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  1. shybi

    With every respect to where you are coming from, I tend to disagree. Some of the actual hatred and bigotry comes from well within LGBT groups and it seems it is usually the B bit that gets erased, trashed or insulted. This is essentially a bi site for women. We need to support all women but have zero tolerance for anyone who singles out bisexual women for abuse or back handed insults wrapped up in humour. There is a B in LGBT and I think this site is likely the only one who fully supports folks not being out and helping them find their way. It is up to the LGT bit to get over themselves sometimes and accept bi folk as having every right to exists and be themselves. It is not a phase. It is a genuine sexuality and if some lesbians cannot accept that then it is their loss to be honest. I am a gay woman but I wholly support bi folk for who they are.
  2. Member was already banned yesterday! 

  3. 1. Bigots 2. The word GUY being used to address a mixed audience 3. Trouble makers 4. Me
  4. Joseph Granville Mortimer is credited with the initial development of the vibrator. Back then it was designed as a medical instrument to aid paind relief. Back then male physicians referred to an orgasm as 'hysterical paroxism'. Dumb a$$es lol
  5. We have been there before and are seemingly going there again. Before the site changes there was a full warning about NOT posting any pictures of children (including you own) on this site. This followed a serious incident in which the police were informed and involved. The rules state it very clearly now: Any photos posted in the general forums, including avatars, must be PG-13 or "friendlier". Nudity is not allowed in the main forums. Do not include photos you do not have permission to post or photos including children, including your own. Photos may be moderated as necessary, and members may be warned or banned. Your children and others cannot consent to being on an adult site. As we are searchable on engines we simply do not want people being able to ogle or pass around pictures of children. Totally unacceptable. We are sure you agree. PLEASE BE WARNED: posting pictures of children on the site, no matter how cute and innocent, will lead to an instant ban Thank you
  6. I have to say that whilst I do not see using a vibrator as an abuse of a mechanical device, if we talkik of a sentient robot do we have the right to programme it not to have free choice? CONSENT always has to be a decider. A vibrator cannot consent, I know, but neither is it sentient. I know I made all these comments above but I wanted to reiterate them. Nothing illustrates this who scenario better than Bicentennial Man (With Robin Williams) and Dtat from Star Trek NG
  7. Biology, Science, Geography, Music, English... in that order
  8. If it's "too tin" then I guess "harder" is a misnomer lol
  9. But there are no guys here to communicate that with (or shouldn't be). You can hardly 'blame' men for having large or small penii. You get what you are given like we women and you have to live with it I guess
  10. yes
  11. It's just not on is it? @la-femme and members have built a community based on trust and respect here at Shybi. I feel sorry for anyone who has been hassled. I used to hate entering certain chat rooms on IRC because you got jumped on with a/s/l? NOT here! 99% were men too, masquerading as women, so it is no great loss. We need to let members know we are doing our best to protect them and this is one way until the minimum post rule returns
  12. May we just add in that anyone joining the site and immediatley starting PM's or looking for dates, meets, etc, will be banned with no further discussion. THIS IS NOT A DATING site and if you are not willing to notice the advice then there will be consequences. We will not tolerate members being harrassed or hassled for PM's from people we know nothing about
  13. lifestyle?
  14. Do remember, too, that 200 posts is a minimum. NF is a privilege and not a guarantee. Things taken into accout are your attitude on the boards, the amount of support you have shown others, etc, etc. We will let you know when it will be opened again
  15. In which case you made the right choice