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  1. Welcome to the site! This is a great place for support. If you haven't yet, be sure to check out How Our Forum Works to see the site rules and other helpful posts. There are several posts here about bi invisibility and expressing your sexuality within a relationship. It's hard when someone judges your sexuality based on experience and not desire. Luckily that won't be the issue here! More women than not are in your situation, in a relationship with a man and itching to see what it's like to be with a woman (it's awesome, BTW!).
  2. Welcome to the site! As you've been told, this is a support site, not a dating site. How Our Forum Works has our site rules and other helpful posts that can give you some guidance. Additional indications or reports that you are here for other purposes will lead to banning. There are not a lot of safe spaces protected from predatory behavior for this kind of thing, and protecting the integrity of this site is crucial. Many of the members here are struggling and need a safe space to talk without being hit on. To address your actual situation, why haven't you told your boyfriend? Would you want to know if roles were reversed? I think it's wise to explore this before a boyfriend becomes a husband, for sure. But it's important to be honest in all your relationships. There's a great book out there called The Ethical Slut by Dossie Eaton that I highly recommend. Good luck!
  3. This isn't a site for chatting one on one. It's a forum. People get familiar in the forums, and then sometimes will start a personal conversation, but seeking women who are local to you or even coming here to find women to talk to one on one is not the intent of this site. There are plenty of other sites out there for that. We are a support site. Please see the site rules in How Our Forum Works and see if this is the right site for you.
  4. Swinging by to thank you for all your contributions - you're posting like a loving storm and it's fabulous!

  5. Sounds like a convenient excuse if you ask me. I agree about pulling away. Looking forward to updates!
  6. Welcome to the site! Be sure to check out How Our Forum Works to see the site rules and other helpful posts. What brings you to the site? Have you identified as bi for long?
  7. Sounds like she knows that she's getting to you. But that doesn't mean that she is necessarily interested. She may just like the attention and you wanting her. Maybe she feels like straight sex is overrated, maybe she's bicurious, who knows. You could ask her in a roundabout way what she means by sex being overrated when she keeps talking about it.
  8. Welcome to the site! It sounds like you have a lot you're struggling with. Hopefully, being here will help you sort out your thoughts. Have you ever connected with a woman once you've gotten to know her better, and then been attracted to her? A lot of us here rarely have an instant connection (though that happens, too) with women. Usually it takes some getting to know her and finding that connection before there is genuine attraction and the desire for sex. So maybe that part just hasn't happened to you yet, as you've been dating men all this time? When I was still dating men, I ALWAYS had to imagine a woman in order to climax. Finally I said, well, maybe I should just BE with women. That's been much more satisfying for me. But I also need a few dates with a woman to warm up to them. Rarely on a first date am I raring to go. If they make a move, I might go with it if I am open to seeing them again, but it still takes me awhile to feel the connection and genuine attraction. It's taken a couple of women being VERY blunt with me that they're interested for me to even consider whether or not I am interested! But I'm glad in both cases that they did. I say open up to the idea of dating women. Go out, and see how it goes. In my personal experience, sometimes I know right away that I am NOT interested, and I will be clear about that. Other times, I am open to seeing them again, and as long as that's the case, then I keep seeing them until things go one way or another. I have been friend zoned for this, so it doesn't always work out (aside from one particularly good friendship that went down like this), but sometimes it does. I have an awesome girlfriend now that was patient with me and made her intentions known. I just needed the time and freedom to consider what she proposed, and to go with it and let the energy shift in that direction a bit. As far as sex acts, it might be different with women for you. I would say to be honest that you don't know what you're open to/interested in yet, as this is new for you. When I dated men, what I was into with them is very different from what I am into with a woman. My energy is very different, and I LOVE to give with a woman. I was never that into it with men, but again, when you have to imagine a woman to be with a man, that changes things a bit! Have you gotten to the root of crying during and after sex? Have you considered seeing a sex therapist to discuss any of this stuff? It might be helpful to understand what's behind it to help you overcome it. Maybe part of it was having sex with men in general? Maybe it's not the romantic/sexual aspect of men that you're into, but just enjoying male energy? I enjoy intimate relationships with men, but on a much more platonic level. I can appreciate an attractive guy, but I have NO desire to get naked with him. I have some male friends that I see socially, and I enjoy the dynamic with them, but it's definitely not romantic. Spend some time in the forums, and you'll find there are some posts about similar issues. Many women find they are romantically interested in one gender but sexually the other, or other various complicated places along the bisexual spectrum. If you haven't yet, be sure to check out How Our Forum Works to see the site rules and other helpful posts, as well. Glad to have you here!
  9. Welcome to the site! If you haven't yet, be sure to check out How Our Forum Works to see the site rules and other helpful posts. I'm sorry to hear your marriage isn't working out, but sometimes that's just the case. I ended mine almost 3 years ago for reasons outside of my sexuality. I have a son, too, and trying to raise him to be a better man than his father. I hope you're able to explore the way you want and find your answers! Flirting is hard, I think especially with women. My last GF and my current one both had to be very blunt with me about their interest. I'm so oblivious! LOL
  10. I am very switchy, and can go far one way or the other. Sounds like this couple needs to appreciate you for the unicorn you are!! Most couples would be lavishing attention onto you!!
  11. writing

    I have had a couple of select partners that have inspired me to write. My current partner is stirring those creative juices within me, and I'm curious to see where that takes me.
  12. I love a good makeout session! I think the stuff you mentioned is more about the touch and connection than anything sexual, and yeah, I love that part of things, too. If someone I'm seeing isn't into it, it doesn't work out for long!!
  13. Sounds like genuine compersion, which is great in this situation! I'm so glad it's working out for you all!
  14. I'm glad to hear it all went so well! It sounds like she's probably on the same page as you. I would just keep enjoying it for what it is, since everyone seems to be happy and on board with things as they are. Bring up falling asleep together, if that's what you want! But be aware that will probably amp things up emotionally.
  15. Welcome to the site! If you haven't already, be sure to check out How Our Forum Works to see the site rules and other helpful posts. Isn't it funny how others see this stuff we think we hide so well? It's great that he's supportive! This is a wonderful community for support, and you'll find a lot of us all along the spectrum of bisexuality and of acceptance. Dive into the forums, and read through some posts, and answer when you're ready!