. I'm not new to being bisexual, not since I was 14 at least. Truth be told, I never even think about it. My three daughters (no sons) have always known I was bisexual' meaning they all knew by age 6.
  2. ` My doctors appointment tomorrow.
  3. As a teen, I broke a few "conventions", so to speak. Far from being scarred for life, I was.....enlightened.
  4. My daughters are my life. We are Family.
  5. I'm single, never married. Three children. Different fathers. Marrying anyone one of those males was not an option. My beliefs are eclectic, definitely not mainstream. I have transgressed certain moral conventions. I'll have sex with a male but nothing more beyond that.
  6. Thanks everyone. I changed my theme and it's all standard now.
  7. ` If I'm out with a married woman, what she wears on her fingers is no concern to me.
  8. It seems the default font here is in italics and cannot be changed. I find it extremely annoying and hard to read. Is there any way that can be changed to a "standard" non-italic font?
  9. ` It was 1998 when I first first went online, courtesy of my aunt who I lived with. Since then, I've been on hundreds of different sites and forums. Over that time I've developed a somewhat unhealthy dislike for mods in forums....any forum. Many are good and cool. Most however, not so much. There are just so many "bad" mods I've run into it has soured me. Well, that all changed not too long ago. I've been asked to be a mod at various different sites over the years but have always immediately shut them down. Not interested in the least. But something happened. In January of this year, I bumped into this small LGBT site that out of pure curiosity, I joined. The nice thing is that It really didn't have any mods. That was fine by me. Amazingly enough,, no one abused it...that was until the spam moved in. It got so bad, posting was useless.. I was about ready to leave when the "owner" asked me to be a mod there. I turned him down. Then he asked again, this time a bit more passionately. For the first time, I acquiesced and said I'd mod. That was about two months ago. I'm already regretting it. I have no problem with the membership, it's the other mods that's the problem. Mind you, there were only five of us when this huge fight breaks out between a 62 year old transgender drama queen and a 39 year stubborn and foolish gay person (both mods) that spilled into the public forum. It got bad. A battle of egos. I did not involve myself but in retrospect, had I been more familiar with my mod controls, I would have locked out their thread. It got ugly. The 39 year old left the site. I was embarrassed to be a mod there for awhile. Anyways, I failed to mention, the site allows minors between starting from 13. Trust me, where ever their are minors online, you'll always find sexual preditors.......always. I do like the site though. It's an excellent cross-section of so many different and diverse people, This is why I do it. Your experiences?
  10. Ellen Page
  11. US politicians.
  12. "Dancing Queen" for me. Reminds me of a girl I knew in high school.
  13. I've been single all my life, so, all I know is that it works for me. I also have kids though.