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  1. Welcome Bella glad you joined us, have some fun take a look around and get to know the site, it's really a lot of fun and there's a lot of great support here. Enjoy!
  2. Hi and welcome glad you're here. I changed my name at least four times because of other people then I just decided the heck with what they think and went back to the name I have now. I'm glad you found us and feel comfortable enough to post and share. We are here for you and this is a great place to find that support. Enjoy!
  3. Hey there, just wanted to drop by and say hello :). Netty will be here in April and I"m so excited it's been 8 months since I saw her last.

  4. When I was single before netty and I got together, the worst part was seeing couples together and happy. I adapted well to being single but I have to say that I much rather prefer to be with netty. It's hard though living over 4000 miles apart. I look forward to the day that we can drive each other nuts and then figure out how to fix it lol but mostly to just be able to live together as a couple.
  5. Update since I last responded to this thread. Netty and I have been together now almost 3 1/2 years. We basically live together on skype so we both go nuts if we don't see each other at least a small portion of our day. We both have the hope and the expectation of being together once my youngest graduates high school. We are one year closer to that goal. I just want to get our life started together so I'm definitely counting the days. The visits help when she is able to come and see me. I'm hoping to be able to get over there to see her in October for her birthday this year. It's not easy for sure but we are both committed to each other.
  6. Well for netty and me it was one of those rare things that we shared an instant chemistry the moment we met at the airport. We were both nervous as hell but we settled into each other easily. For us it was like electricity and an instant attraction. I wrote about it in my blog.
  7. Thank you la-femme for taking care of things and I'm glad to hear that the fraud thing was dropped. Looking forward to the site being around for a long time. When you get to the place where you might want others to help I'd be happy to lend a hand, whatever you need.
  8. Welcome to the site. I found this site kind of like you after I was with a woman and she kissed me. I told my family as well and my advice to you would be to just wait until you are actually in a relationship with a woman for them to see that you are bi. My family thought the same thing with me until they saw me in my relationship with netty. We've been together over three years and we met on this site. This is a great place to get support and learn more about yourself. Enjoy.
  9. Happy Valentine's Day beautiful, can't wait to see you in a little over a month from now :)

    1. netballer1973


      Hey gorgeous, happy Valentine's Day, I love you so much, looking forward to coming over to see you and we can have a Valentine's Day dinner then. One day in the near future we will get to spend all our valentines together. Love you baby xxx 

    2. wolfbigrl88


      Looking forward to spending many Valentine's Days with you in the future as well. I love you very much and can't wait to see you at the airport :)

  10. shybi

    It's really pointless to keep discussing the options and possibilities of what can be done until things are more solidified with the server and the site. Once things are stable and in la-femme's control, she can then take into account all the suggestions that have been made and decide from there. Thank you la-femme for all the personal sacrifices that you've made over the last 13 years since the site began. I for one am grateful. I agree with you that you should be careful of who you give or share your admin duties with because it's a position that should come with respect for you as the main admin and willingness to see things from a neutral and objective point of view and only use the harsher measures to moderate if it is deemed necessary, such as filtering out men who try to disguise themselves as women and try to join the site. Also being able to deal with other things that may come up between members. I'm sure when everything becomes more stable that you'll be able to make the right decisions as to who you'd want to help you form an admin team. The good thing about you being the main admin is that if someone does do something stupid but it's not obvious to you, others can see that and make you aware of it, then you can take measures to remove them or just take away their ability to have access to those parts of the site. There's a whole different group of women that are on the site now than even 8 years ago and I'm sure there are some out of the new crew that might be willing to at least moderate. I'm looking forward to where the future leads the site and just a side note, there are those of us like myself, who have stayed with the site through everything and didn't give up on you or the site because it's about loyalty and friendship, not just how it can benefit you but how can it help and benefit others that struggle and have questions about their feelings. Here's to a new and exciting future for you and for the site you created. This is your baby and like all babies the site has changed and grown but it will only get better.
  11. shybi

    Shys is available on cell phones via internet and is still accessible as far as I know. Lot's of women used to chat on their cell phones when the chat room feature was available.
  12. shybi

