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  1. Still the same feeling and nothing has changed, we will be together 4 years come October and I'll be travelling to see her for her birthday
  2. It's always a good thing when you can get over someone and move on. I hope that you are free from her manipulation and can now see it for what it was. It's never easy to get free from someone you care about but trust me you're a lot better off.
  3. Okay I've added a bit more to the story and will add some more later. Hope you enjoy!
  4. I am going to add some more to this story soon
  5. Are you going to have to move away again soon? Ya'll will find a way to make it work and you'll get through it. Trust me if you truly love each other and want to be together, you will be no matter what the circumstances are. By the time netty and I are finally able to get together we will have had to have waited for over four years. It's going to be so worth it when we are finally able to be together. I know living together is a whole different thing all together, but we've gotten to know each other pretty well so we have this long term goal that is now becoming shorter in distance, to be together. Just try to stay close and communicate with each other because communication is the key to a good relationship and one of the most important things you can have with each other. Take care and looking forward to hearing positive things.
  6. Hi lady hope all is well with you, haven't heard from you in a while :)

    1. HulaHoop444


      Things have been better. I had to quit graduate school now I'm trying to find a job.  I also figured out I'm actually gay, not bi.

    2. wolfbigrl88


      Well I'm sure things will get better and I'm sorry you had to quit graduate school. It'll all work out you'll see.

