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  1. Hey Sas!

    Been a long time, hope life is treating you right. 

    1. mistress sassy

      mistress sassy



  2. Prefer waxing myself, not sure if I want to try the threading. Plucking is out of the question since I cannot see what I am doing without my glasses on. Plucking is what I use to do though, just not anymore.
  3. Not following through with a girl friend when I had the chance in my 20s. Not meeting in rl before forming feelings. Doing 23 shots of tequila on my 23rd birthday and then attempt to hop a fence, broke my collar bone.
  4. javanutt

    What Made You Smile Today ?

    A compliment from my manager saying I was genuine towards people.
  5. javanutt

    What's Your Height?

    5' 7", around the same height give or take.
  6. javanutt

    7 Reasons Why A Taurus Will Be The Love Of Your Life

    Spot on! I am Taurus also.
  7. javanutt

    What is your biggest fear?

    I fear and think a lot about not being self sustaining. I'm not completely self sustaining right now but I am moving in the right direction. I have my freedom or at least I live alone, if that is freedom. If this makes sense.
  8. javanutt


    Welcome Bellarose57! There is so much to explore here, take your time.
  9. Anywday except yesterday. I need a do over.
  10. All I have to say is I'm fucking stupid! I ruined a good thing. :O

    1. wolfbigrl88


      Awe well maybe you could fix it?

    2. kairi


      Things don't go as we want them sometimes I am afraid. Try to fix it if you can and if it's worth it

  11. @kairi I do the same thing. Bouncing back and forth about should I stay or should I just keep going. Part of me says stay be friends another says need to run fast before your emotions take over again. Yes such is life,need to cut back on the caffeine intake I think. AND QUIT OVERTHINKING EVERYTHING!