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  1. Welcome! I moved your topic to where other members can see it and comment. I think a lot of our members crave a woman, but are married to men. Why haven’t you told your husband you’re also into women?
  2. You’ll find a lot of women in the same situation here if you dig around. Check out How Our Forum Works for some good guidance and our site rules.
  3. Welcome! You’re only fashionably late! But never too late. And as you’ve seen, you’re in good company here. It’s very liberating when you can live in your truth. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out How Our Forum Works to see the site rules and other helpful posts.
  4. Welcome! I knew when I left my husband 4 years ago, it would be women only for me moving forward. It was totally the right move for me, and I am WAY happier than I ever was with any man. My GF and I live together, and we plan to get married soon. Take your time, and venture into dating when you’re ready. Focus on your own happiness, being happy alone and with who you are (and you’ll keep evolving!). That will help you be ready for healthier partners when the time is right. Enjoy the site! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out How Our Forum Works to see the site rules and other helpful posts.
  5. There isn’t just going to be one type of woman that’s into you. The best thing to do is put yourself out there, reach out to women you’re into, and go from there. This isn’t a passive exercise, where you take what you can get. Go for what you want!
  6. I agree that you’re overthinking this, but that’s understandable. Sleeping with a woman is exciting!! Different people find different people attractive. The best thing you can do is put yourself out there and see what happens. There are LOTS of posts about this kind of thing throughout the site, if you look.
  7. Once you have established a relationship with someone here, you can send them a personal message. Unsolicited messages can lead to banning. Please read the site rules in How Our Forum Works.
  8. Good for you, @Gemini82! I know this is hard, but it’s so important to live your truth. There are several members here who have done this, and I think it’s a lot of men’s worst fears when their wife comes out to them. It’s a very real risk. But your sexuality isn’t something you have a choice about. You’re also showing your daughter about living her truth and not putting the feelings of others ahead of her own, which many women don’t learn for a long time. And you’re right- the girl who changed it all for you will always hold a special place in your heart.
  9. First, welcome! This is a wonderful support site, and you’ll find a lot of women who can relate to your situation. Have you considered meeting another married woman in a similar situation? I think the natural initial thought is a single woman, but not many single women are looking for this kind of arrangement. However, TONS of married women are, and they have the same priorities. As you get into the forums here, you’ll find lots of posts about this topic. I’d also recommend reading through the site rules and other helpful posts in How Our Forum Works.
  10. Welcome! If you haven’t yet, check out How Our Forum Works, where you’ll find the site rules and other helpful posts. That’ll help get you familiar with the site. Does your husband know about your feelings? This is a wonderful community, and you’ll find many women here can relate to your situation.
  11. I am SO much happier now having left. I’m with an amazing woman who treats me well and I actually have say over my own life! You’ll do what you can, as far as the kids go. But don’t wait to tell them. My son was 6, and we told him together the next day. At that point, things were still amicable. It wasn’t until about 6 weeks later, when my ex realized I wasn’t coming back, that he got really nasty with me, and that’s been his MO ever since. I’d told my mom and a few close friends beforehand, and they all supported my choice to leave (as none of them liked him). I stayed with my mom when I left, so I’d needed to make those arrangements ahead of time.
  12. Do you know anyone who’s had her boobs done, and you like how they look? Ask! Ask around, ask your doc, ask nurse friends (I’m a nurse and I work for surgeons- I have lots of people I ask about surgeons!). Your hairdresser? Counsin? Ask!
  13. strap-on

    I love this harness:|catalog70002_gv162||15|c|0|-relevance|toy_category|0 My girl prefers one of the RodeOh ones. I find I don’t have as good of control wearing it as I do with the other one. Experiment and see what works for your bodies! I find what works varies depending on the person.
  14. Now that you’re talking about divorce, I would recommend reading a series of books called Divorcing A Narcissist by Tina Swithin. I am almost 4 years into my divorce from a narcissist. It’s a wild ride. Feel free to reach out if you need someone who gets it.
  15. Oh wow, you decided to do it! Good for you!!!! I know this is scary on many fronts. This will probably shock them, but reassure them that you’re both still there for them. Answer any questions they have kindly and honestly. Don’t ever speak ill of one another to the kids. Keep it simple and clear and don’t leave room for hopes that you’ll get back together. Sending you strength and good wishes through all this!!