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  1. This world has always included those who fall in between the two gender binary. Maybe you don't view it as a third gender, but gender really is more of a spectrum in some ways. Most people tend to fall on one end or the other, even if they don't ascribe to gender norms. For example, my GF is quite butch, and people sometimes mistake her for a guy, but she very much identifies as a girl. However, not everyone so easily identifies with one gender, or is born with clearly binary genitals (or chromosomes), and to deny that those people exist, or to suggest that their gender identity is invalid is patently transphobic. Please tread lightly with this, as we are a trans-inclusive site, and that includes people who identify as neither male nor female. We do have members who have discussed feeling like they were born in a body that doesn't match who they are, but they also don't necessarily feel like they should have male "parts," either. We have members who have transitioned from male to female as well. I realize that this is a discussion forum and a debate-worthy topic, but I will advise you to be careful about expressing exclusionary perspectives here. You can read about our policy on transphobia in our site rules in How Our Forum Works.
  2. Welcome! This is a support site and not a dating site, but there are a lot of threads about how to find women. Many members are in your same situation, so we understand the struggle. Please check out the site rules in How Our Forum Works.
  3. Welcome, Nita! I will say it was a surprise to me, too, that straight women don’t do this. I mean, hello, women are mega sexy!! I always thought I just “admired” certain women. Who knew I’d actually been having crushes all this time! You’ll find many women here who can relate. This is a great place for support. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out How Our Forum Works to see the site rules and other helpful posts.
  4. Welcome to the site! This is a wonderful support forum. Please be sure to check out How Our Forum Works for the site rules and other helpful posts. Then dive into the forums, which is where the action is!
  5. Ultimately, it's a question only you can answer for yourself. I think most of us (in the general population) are somewhere along the bi spectrum, even if closer to one end or the other. Rarely do we lie right in the middle. I identify as gay, but I spent years dating men, and married to one. I would imagine sex with a woman while with a man in order to get off (in my head, it was a threesome). But with a woman, I never have to imagine anyone but the person I'm with. I knew when I was married that if/WHEN I left, it would be women only moving forward. I had no desire other men, but I longed for a woman. Being with a woman is so much more gratifying for me, and it just feels right. My attraction to women is SO different from my attraction to men. I still might find a guy attractive, but even if I was single, I wouldn't want to DO anything about it. The more I look back on growing up, the more signs I realize I missed along the way. But I grew up in a small conservative town in a Christian family where that wasn't even a possibility in my head. It wasn't until I got out and had a friend who was bi that it even dawned on me that I might have a sexual/romantic interest in women (not for my friend, but in general). I'd always felt like ANY attraction to men meant you were straight. I just "admired" certain women. Boy was I wrong!
  6. Try not to let yourself get too down about it. It will happen in time. Any progress on moving to a new area? Going on a year now since I met my girl online. You never know!
  7. Welcome to the site! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out How Our Forum Works for the site rules and other helpful posts. If you have a desire to be with women AND men, it sounds like you’re probably bisexual. But ultimately, it’s something you can only answer for yourself. Would your boyfriend be open to you experimenting to figure this stuff out? Does he know you’re having these thoughts?
  8. Hi Monty, welcome to the site! I’ve turned your post into its own thread, as you’ll get more responses that way, and it’s important to keep a thread based on the original post. Please see the site rules in How Our Forum Works, which has lots of guidance. There are many posts, if you go through the forums, on this exact topic, so dig around a little.
  9. Welcome! Good luck with the coming out process! How's that going so far? You'll find several threads throughout the site about coming out.
  10. Welcome! Yes, the rules in How Our Forum Works will help you to stay within the guidelines of the site. We are a support site only, not a dating site, just to be clear. You'll find lots of helpful guidance in that forum. We have members from all over the world, but like @blueberry said, most are from the US and the UK.
  11. There's a difference between acknowledging your bisexuality and wanting a girlfriend. You can totally be monogamous AND be a part of the LGBT community. You might check out Meetup groups in your area, look at PFLAG or LGBT support groups and resources, and look stuff up online. I know in many major cities there are many resources that might be tougher to access when you're in a smaller community, but it might be nice to travel to one once a month or something just to have that sense of community and connection. At that point, it's not about sex, but rather, feeling like you can be yourself, when most of the world likely assumes you're part of the hetero norm.
  12. On any site, you’ll have to sift through the sleaze to get to the worthwhile women. This isn’t a dating site, but there are threads about where/how to meet women, how to date online safely, and how to navigate bisexual dating in general.
  13. Welcome to the site! This is a wonderful place for support! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out How Our Forum Works to see the site rules and other helpful posts.
  14. I really enjoy the occasional slow, tender lovemaking session. I enjoy savoring my partner, working her up to the point of begging for release, and having the reverse as well. I love when I can discover some sweet spot she didn't even know about, or some new way to really rev her motor. It's harder to find those when you're going hard and fast.
  15. I believe that the change was due to helping to get more traffic, or it may have been an expense to upgrade to more privacy, I'm not sure. @la-femme would better be able to speak to that. Really, though, there is no true anonymity online. At least hiding behind a profile here, as long as others don't know about it, gives you a decent amount of privacy. But the risk is always there that somehow something becomes searchable or available in some way.