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  1. This should work - Popular priest disinvited from Catholic University’s seminary after protests over his LGBT book Nothing about Catholicism surprises me. It's a medieval belief system that has barely advanced beyond The Inquisition - ask Galileo.
  2. Just copy/paste the web address into the post editor. Links are automatically embedded -
  3. Largely a moaning/screaming type of matter!
  4. Maybe for her... No hair, down there. EVER!!!
  5. A long, long time ago. I just recently rediscovered all the letters from my first girlfriend. As impoverished students at different schools, letter writing was the only option. Time to let go... "The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there" They were fed to the shredder.
  6. Needs must and they have all had to go, bar a few valued volumes, Which are still too many...
  7. I have just got rid of a 1,000 books. I'm moving and they had to go... More and growing all the time! How many words are there in the English language
  8. The simple answer is no... but there are parts of the site hidden from non members. Only post in those areas if you are concerned. However, as anyone may join there's never any real guarantee of privacy. Always remember that this is a public forum and it has to be that way. If the forum were entirely private then it would not be indexed by search engines. No one would be able to see ShyBi (other than the Index page) and of course there would therefore be few or no members! As a personal aside, I would not join a site where I could not see any of the content. Sure the site could be structured better (it's easily done) and I and others have made numerous suggestions in the past.
  9. I was Admin of my own site for 10 years and have been a long time Mod on two others. So yes, been there, done that, seen it all... and (literally) got the T-shirt! Some Mods are excellent, some are useless. Some are lazy, some get power crazed and quite often some just go missing. Admins have a hard time choosing the right people and with hindsight, bad choices are made... and if Admin cedes control to the Mod squad, things can go bad real fast.
  10. Chronic neuropathic pain thanks to a back injury. A cornucopia of painkillers keep me upright.
  11. There is little more irritating than being let down at the last minute.

    1. BenedettaC


      That's so true... Hope your day improves... :)

  12. There's loads of stuff on Etsy.
  13. Very gentle erotica.
  14. Long time no see, Smoothie! :)

    1. smoothgirl


      I know, I've been busy. Taking time out to travel to London soon.