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    It has been close to a couple of years since I was last on here. I'm older now and guessed it was time to update my profile. I still like the outdoors. Love spending time in nature. Can appreciate the life and action of the bigger cities but prefer quieter less congested areas. Love working puzzles, reading, all kinds of crafts, I am getting back into writing and drawing. Through a great friend, I have discovered photography. Love taking pictures of just about anything that catches my eye. Recently moved from south east Texas to central Arkansas. I have been discovering so many beautiful treasures of my new state. Still married, kids are grown now, and I haven't found that special lady yet but I am having fun re-exploring myself and who I am now. So, yep that is my update. :-)
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  1. To give a very basic answer to the original question (Would you date a transgender woman?) I would say yes I would. I don't really know if my thoughts and feelings are 'bi' or 'pan' but this is how I explain it to myself. --- I love looking at the male body. I love looking at the female body. I really love getting to know people. Some I would love to have a friendship with, some not so much. What attracts me, humor, a smile, twinkle in the eye, quirky way a brain works, takes life seriously but not too seriously, compassionate, loving, accepting of differences, is into touches and hugs, loves moonlight on watery surfaces. sunny days, gentle breezes, storms. ..... could go on but I think you get the idea.
  2. There are similar truths that each of you has said that ring true with me. As for the marriage part of it though, the dissatisfaction within my marriage did not cause the "bi-ness" but it did help me to recognize my feelings towards women. Helped me to accept those feelings. Not to say I don't love my husband and still want him but that there are desires within me that he can not satisfy and now I know that as much as he may want to, he will never be able too. It is not a lacking on his part but a need within me.