  7. Thank you and it has been a wonderful journey. I love her dearly and can't wait to marry her and be with her.
  8. Her and I have talked about that before and yes definitely we should organize one, I think we'd have a lot of fun.
  9. Well if you've read my blogs and seen my profile picture you can see that I'm with the love of my life. I met her here on shys after a messy situation with a very manipulative person who liked to lie. I responded to her after she responded to a post I made on here about a bad break up. It caught my attention and when we had the chat room feature active on this site I used to come home and pop into the chat room. She would come in and we would talk and alot of times it was just her and I. We had an instant connection so we decided to try whatsapp and send each other some messages and when we were comfortable with that, we decided to skype each other. When I saw her for the first time on skype I knew she was the one and she felt the same. It doesn't always happen like that or that quickly. I also tried plenty of fish and okcupid. Met up with one girl and she wasn't my type, then I met another one and she was crazy and I don't think she was really bisexual, she was weird. Shortly after deciding that wasn't working for me was when I met netty. We're going on over 3 years now and she's been here and visited me on and off now since 2015. I'll get to see her 3 times this year. So just be encouraged and keep your options open because at this point anything can happen for you and by the way when my youngest graduates high school next year, I'm planning on moving over to the UK so I can be with netty all the time and hopefully be her wife. Take care and have fun.
  10. This is true I have the countdown on my phone :). It just gets harder and harder to say good-bye because we get used to being together as a couple then it's time for her to go again. Uggghh I'll just be glad when the travelling ends and I can go and live with her all the time.
  11. You're not kidding there, now I've gotta wait another 3 months to see her and she won't be alone. We don't get much alone time when her daughter is with her, however I cherish the time that I can spend getting to know her daughter. I can't believe how sad I feel, yet I still haven't she any tears over her not being here with me. Maybe it's because I know that one day we will be together and will not have to ever say good-bye like this ever again.
  12. Well seems like we spent all that time waiting to be together and then once we were together it was gone too quickly. We never seem to have enough time, but the good news is that she'll be back this summer and then I'll get to go and see her for her birthday in October so three times in a year of seeing each other I can't complain. We have had an amazing time together and we reconnected again once we were alone in the hotel room. We didn't take things very slowly because it had been so long since we were last together. I can say this with confidence that we both have great chemistry on all levels, not just sexually. We went to an ice hockey game and had an amazing time there, then when we got back into town we went and did our usual shooting pool. It was the second time we'd been there since she arrived and she loves to rub it in when she beats me at my game. It's usually pretty close when we play and we like to drink a few beers so that adds to the entertainment factor, especially when we both start feeling tipsy. We also went and ate at her favorite place with my daughter and her boyfriend. It just happened to be taco Tuesday and Margarita night. I only had 2 Margaritas and I was done so my middle daughter ended up driving us home. I have a lot more I could say about this visit and I probably will in another blog, but for now I need to go and rest and mope around my house as it feels so empty without her here. (sad face). I took her to the airport today and we've been on skype once again back to the flat screen boo hoo while she's being held up in a layover at Atlanta then she'll fly out and I won't see her again until she's at her connection airport before she flies home. So yeah I'm sad. Thanks for reading and I will add more later when I'm rested and not mopey. Okay so I can add more to this now that it's been a few days and she's home. It just seems like the time we are together goes by way too fast, probably because I had to spend some of it working and couldn't take much time off. The weather was crappy except for the last full day she'd have here then it decided to be nice and sunny. Hopefully when she returns in the summer with her daughter, she'll be able to return home with a nice tan. I am not in a hurry to see my youngest graduate high school because she's the one I will miss the most when I move. I'll miss all of my kids when I move, but hopefully they'll figure out a way to come and visit me and then they'll see why I wanted to move. As I've said in my previous blogs, I think that it's much harder on netty than me because she's a more touchy feely person and loves to have her hands on me all the time. We even like to go to sleep together holding hands sometimes and I can say this, I never was that intimate with my two ex-husbands and never went to sleep holding their hands. So yes, being in a loving relationship with a woman is much more intimate and definitely deeper on all levels. I have no idea what kind of a job I'll get when I get over there, but I'm sure I'll be able to find something and hopefully we'll be married before I move. It's going to be quite a change for both her and I because she's used to having things a certain way and so am I, but her daughter is younger than mine so that is why I'm choosing to move over to be with her. Both her and I are anxious and just want to get our lives together started, but I look at it this way, we've been spending time getting to know each other over the last three years and we already know how it feels to be together and do things together, so when we do actually get to be together we will have already gone through stuff and will look forward to going through new stuff together. I also know that relationships take work and good communication and you have to be willing to do both if you want to have a lasting relationship because the minute you stop talking or communicating, that's when you will begin to have problems. So once again I have a countdown on my phone for July, and she'll be here with her daughter so that we can all go and see the fireworks together. Guess that's about all for now, until my next entry and thanks for reading. Wolfie.
  13. Thank you endi, we are having a great time together, but it's going by too quickly and I have to go back to work tomorrow and hopefully I'll have Monday off then work again on Tuesday and Wednesday. She will be here for a few more days and I'll will cherish every moment I get to spend with her.
  14. Hello ladies, In just a few short days the love of my life, netballer1973, will be here once again to spend ten wonderful days together. I've gotta tell ya it's been a very hard eight months because each time she visits our connection grows deeper and the desire grows stronger. Without having a hope of being together soon, there's no way either one of us could've lasted this long. This year I will once again get to go and visit her for ten days over there and that's going to be hard when it comes time for me to leave because it'll be even closer to the time I'll be able to fly there and not have to come home. When I go to see her in October, my youngest will be in her last year of high school. It's a bittersweet time for me because she's the last of my three children to graduate high school. Originally I had planned to move over to be with netty as soon as my daughter graduated high school, but I think I will probably wait until later to make the move, and hopefully netty and I will be able to get married before I move over. So back on track here, yes eight months is a long time and we will have a lot of making up for lost time to do once we check into the hotel. I have so missed kissing and embracing and holding each other. The longer we're together the deeper my love for her grows. We've been together now over 3 years and she's been here to see me more times than I can count. When she comes alone of course our time together is much different than when she comes with her daughter, but each time she brings her daughter I feel like we connect better and gel better together. A blended family is tough and I know it's hard for netty to be away from her daughter, but both her and I know that she needs to have that time free from that responsibility for a little while so she can enjoy our relationship and what we have. The obvious that goes without going into too much detail is that we are both also looking forward to being able to make mad passionate love to each other and show each other just how much we do love each other. I can also say that reading all the books her and I have been reading hasn't helped in the distance department, but we both agree that when we're reading those books, we're thinking about each other and getting ideas, lol. I guess the reason why it isn't as hard on me as it is on her is because she craves the physical touch to just be able to hold me and touch me, not that I don't, but I don't think about it as much. We both have to bury some of our feelings so that we don't get too emotional and lose it over the fact that we can't be together all the time because of our current circumstances. It will be a little bit easier this year because shortly after she comes to see me next week, she'll be back with her daughter this summer, and then I'll get to fly over to see her in the fall, so more frequent this year. I can't wait to get back over there to visit her again because I love being there and there's so much to see and to enjoy. When I went over there the first time she took me to pick strawberries and what she didn't realize was that it reminded me of a place I went with my parents when I was young. I had so much fun that day with her and I thought how great it is going to be when I live there and we can go and do those kinds of things all the time. I'll have to find a job and she has her job, but I have no doubts that we will feel so much better once we're able to be together. Don't get me wrong I know it won't always be easy and we'll probably have a few disagreements along the way because relationships take work. Period. Some relationships are harder than others, but the main thing is that you give of yourself to the other person and they give to you. I'm sure we'll both want our way when it comes to certain things, but we'll work through it like everything else. It is going to be a big life change for me as I've only lived in America all my life and only lived in Florida, which is a tropical warm state most of the year and very very hot in the summer time. Will I miss it? Yes I will, however I love the country, the mountains, the hills, and the ocean and I will be quite content to live over there because I can go just about anywhere and see those things, including cool rivers and streams. I will have to get used to the cold, but as long as netty and I can snuggle up together on the couch then what else could I possibly want? I'm also looking forward to being with the animals because I miss not having pets of my own. Hopefully I'll be able to own a horse again because I miss that connection that I shared with the horse that I had and netty's daughter will be able to have a horse to care for and learn about the responsibility of what it means to care for someone else besides yourself. I could go on and on but I think you get the gist of this blog. Woo hoo only five more sleeps and she'll be in my arms once again and her lips will be on my lips and her body will be in our bed at our place which is where I live at the moment until I can move to the place she lives and then I'll be in our bed there. Hope you enjoyed this blog, until next time, Wolfie
  15. love you baby, can't wait to see you too. We are going to have to much fun together this year xx 

    1. wolfbigrl88


      I'm looking forward to it, woo hoo three times in one year this year! Can't wait to see you :)