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  1. thanks for your opinions ladies
  2. Lately I have been wondering.. What is your thoughts on pansexuality? Like do you think that pansexuality is the same as bisexuality but with a more inclusive defintion? And have you considered idenitfying as pansexual instead as the term have become more commenly used? Do you think it better for trans and agender people to use this term? To me, I feel like I could be attracted to transpeople, but I don't want to change the name of my sexuality now that bisexuality finally seem to be accepted in society (more or less). But I'm a bit unsure.. Bi means two but nothing else in the defintion of bisexuality spesifies that you are NOT attracted to trans and agender persons right? And where I live, a small town in Norway, I havn't really had the oppertunity to hang out with a vast variety of lgbt people. So it kind of hard for me to take a stand on this. But we live in an international world and make online friends, so maybe I should take a stand? I used to pride myself in being an openminded person but lately I feel a bit tierd and old from all the new labeling. I just have to face it, I'm not on level with the new generation of teens. I'm sometimes scared of coming off as jugdemental..But I feel like it's important to talk about this stuff.
  3. Been dreaming of this girl that doesn't like me and listening to T.a.t.u. all morning. The frustration is real 

  4. Why is every lesbian chatter ever like :show yourself on cam! Like if I wanted people to see how I look like right now I would have gone out the door..

  5. Thank you for all of your answers I think one of the main issues is that I've been feeling very little attracted to anyone lately because of bad selfesteem. I could basicly be classified as asexual right now. That's why it's been extra hard to say that I'm bisexual. It doesn't feel quite right. Pluss, being sexualized in general is super uncomfortabel to me. I have just wanted things to be like they were before, but they are not. So I'm just going to say it as it is if anyone asks. I'm not paricularly attracted to anyone lately, even though I have defined myself as bi before. And that's okey. I don't have to be supersexual
  6. 23 It's so nice that ladies from all different ages groups are friends here. Shybi's is one of the most accepting communties online I've ever known.
  7. So lately I've kind of been taking a few steps backwards in the whole "being out" department. It has to do with me not being as confident about myself as I was before. I've moved to a new city and so far I've not mentioned that I'm bi or acted like I am. I basicly act as sterotypical straight as possible. But also, I don't like the idea of people thinking of me as a very sexual being. Which I am afraid will be the focus if I annonce that I'm bi. I am afraid of getting questions about sexual preferences and that people sort of expect me to want that kind of attention for saying that I'm bi. When in reality I just want people to accept it and move on and mind their own bussiness, so I don't have to worry about it being a big deal. Does anybody else think this is a problem? If someone came of as stricktly gay nobody would ask them sexual questions. Like if I'm into everybody I meet, really like threesome or stare at girls in public showers. Not that I've experienced these questions irl... I just feel very uncomfortble about saying that I'm bi even though I have accepted it as normal. Does that makes sense?
  8. If it's wrong, I don't wanna be right

  9. hi I would like to get to know people from all nationalities.. as long as they speak English. But lately I've been so annoyed with differences in timezones whilst chatting. I have this friend who keep texting me at night So if anyone were would like to chat let me know <3 Oh, and I am Norwegian.
  10. Okey so this is kind of very weird As a teen I once used markers..and the tip of one fell of. I was panicing because I didn't know how to get it out haha. Was seriously considering going to the doctor ..but luckily I found a way Not sure what I was thinking.. I think I liked it though
  11. aw! Contemplating life so hard that nothing makes sense anymore. And wiping my face.
  12. So do people have fun agian? 

  13. I'm Norwegian Please message me if you want, I'm seeking new friends
  14. I know you're not supposed to say that you are lonely..but I am. I feel like I'm becoming less of a human. Nothing matters without friends. Not pride certainly. I don't know what to do Maybe I should mention that I am depressed and look too crap to be in public.. My life is a mess I'm on these hormons that just makes me want to hug people and be super emotional. I cry without tears. When I watch movies.
  15. Anyone want a friend? I vulenteer. Seriosly

    1. Tb_confused


      Hi :) I see you like Orphan Black, I do too