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  1. Having suddenly decided to freak my dad out and watch some lesbian themed films on his netflix account I came to the realisation that generally they are crap! Now by no means do I say I've seen them all, so far I've watched A marines story (terrible acting), loving Annabelle (terrible acting, don't get me on a full rant about that one cos I already spent half hour verbally abusing my gf for saying it was good), the truth about Jane (actually I thought that one was good), chasing amy (can't think why Netflix put it under gay category when it basically says lesbians can be converted) and gray matters (thought this was alright in a cheesy American romcom kind of way). But is there really no good quality lesbian movies out there??? I don't just mean relative to the lesbian genre, I mean to stand up against any other film it still is good! Good acting, good story line!!!! I shall continue my hunt for a decent film but seriously, how can we have some great tv shows about lesbians but no films?!?!?! So that's my rant, input welcome but be prepared for a heated debate! I get a bit fiery about films