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  1. My ex-husband was a big barrier to doing this years ago (before I had nearly this much debt!). Now that I am a single mom, it's much easier to run my household the way I want now.
  2. Welcome to the site! Be sure to check out How Our Forum Works to review the site rules and many other helpful posts. Good luck with your search!
  3. Has anyone done Dave Ramsey's stuff? He's a bit Christian for my taste, but I think many of his money principles are smart. I'm just getting started myself, and feel I'm on the right track, but I'm curious to hear if anyone else here has done it.
  4. Are you already married? Are you considering leaving? If you're happily married, and not considering leaving, then maybe that's why she said that? It's a fair assumption under those circumstances. It's still invalidating for her to say that you'll still end up with your husband. I get that. It's kind of like being with a woman and hearing, "You just haven't met the right guy yet." I'm sorry to hear she's projecting her own traits onto you, which isn't fair. I imagine that's infuriating. Sadly, women like her are EXACTLY the ones that give most bi women a bad name. For HER, it IS just sowing oats until she ends up with a guy. She makes an unfair assumption that that's the case for all bi women. Frankly, she IS what's wrong with (some) bi women!
  5. Once trust is established in a relationship, I'm pretty open, and willing to try most things, at least to a point. Not into body fluid play (scat, urine, blood, etc), but I think most of us fall into that category.
  6. Welcome! This is a great place to connect with like-minded women for support, as you can see! If you haven't already, check out How Our Forum Works (from the main forum page) to review the site rules and many other helpful posts. Have you considered touching yourself in front of a mirror? That might help you get more familiar with your own anatomy and what feels good for you. Don't forget to use some lubricant (I personally love using coconut oil). Are you familiar with the basic anatomy of a woman's genitals? If not, familiarize yourself with a simple Google search, and read some of the posts here in the sex forums. You'll get lots of ideas and tips, and, ahem, inspiration. Would you be open to going to an adult store to check out some sex toys to see what interests you? A woman-owned shop will be less intimidating, and is more likely to have knowledgeable staff that can help you. But honestly, I would recommend simply using your own hands first to get a sense of what feels good for you. Start gently, and increase the intensity when/if it feels good. Don't worry about trying to orgasm- that will come as you get comfortable with it and you get to know what you like. Just learn how to make yourself feel good for now. And enjoy the fantasies along the way!
  7. I IMPLORE you to speak with your doctor about this. These are signs of masculinization, which means you're taking WAY too much, and there are health risks. What you describe is what many trans men experience when transitioning and taking hormones. Your levels need to be monitored closely if you are taking supplemental testosterone.
  8. When I went through my major weight loss journey (269 to 152), I still drank coffee, but I slowly reduced the amount of stuff I added to my coffee, and now I generally drink it black, so no calories, really. I do, however, find my energy more even when I stay away from caffeine. I work nights half of the week, and the other half of the week I am on "normal" hours, so I am constantly flip-flopping back and forth. I don't drink coffee nearly as much as I used to, though I still adore the ritual of it. I found it was easier and easier to reduce the sweetness over time, as my tastes changed, and most sweet things became less and less appealing over time (same with salty). I also completely eliminated artificial sweeteners, which wreak havoc on your body. Avoiding them in general will help you to feel better.
  9. Maybe take this one step at a time. Don't tell her when you have assignments, and don't let her proofread anything. Is there a way other than you telling her that she knows when things are due? If there's something she's logging into, change your password. If there's a calendar you keep, keep it locked up or hidden.
  10. The risk is extremely low, if you both stay on the lookout for outbreaks and the HSV+ person is on suppressive therapy. Tribbing is just as high risk a behavior, as body fluids are exchanged. When NL and I were together, we discovered together (while having sex, after I'd been exposed by giving her oral) that she had herpes. She wasn't on suppressive therapy at that time (or at all during our relationship). From then on, we avoided contact with her genitals during outbreaks (and I washed anything that might have had inadvertent contact), but otherwise behaved normally. I was tested several months later when I had a scare, including a test that very broadly tests to see if you were ever exposed. All of my tests came back negative. HSV1 & HSV2 are now known to affect both oral mucosa and genitals (meaning that you can get HSV2 by giving oral to someone who's positive, and have oral outbreaks, for example). There's another thread all about STI prevention with FF sex, and several of us have posted info there you might find interesting.
  11. Certainly there has to be some physical attraction, but a woman becomes a lot more or less attractive when she opens her mouth. I thought I had a type for a long time, but I've learned that it's way more individual than that for me. I will say I tend to lean more toward brunettes, but even that is hit or miss. I agree with @Leigh1968 about hygiene. That's very important. Someone who generally takes care of herself, regardless of her looks or body type, makes a difference.
  12. Welcome to the site! What brings you here? Make sure you check out How Our Forum Works to review the site rules and several other helpful posts. This is a great place for support!
  13. Welcome to the site! This is a wonderful place for support when you're looking to connect with other women who get it. Glad to hear your dog is on board! ;) If you haven't yet, check out How Our Forum Works to review the site rules and other helpful posts. What is behind not telling your boyfriend yet? Do you have any thoughts about what you want to do, if anything, about your sexuality? Do you have any friends you have thought about telling?
  14. I have been told that if you change it, but don't hit save, it won't change back. Maybe give that a try?
  15. Welcome to the site! I'm sorry to hear about your separation, but sometimes, it's blessing. If you haven't already, be sure to check out How Our Forum Works to review the site rules and some other helpful posts.