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  1. Member was already banned yesterday! 

  2. lilac_lover

    What irritates you?

    1. Bigots 2. The word GUY being used to address a mixed audience 3. Trouble makers 4. Me
  3. lilac_lover


    Joseph Granville Mortimer is credited with the initial development of the vibrator. Back then it was designed as a medical instrument to aid paind relief. Back then male physicians referred to an orgasm as 'hysterical paroxism'. Dumb a$$es lol
  4. lilac_lover

    Could You Love A Robot?

    I have to say that whilst I do not see using a vibrator as an abuse of a mechanical device, if we talkik of a sentient robot do we have the right to programme it not to have free choice? CONSENT always has to be a decider. A vibrator cannot consent, I know, but neither is it sentient. I know I made all these comments above but I wanted to reiterate them. Nothing illustrates this who scenario better than Bicentennial Man (With Robin Williams) and Dtat from Star Trek NG
  5. lilac_lover

    What Was Your Favorite Class In School?

    Biology, Science, Geography, Music, English... in that order
  6. lilac_lover

    Small Penis

    If it's "too tin" then I guess "harder" is a misnomer lol
  7. lilac_lover

    Small Penis

    But there are no guys here to communicate that with (or shouldn't be). You can hardly 'blame' men for having large or small penii. You get what you are given like we women and you have to live with it I guess