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    I am a mother of three kids, two of my kids don't live at home and I have the one left that lives with me. I like to do a number of things but don't have the time to do what I want to do because I'm concentrating on work and providing for my daughter.

    I enjoy outdoor activities like bike riding, horseback riding, going surfing, riding my skateboard and hope to own my own motorcycle someday.

    I'm also a musician and enjoy playing my acoustic guitar and writing music. I play drums and get to jam at a blues night every now and then. I also play bass guitar, electric guitar, and a little keyboard.

    Guess that's about it, oh and I like to golf as well and have played softball, tennis and like to shoot pool. I also enjoy watching NASCAR, baseball, football, and hockey.

    I'm in a relationship with a woman who is the love of my life. I never thought I could feel this way again and she is mending the pieces of my broken heart and putting it back together. :)Thank you net I will always love you.
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  1. I haven't looked it up on youtube yet but there's a new country song out by Thomas Rhett called cravin you and I told netty about it and the song fits us perfectly.
  2. Hi beautiful just wanted you to know how much I love you :)

    1. netballer1973


      Hey gorgeous, I love you so much, I miss you all the time xx

    2. wolfbigrl88


      I miss you too baby and I can't wait to see you in July :)

  3. I had the opposite problem, my ex left me and left me with all the animals and responsibility of them and on top of that the three children we had together. I'm sorry you miss your pups but maybe you can have some of your own one day because animals are nice companions to have, especially if you have to spend some alone time and don't have that benefit. I manage to get my animal fix though from other people's pets and there are a few around here where I live, but still it's not the same as having your own. When I move in with netty, I'll have two cats, and a dog.
  4. Wow six cats? You were on your way to being a crazy lesbian/bisexual cat lady, lol. Yeah having animals is a responsibility and it does limit your availability to be able to just go off and leave. I miss my animals but I'm glad I don't have the extra expense of a vet bill or feed bill. One day I'll have that again, when I move over to live with my sweetie but until then no animals for me.
  5. Well ladies just thought I'd put my thoughts down after being out to my friend's place to visit. We used to be really close and I lived not too far from her house before she moved. I haven't seen her in quite a few years so I went out to her place to visit her today. It was amazing and sad at the same time because I miss my animals and having them around. Shortly after my first divorce, I was left with the responsibilities of caring for a dog, a bird, and three horses. I was able to keep them for a long time but then it got to be very hard to afford them so I found homes for all of the animals. My father bought the place I'm living in now but he's highly allergic to cats so I can't have one of those. I also can't have a dog because dogs make messes when they're being house broken. It was so good to see her and to be able to get in the stall with her big baby of a horse. He's a lot older and has lost some weight. He can't be ridden because he has problems with his feet, which she's treating, but he'll probably just be her big pet and won't be ridden again. I hope to have another one some day, but for now at least I got to be around the horses some today. I'm glad I don't have that responsibility now though, because the bugs were really bad and it was god awful hot. If I had a nice barn I probably wouldn't mind the heat because I'd have fans installed to circulate the air and make it more tolerable. My friend also has a big red doberman and he's such a big baby and he's a goofy dog, we even put the kids saddle on him because he's that big, the saddle didn't stay on long but it was funny. Overall I had a great day, but it also made me miss my animals. :(
  6. Well I say if you look good and feel great then who cares if you wear a short or long skirt? Personally I've never been much of a skirt girl but I do have a long one that I have worn and love to wear with my boots. I'd be screwed if I actually landed an office job because I just can't dress the part, it's just not me. My fiance doesn't like dresses or skirts either but she looks great when she's dressed up
  7. Like I said you just have to be observant because sometimes they'll look at you a certain way or say something that will be a hint, but you just don't know. If you keep bumping into the same person at odd places, that could be another sign, lol.
  8. Well there are colors to represent being bisexual and the site used to be designed with those colors, but mostly pinks, purples, and blues, so if you see someone wearing a bracelet or a necklace with those colors, they might be using it to say they are bisexual.
  9. There's not really a tell sign to pick up on if someone is or isn't. A lot of women say that if someone is looking at you a certain way, you can pick up on that vibe from them, but who knows. Women in general are not easy to figure out. You may think someone's into you at work, but keep in mind that if it's certain kinds of occupations, like serving for example, they're keeping a friendly way about them while they're at work because it's part of the job, kind of like acting, but not if you know what I mean. There's really no formula, you just have to be observant and be able to read expressions. I am not looking, so I don't really notice if someone is giving off that vibe to me because I'm very much taken.
  10. I think the main thing here is that you have to be comfortable with yourself just the way you are. There are a lot of shallow people out there just looking for a quick hook up and they're all about the physical appearance. I've learned as I've gotten older that having to have a perfect body is just not important. I can get a more tone fit body if I want to work hard at it but I'm just not wanting to do that at this time in my life. I know that my fiance and I will probably work on getting ourselves in better shape when we are together, but for now she's busy trying to make a living and so am I so work takes precedence for us and when we're not at work we're home with each other on skype. Women come in all shapes and sizes but women are women and we all have the same body parts, some just have better in shape bodies. They can look really good on the outside and appear to have it all together but you just don't know what their mental state is or what's going on inside of them. It's the whole person that makes up who someone is, not just the physical appearance. People put all kinds of stuff out there on their "dating" profiles but that doesn't mean that's who they really are. Sometimes I see two women together and wonder how in the world they are together because they look so opposite to each other, but they must have something because they're together. The main thing is to know what you want in someone you want to date or even get serious with, but you have to know that first and then just relax and let things happen. Usually you'll find that person when you aren't looking but you have to make sure that you're healthy yourself and then look for someone who is also healthy, and I don't just mean physically but in every aspect. As long as you're happy with you then that's all that matters and it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.
  11. Thanks ST and yes it will eventually come quickly but for now it's taking forever but forever will soon be here. I'll see her again in July and then I may be going to visit her in October. Thanks ST.
  12. Welcome to the site glad you found us just take some time to look around as the site is going through some changes and upgrades. Be warned the site is very addictive
  13. I like anything that has coconut in it
  14. Netty got me back into watching the series Heartland and I've watched 2 episodes and now I'm watching her sleep but I will soon be joining her in sleep
  15. Very nicely written and a lot of similarities with your story and mine, except I haven't had to face the physical challenges that you have had to face. Like you I'm thankful for this place because it is where I met netty and I'm so happy for you and Tbare.