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  1. My nails are not short, but not overly long either. I keep them square shaped with rounded corners and have gel overlays which actually makes them less sharp. I work in the beauty industry so having your nails done and being well groomed is a necessity but even if that wasn't the case I'd still make a effort to lookmybestatall times. I have no interest in conforming to anyone's standards. I don't do it for men I do it for myself.
  2. estee

    I Wish....?

    I wish people could be kinder in general to Both animals and humans
  3. I was 11. And pretty much every day since then.
  4. I'm not a great fan of hair. I'm not apposed to a Brazilian but prefer Hollywood on woman. On my dh he manscapes and on me no hair. My dh asked me to grow it. I lasted all of a month and then I just couldn't. I felt dirty. Told him it felt like I was smuggling a rodant in my underwear.
  5. estee

    Dom / sub

    I think I could definitely be in for that
  6. I have never been fisted. The though makes my lady bits cringe. It's not that I'm apposed to it. It's not even that I have issue for pain, cos who doesn't like a little pain from time to time. I think it's more about doing it with the right person. My dh has got MASSIVE hands so it could be that.
  7. estee

    A random discussion

    So basically if you gay or bi you need to be ugly so as to not mess with the gene pool of pretty people. So funny:)
  8. estee

    A random discussion

    That is rediculous. Do we live in the dark ages
  9. estee

    A random discussion

    Oh, to have been a fly on that wall. Whenever I've been in discussions with regards to sexual preferences I've tried to own my bisexuality. My friends are all aware as is my husband but generally when people find out they are shocked. Apparently I come across as very heterosexual. Which I honestly don't even know what that means. In the work place I think it's difficult to have your say. I know it would possibly be a problem where I work as I'm a massage therapist and I think if my clients were to find out they would feel uncomfortable. For some reason people think of you bi you automatically want to fuck all women. Even my husband has that in his head. Which in my case is furtherest from the truth.
  10. I had a threesome with my hubby and my ex. Which was amazing at first until he freaked out. I honestly don't know what went wrong. Which is the reason she is now my ex. It could have been the fact that I was having an affair with her and he didn't know, until we were outed. We were at a bad place in our marriage and I think he felt insecure and threatened. Not gonna lie would definitely be willing to give it another try. But in saying that I want a relationship with a woman that I can be friends with and NOT have to share
  11. People can be such arseholes. Seriously I just wanna round house kick people like that in the face.
  12. estee

    She likes my oral skills.

    That's just evil... But you are funny and yes my mind was in the gutter ;)
  13. estee


    'Fake it til you make it' I know it sounds weird but basically picture your best version of yourself. Picture yourself being confident and comfortable in your own skin, you feel no stress or anxiety around her just calm and at peace. Now be that version of yourself when you near her. It's like acting in a drama called 'Your Life' with practice you will feel more confident and comfortable. Well that's usually what works for me when in stressful situations. But most importantly don't forget to breathe ;)
  14. estee

    New Here from South Africa

    Hi, welcome to this site of amazing woman. Lots of interesting things to read. But most of all(for me, anyway) somewhere to feel a little more normal and interact with like minded people
  15. estee

    The 12 Hours

    Just wow. You are an amazing writer, so wet right now. So inappropriate being that I'm sitting at work. Note to self only read your writing when alone... Ps and put a do not disturb sign up. Now I'm going to walk around the entire day as horny as hell.