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  1. hi I would like to get to know people from all nationalities.. as long as they speak English. But lately I've been so annoyed with differences in timezones whilst chatting. I have this friend who keep texting me at night So if anyone were would like to chat let me know <3 Oh, and I am Norwegian.
  2. Okey so this is kind of very weird As a teen I once used markers..and the tip of one fell of. I was panicing because I didn't know how to get it out haha. Was seriously considering going to the doctor ..but luckily I found a way Not sure what I was thinking.. I think I liked it though
  3. aw! Contemplating life so hard that nothing makes sense anymore. And wiping my face.
  4. So do people have fun agian? 

  5. I'm Norwegian Please message me if you want, I'm seeking new friends
  6. I know you're not supposed to say that you are lonely..but I am. I feel like I'm becoming less of a human. Nothing matters without friends. Not pride certainly. I don't know what to do Maybe I should mention that I am depressed and look too crap to be in public.. My life is a mess I'm on these hormons that just makes me want to hug people and be super emotional. I cry without tears. When I watch movies.
  7. Anyone want a friend? I vulenteer. Seriosly

    1. Tb_confused


      Hi :) I see you like Orphan Black, I do too

  8. I do 100%. But know that I have accepted it I rarely think about the label
  9. Massage, anything with close to water (like relaxing by a pool) and cuddling hehe What do you do when you are depressed?
  10. Sorry you feel that way! There are many women here to talk to about it! Good luck!!!! =)

  11. So I have endometriosis and it gives me severe issues half of the month. Therefore have tried various contraceptions, to stop me from having my period. But the ones I've tried have either not worked or given me to many side effects. I've tried loads actually. So I decided to try the coil a few weeks ago. (Autch) The doctor said it would not likely have sideffects as the hormondose was low and local. But that tured out to not be true!! I feel so tierd and sad. I gain weight like a pregnant woman. But the worst is how it affects my sexuality. On the Bright side, my body feels more senitive. On the bad side it's like I'm not attracted to anyone. I don't have sexual fantacies. Could it be due to depression? Has anyone else had this happen to them? I find it Odd that contraceptions sideeffects on sexuality are never dicussed. Same with Antidepressives... Doctors are no help at all. They just say its induvidual. I don't understand Why anyone would take these voulunterly.
  12. I don't think that will work And why would you want it to? Sounds like you just need to be more turned on
  13. Lol consider yourselfs lucky. It's embarressing. I can, but I can't control it. It just happens.. Imagine someone going down on you, and then out of no were getting drenched..maybe I should send out like a general warning. It a like a lot too..looks like I've wet the bed. Haha sorry if this is TMI
  14. 2ne1- fire, among many. Once you start you can't stop. If something comes in the way of my dancing I get abstinences lol. I once danced with crutches. Didn't really work out though
  15. It's wierd how you can be so sad without falling to pieces

    1. Ms.G
    2. Inside my head

      Inside my head

      Giving you a hug. xx

    3. anonymous94


      Thank you.. ^^ it's too much to write