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  1. How’s everyone?

    1. Girlygirl


      Hey I remember you, how are you? :)

    2. prettygirl


      Hi! Omg I just seen this message. I’m good, mostly busy with work and my sports lol. How have you been? I’m still getting used to the new look of the site x

  2. Productive Fun Coffee Interesting weird
  3. Hi saw you dropped by :) how are you?

  4. Hi, saw you stopped by

  5. So there's this girl at my gym class, she's very attractive but I can tell that's she's about of introvert and after every gym session she's always rushing to leave.. she'll come just in time for the class and leave right after. Hope to have a chance to talk to her..sigh

    1. prettygirl


      A bit of introvert*

    2. yarrow


      Maybe she is on a tight schedule and has someone to bring and collect her. Perseverance is key on your part.

    3. prettygirl


      Yeah I Guess you're right. But I noticed that she can only join the morning class which isn't good for me as I usually attend the night session and only morning during Saturdays.

  6. Hey, just repaying an earlier visit frim you :). How did you like your trip to Aus?

    1. prettygirl


      Hi there! It was lovely and I'm planning to come back this year. I've been to Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

    2. TallPoppie


      Awesome, 3 good choices! You would have loved the beaches. Let me know if you plan on visiting Queensland again and I'll be happy to suggest some more great places. Also, Byron Bay in NSW is fab, oh and so is Tasmania, and the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland.....

    3. prettygirl


      Awesome! Yeah I've been thinking of Tasmania as well.

  7. Hey i see you like the trails! I love the trails especially the montains! Do you race?

    1. prettygirl


      Hi there! I've just seen this.. yes I love OCRs!! What about you?

    2. Mofgirl


      Love those races and crazy tecnical mountain races, such fun! Can't beat getting muddy tho! You run a lot or just for fun?

    3. prettygirl


      I run a lot :) and I keep on practicing to improve.. how about you?

  8. Hello prettygirl :) saw you stopped by thx, just dropping in to say hi and wishing you a wonderful weekend :D

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cheska9


      Well honestly i had some plans for today but the weather keeps on changing and its raining again more like pouring outside. Since I just recovered from a flu, and i will be traveling within 2 weeks, i decided to stay in today :D gonna do some research on house floor plans online:) Any plans for the weekend?

    3. prettygirl


      Oh take care!! Apparently I spent my morning, outdoors with a good friend of mine. Did some trail running and spent my afternoon studying too lol

    4. Cheska9


      Oh I see you had a good productive day :D That's awesome!

  9. I'm not exclusively dating anyone, and for some reason I feel like I'm getting used to being single and independent. But then there's a part of me that's incomplete.
  10. I'm 5'6"
  11. Hi prettygirl, thanks for stopping by :)