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  1. Lit has great stories. I have some stories posted on there. Both FF and FM stories. They are under Javagirl if you care to read them.
  2. Yes, I was literally hot and sweaty when I was walking on the trail this morning ha! Temps are warm here in California. I am savoring the breezy 80s F temps today since temps are creeping back up next week. I am barracuda, watch me bite ha!
  3. @AndrogynygrlYou are sassy enough to be a cougar-in-training! I think I am more of a barracuda rather than a cougar. Take no prisoners muahhhhh! Lol
  4. I am cougar woman, hear me roar ha!
  5. Ha! I feel the same way. I have a big scar on my stomach from my hysterectomy and I remember long ago when my boobs were perky ha! When I taught Zumba, I had students of all shapes and sizes in my classes and I loved seeing my students dance and have fun. I got a bit depressed when I was trying on dresses yesterday and I found myself going into the body beat up routine and I said F it, I am doing the best I can and am not going to be hard on myself. I am a recovering perfectionist and if someone is going to be that shallow and judge me on looks and body alone, then they can go take a long walk off a short pier ha! F that! @these-broken-wings(TBW) you said it perfectly!
  6. Yogagirl34

    Drinking and the Big O

    I passed out on an ex-boyfriend in college after a night of drinking. I guess I got naked and then fell asleep when we started to fool around ha! Drinking makes me horny and can handle a few drinks and have no problem but if I drink too much, I usually fall asleep ha!
  7. I am 47 and I don't look my age and have done my best to take care of myself mind, body and spirit. My first experience was with a woman who was 8 years younger than me. She turned out to be very immature, lied to me about having herpes (after we had fooled around), and allowed men to physically and verbally abuse her. She had a lot of issues. The other experiences were a few years younger and a few experiences with older women when I was in my 30s (they were late 40s). I have always been attracted to mature partners because I feel like I am an old soul and I had to grow up fast/had a lot of responsibility at a young age. No matter the age, my deal breakers are dishonesty, immaturity, being able to support yourself and have your shit together, and not relying on someone else to fix your life. Basically, no drama and no games. I love wine and enjoy hanging out listening to music sipping on ice cold beer, but I am wayyyy past the bar hopping days. I did my fair share of partying in my younger days. I have many interests and passions so it would be important to have common interests, especially being physically active and has an adventurous spirit. I don't know how much I would have in common with a 20something. Lately, I have been thinking about seducing a younger inexperienced, curious woman but I think my limit would be 30s. I don't have kids but women in their 20s could be my daughter ha! I used to party with my 20something co-workers when I was in my early 30s and we had a lot of fun partying together, and they never saw me as the old lady. I may have also had a younger boy toy "weekend" bartender boyfriend back then. But a lady has to have some secrets heehee. I think I would have more in common with women closer to my age or older because they could empathize with this hormonal hell called menopause. Ugh. Also, we would be on the same page with life experiences. The younger women I was with had really crappy self-esteem, were not healthy people, and they allowed men to walk all over them. Great discussion!
  8. Yogagirl34

    Tough to meet bi women

    It really helps to swap stories on here--thanks for sharing. I am still getting over a break up and have no desire to use the dating apps, but I agree that there is not an easy way to meet single bi women. I live in a small town so that makes it tough.
  9. So not worth your time and energy!
  10. Yogagirl34

    Are You Ok With Being Single?

    I have had nothing but drama and wishy-washy flakiness with married women. I am not saying there are single women who can't make it work with married women, but someone is going to feel left out/hurt in the end or they just turn to you for sexual release or use you for experimentation. If you are down for that, then have fun! The last married woman I had a fling with (for lack of a better word since it was only a weekend) blew me off as soon as she flew back home. I think she was in almost a manic sexual experimentation phase. She had communication issues and serious AdHD. She also slept with men--they had an open marriage. I think I was just part of her "bicurious" checklist and I even questioned her if she was sleeping with other men to please her husband or if she really enjoyed it--just really weird. I feel like she was brainwashed by her hubby because it was a turn on for him. I also did not like that she gave a play-by-play about what happened between us. It is one thing to be honest but felt like I was fantasy fodder for HIS sexual pleasure. Hell no. It pretty much ruined the intimacy aspect and felt used. I broke off contact and never looked back. I don't know what's up but I need to seriously look at the type of needy, insecure people I attract. Now I am starting to question my ex BF's motivations--was he only with me because he was getting laid on a regular basis and then when he got his fill, he text-dumped me? I will never know but I agree @MimiCaro being the rebound person sucks and I have been there too many times. I am so over people's drama and head games!!
  11. L.A./West Hollywood will have tons of Pride parades and festivities. Disneyland is a bit far from L.A. but yes, public transportation is good there. They also have the Amtrak train and I know they have a station in Anaheim but not sure how close to Disneyland. I live up north but lived in SoCal years ago. If you only have 7 days, you might want to pick a few tourist destinations like Hollywood and Venice Beach is a lot of fun. Disneyland is fun but really expensive (not sure if you are on a budget). Yes, San Francisco is far from L.A.--by car, it's at least a 6-7 hr drive and by train or bus a lot longer.
  12. You are absolutely spot on. His ex wife was younger than him and sounds like she spent a lot of his money. I had plenty of older men hit on me when I was in my 20s and 30s. I told a few of them I was not looking for a sugar daddy so I know the type. Plenty of gold diggers here in California--a dime a dozen.
  13. Yogagirl34

    Hot and Bothered By These Threads

    California girl too!
  14. I don't know WTF is wrong with these men???!! It is not like he was this total stud either. I sometimes wonder if middle-aged men dump us mature women hoping that some young hottie will magically appear to pump up their egos and they can pull their BS with younger, less experienced women. I don't know but glad his hot mess is out of my life!!!