    Thank you la-femme for updating us and hopefully you'll be able to move to a more affordable hosting site and hopefully, even though chat rooms aren't that popular, they are a big draw for shys and once things get worked out the chat feature will be able to be funded because the ladies want it and the same rules could hopefully still be in place. I also hope that others will have the patience to give you the opportunity to get things fixed for the site. I've been on the site since 2009 but did not get super active until 2012 so I've been here nearly 10 years myself. Thank you again for letting us know what's happening and I hope you do get a new job. Wolfie
  13. shybi

    A facebook page was created for shybi, there were a few ladies on there but that's not really the best solution. The most ideal solution would be to get the site to a stable host that would be reasonably priced to maintain and be able to upgrade as well so the chat room feature could be added back.
  14. shybi

    If there were some way to make more than one person the admin of the site so that not all of the cost falls on just la-femme's shoulders, that might help. I'm sure that there are a few of us that would be willing to share or help out with the responsibility of overseeng the site. There could be key donators that could help keep the running so that others wouldn't have to pay a membership fee. I also think that the chat room feature needs to be brought back because that's what made the site more interesting and fun to come to because we all had fun talking to each other. Maybe that could be something that could also be covered with a base of key contributors that would be willing to pay for that extra feature to be added? This doesn't have to be such a burden to la-femme, especially when there are a few of us who would have the time to help with the admin duties of the site. This site could also generate revenue as Hungry has pointed out. I know for me I'm not looking to make money off of the site, I'm so glad it's been here and has been free but a lot has changed since the birth of the site and good sites cost money to run. If enough of us were to give a consistent amount each month, we could have a great site. Thanks for your suggestions Hungry and for voicing your opinion. We do need to consider as a group where do we go from here and how can we make this a better site.
  15. Okay well here's a bit more but I don't want to write too much for you to have to read so it's not much: Quite some time had passed since that night and I find myself often wondering and thinking to myself who is she and where have I seen her before? I needed a distraction so I turned on my t.v. to watch some professional pool matches being featured on the sports channel. I nearly spit my drink out all over myself when the next match coming on showed her as one of the opponents and current defending world champion. I knew it, I knew she knew how to manipulate a cue ball around on a table, it shouldn’t have shocked me that she let me win, she was a classy lady. As I sat there mesmerized by her style of play, I could tell that she played differently when she played me that night. The question still remains in the back of my mind of why was she in my town that night and how did she find my little whole in the wall hang out? Someone would have to have gotten lost off the major highway to even find this place because it’s literally out in the middle of nowhere. Monday was the start of my week going to classes on business management at the local university and then coming home to study because I couldn’t even possibly think that I could make a living playing pool as a professional, I didn’t think I was good enough to take it that far, so I made sure I would have something I could fall back on for my future. Playing pool for me was more of a stress reliever and it was my addiction. I couldn’t seem to go a day without playing and living above Pete’s made it even more difficult to stay away. I knew there wouldn’t be a large crowd there tonight, just the regulars that like to occupy a bar stool because they have nothing else to do but sit there and drink and go home. I came downstairs and greeted Pete, ordered a nice cold mug of dark draft, and made my way over to the one table Pete had that he liked to rent out on an hourly basis. It was in the far back and isolated from the other tables in the bar and it was much larger. I was minding my own business, drinking my cold one and practicing my 9-ball, or the money game as we like to call it because most people just play 8-ball. I had just finished racking up the balls so I went to break them and I made the 9-ball on the break. I had a momentary silent celebration of victory as I imagined winning the game, that’s when I heard her voice say, “Nice shot.” I looked to see who had spoken to me and it was her. I nearly passed out at the sight of her because she was the last person I’d expect to see here on a Monday night. I spoke to her and said, “Evening nice to see you again. Why didn’t you say who you were the last time you were here and we played and how did you even find this place? By the way my name is Jessica but you can call me Jersey, that’s what everyone around here calls me because it’s where I’m from originally.” “Hello Jersey, interesting name, my name is Elizabeth but you may have seen my name as Chance on the t.v. and I was told that I could find a good game of 8-ball here by some of the pros on the circuit.”