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  1. Hey there just stopping in to say Hi !!!!

  2. Yogagirl34

    One partner vs multiple.

    Monogamy for me because multiple partners are just too risky. I worked in public health so I see the poly lifestyle as very high-risk behavior -- from a health perspective. Once I found out that this woman I had sex with was in a polyamorous relationship and was having sex with multiple men besides her husband, it grossed me out and was done. She claimed that they were safe but I did not fully believe or trust her. No way am I putting my health in jeopardy. STIs such as HPV and herpes can be easily transmitted through oral sex and not just intercourse. No judgement if you choose the poly lifestyle but please be safe. If you do enter into a poly relationship, please make sure you see proof that your partners are STI-free and have been tested. This also applies to new partners in a monogamous relationship.
  3. Interesting conversation! My first sexual experience with a woman was with a younger woman which I regretted, and she lied to me about having herpes. Needless to say I was pissed and got tested asap--luckily, I was fine but broke off contact obviously since she lied. She was a hot mess and was in very abusive relationships with men. I have always been drawn to older women, even platonic friendships, and love older men. Although, I look young for 46 so I get my share of younger guys hitting on me. The funniest situation, and flattering, was when a male college student hit on me in yoga class, and asked me out. I was in my mid-30s at the time and he thought I attended his college ha! He felt embarrassed when I told him my age and then avoided me at the gym. Poor guy. Talk about robbing the cradle--think he was 21 but he could have been younger ha! But I have experienced my share of very immature men and women at any age. I am drawn more to older women and men because we are closer in life stages and life/work experience. I still love to have fun but do not want to hang out in bars with 20s-30s folks. Not my scene and do not want to be a cougar on the prowl. Lol It is flattering to be hit on by younger men but also not looking to mother anyone or teach them tricks in bed ha!
  4. Yogagirl34


    Good question. I have been asked to join a 3some and also was asked if the BF or hubby could watch and I said no thanks. I am just not into MFF 3somes period and it would unnerve me. I think it is a big turn on for the parties involved, and I know some women whose husbands wanted to watch them with another man too (the cuckold fetish I think it's called). I want to be with that person solo, minus an audience, and yes, agreed it is a very personal, intimate moment. I think it comes down to the fantasy of watching their partner be pleasured and a hot fantasy for men. I just hope that women who do indulge their partner's voyeuristic streak that they are doing it for the right reasons and that they are okay with it --do not feel pressured, not doing it just to please their man, save their marriage/relationship, etc. Hopefully, he is not the jealous type. When you have three people involved, everyone needs to be on the same page and lots of trust needs to happen -even if he is only there to watch. Not something that would interest me but whatever floats your sexy boat--as long as everyone is safe, healthy, and respect each other's boundaries!
  5. Well, I am in no hurry as it has been awhile since I have been intimate with a woman. Ha! Ohhh yes, it is definitely a huge turn on to arouse my partner (and not just from oral). To better explain...I have experienced amazing oral on the receiving end from a few women and I have really enjoyed it. I think it is a control and trust thing...to be able to fully let go and enjoy. I think I am also craving a more intimate, emotional connection and not just the physical act. Not sure if that makes sense but even though the physical oral act itself was pleasurable, some of the women felt emotionally detached and not really present when they were the givers. Not to say that all oral sex with men was all that great either.
  6. Noooo dating sites for me. I did the online dating scene in my 30s and just have no desire. I attract enough weirdos as it is ha! Hope you have better luck soon. But it makes me feel better to an extent, because I do not feel like I am the only who dealt with some really messed up, head tripper women. I dealt with many women who had really poor self-images and weight/body issues. I often think they wanted to experiment with women for an ego boost because their male partner did not boost them up enough or they just had crappy self-esteem, period, and I am so over trying to pump someone up and be their emotional dumping ground . My motto: go check yourself before you wreck yourself. I do not have the time or energy to play therapist to people with a poor self-image and zero self-esteem. People like that woman are a huge waste of time. I think some people need to invest in a good therapist to work out their crap. I have spent time in therapy and it works wonders.
  7. Yogagirl34

    Southern Californians

    I am in Nor Cal too.
  8. It is strange but I love, love pleasuring a woman but I still feel a bit weird when a woman orally pleasures me. Now I love it when a man does it and I get really hot thinking about a man orally pleasuring me as opposed to a woman. It is not like I had bad sexual experiences with women. I have only been with a few women so I do not have a ton of experience. I have actually been thinking about this a lot lately. I am a very oral (and sexually open-minded person) so I am not sure why I am not into receiving as much I am into giving with women. It drives me wild to give and such a huge, huge turn on. The strange thing is I really enjoy receiving with men so it is not like I am anti-oral, and I loveeee being sexually intimate with women and love to be touched, kissed, etc. Very odd.
  9. Yogagirl34

    Light bondage

    Mmmm a favorite kink! I have dabbled with both men and women. I have been tied up, lightly spanked, blindfolded/handcuffed, and a woman tried nipple clamps on me but I did not like them. I have also playfully spanked women and taken on a more dominant role with a few women. I would not mind being in a submissive role with the right woman --a lot of trust would need to be happening. Feathers would be fun and love to tease and be teased. I have had ice, honey, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, etc. Involved and lots of roleplaying/fantasy fun. I am not sure I could handle anything hardcore like floggers and whips or ball gags, but leather outfits look fun.
  10. I loveeee ice cream so this is very difficult to choose one favorite flavor. Hmmm depends on my mood but I am leaning towards chocolate fudge brownie for this sexy scenario and I would strategically place dollops of ice cream on her nipples and on one of her cheeks...as in her bum/booty. Lick lick mmm!
  11. Yogagirl34

    Very sad

    So sorry for your loss. He sounded like an amazing person. I have friends who are first responders and I know it is a tough but rewarding job. Sending big virtual hugs.
  12. Count me in. Sounds like fun! Pedis and wine?
  13. Yogagirl34

    Dating Married Women

    This is how I feel too as a single woman. I do not want to settle nor do I want to be second or an afterthought. I realize that my patterns have been similar with both men and women and have made big changes in this area of my life. I tend to fall for people who are married or in committed relationships. Despite making a clean break with them, men (including exes) have attempted to pop back into my life unexpectedly by randomly professing they still are attracted to me (like years later!!), have feelings for me, still think about me, etc. No thanks, the ships have sailed!! This has happened mainly with men but a few women too. I deserve more and will not settle for the leftover, emotional crumbs anymore. Just a lot of weird, effed up head/emotional games and I am so done with the head trippers. I am all or nothing when it comes to my feelings. I think a lot of it is that I tend to give too much of myself too soon. Even though I tend to be logical and rational and think I am being cautious, my heart goes full throttle if I find myself really attracted to that person and feel a strong emotional connection. I appreciate everyone's feedback, and it was interesting to read about everyone's personal experiences. Thanks!
  14. Yogagirl34

    Dating in your 40s-50s plus

    @gynanc Good to know. At 46, my sex drive is still going strong too. Just do not have anyone to share and explore with --boohoo. I have not given up hope. I seem to filter out the weird ones sooner rather than later so that is a positive. I just do not want to waste my time or energy anymore with immature drama and BS.
  15. @caliwoman Where do you find these women? Ha! All kidding aside, that would drive me insane and it sounds like she is insecure. Don't get me wrong, it is nice to hear a compliment once in awhile but it sounds like she has some self-esteem issues, despite her "I don't need a compliment" comments.