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  1. I have used all sorts of things......fruit, small cans, brush handle, both large and small objects, If you think outside the box, you will find a large variety of things to use!! If it fits and it feels good go for it!
  2. Long time no see, Smoothie! :)

    1. smoothgirl


      I know, I've been busy. Taking time out to travel to London soon. 


  3. I am looking forward to the next two months......
  4. That made my day! :lol: I wish I could like that more than once.
  5. I had a night out with friends wine and coloring filthy words......We had a blast! P.S. I think it was picking the word to color and the wine helped. We plan on doing it again!
  6. .......eating dinner.
  7. I love being me just the way I am, I'd not change one thing about me ever!!
  8. Been there and done that......The only thing I can say is it does get better. I spent a lot of years trying to get through a nasty divorce. I have an ex-husband that uses my kids any chance he gets, yet I am better off out of a bad marrage. Hang in there. I'm sorry you have to go through this. I don't wish it on anyone. Just know it will get better and you will be a stonger person because of it.
  9. It's a white wine night...

  10. Recently watched Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!!! Very unlike me to watch that kind of movie but I have to say it wasn't bad.
  11. I looooove, love your quote of the definition of bisexual! Brilliant!

  12. I am not aware of anyone.......
  13. It's been a while...........but I'm back!!

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    2. Inside my head

      Inside my head

      Welcome back, lovely! :) muah xx

    3. Golightly63


      I hope you've been very naughty... :-)

    4. smoothgirl


      Thank you everyone.....and I'm always naughty!