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  1. Both but it also depends on the person. Some people are easier to pick up because they are more open. There are a lot of people who are emotionally closed off and build high walls. Those people are tough. Usually, when I have a strong connection with a person, like friends and family, I still strongly pick up on their energy and what's going on around them.
  2. I have been on my own spiritual journey for awhile. I also worked with a health coach who is also a good friend, and feel the healthiest--mind, body and soul--that I have felt. I met with my coach/friend this AM for coffee and discussed how we feel like everyone else is unconscious and we can't really relate. She has been married for 40 years and has grown adult kids, and we both agreed that we feel alone sometimes. I beat to my own drum and while I still live in a grounded reality and have not run off to join any California hippie communes (not yet anyway ha!), I feel like I do not have a lot in common with my friends anymore and most of my family. I feel at home in my yoga class with like-minded people. Even with my clients (am a freelance copywriter), I am more selective. I am a spiritual intuitive, read angel cards and beat to my own drum. Along with my sexuality, it has taken me a long time to stand in my truth and pursue my spiritual journey and accept my intuitive gifts and talents. I can pick up on people's energy easily which makes me extra sensitive, and cannot be around energy-sucking people. Just curious if there is anyone else discovering their spiritual side/higher sense of self, fellow yoginis, healers, etc.? I am not a religious person but meditation has helped me and am fascinated with healing modalities such as reiki, Bowen therapy, acupuncture, essential oils, crystals, angel energy, tarot, etc. Just feeling a little lost about where I fit in this world right now. I am standing in my truth for once but I feel like my "coming out" goes far beyond my sexality. Interested in hearing about others' spiritual journeys. Thanks!
  3. Congrats and welcome. Wow, what a story and glad you are finally standing in your truth and have lots of support! I have been trolled and "catfished" by both men and women online. Trolls are everywhere online and it gets old fast. @BiTriMama has had her share of troll fakes like many of us have encountered, Just be safe and careful if you plan to go the online dating route. If you do plan to meet someone in person, do your research online ahead of time. There is a lot of info you can find out about people for free i.e. social media, image searches, reverse phone searches, etc. I have actually done background checks on a few men just to be safe. I have family and friends in law enforcement so I tend to be very cautious and do not take any risks. Too many freaks out there. Not trying to scare you away from online folks but there are predatory people out there and many are dishonest and use the internet as a shield to hide behind. It is sad but it is the reality in our techie world. Shybi is a safe place to explore. Although, I have crossed paths with some weirdos on here in the past but for the most part, everyone has been really cool, nice and supportive.
  4. I have a question. I've been wanting to try Yoga, but since I'm so out of shape and hardly flexible, it's extremely hard for me. Do you know what good yoga moves to do to start getting flexible? 

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    2. Yogagirl34


      Great gentle chair yoga. My mom is in her 70s and does this one. 


    3. Nidalaeh


      Thanks, I will def try these videos. I'm trying to do things at home to save money so I can try and travel out of the US next year. That is my goal anyways ;)

    4. Yogagirl34


      If you have any questions, please ask. Happy to help!

  5. I JUST had that song playing in my head when I looked at this thread ha! This is showing my age but whenever I read the Let's,Talk About Sex thread title, I want to start singing the Salt-n-Pepa song ha!
  6. I did not have good luck on Hyster Sisters. A lot of the women I came across were whiny, negative and rude. This was 4 years ago so maybe it is better now but I did not stay long on that site and found an art therapist instead to help me post-hysterectomy.
  7. I had a hysterectomy 4 years ago due to very large and painful fibroids as well. I am 45 years old and do not have kids. The fact I was not able to have kids was rough on me and still have my sad moments, but love being an auntie and saw a therapist for awhile to help with my sadness. My quality of life is far better and my stomach/uterus was huge because of the fibroids. I also do not miss having a period. So thankful I never have to deal with painful periods again!! It is a very difficult decision to make and for me, I made the choice for my health and was starting to cause other health issues because my fibroids were so huge. I have heard all the rude "why don't you have kids, not married" comments for years. People can be insensitive and rude, even my own family at times, but just ignore them and make the best decision for your health and peace of mind!
  8. Why I practice yoga, meditate, and try to focus on the peaceful and positive. Not only the U.S. but the UK--everyone has been touched with violence. I do not understand it either. I cannot wrap my head around that kind of hatred against a fellow human being. I bought Tibetan prayer flags yesyerday. For those familiar with Buddhism, it is the om mani padme hum--chant/prayer of compassion. We can all send out good intentions and vibes into the world. I truly believe that our collective peaceful energy can have a peaceful, calming influence on the world. It may not solve all the violence in the world but it starts in our own communities--lending a helping hand to those in need and spreading kindness. I highly recommend watching The Kindness Diaries on Netflix. It will restore your faith in humanity. Very inspirational!
  9. Sending hugs. While I am not married and not in a relationship right now, I have dealt with lying and dishonesty in relationships and it is very hurtful. I have also ended friendships due to people being deceitful. Hope you can work things out. Have you thought about maybe seeing a marriage counselor? Sometimes an objective third party can be a huge help.
  10. Oh wow, I am so sorry that happened to you and sadly, I know many people, especially senior women, have been scammed on online dating sites. Police departments have sent out warnings about the datimg site scams. Another reason I stopped using dating sites--scammers and liars. Hang in there, hon!!
  11. That is scary. I actually have family members who are vets and a sibling who is an officer in the military. That makes me angry they are using military profiles to conduct scams ugh!
  12. @BiTriMama ugh the last thing you need!! So sorry this happened to ypu!! Girl, I can sooo relate to the fakes. It is scary! This is exactly WHY I stopped using dating sites years ago to meet both men and women. I actually had this idiotic man pretend he was a woman and who knows what photos he used (really hope they were not his wife). His very sexual messages and the fact he did not hide the very male name in his email address gave him away. I reported him and had some very stronh, colorful words I emailed back to him ha! I also chatted with this woman who was a pathological liar. She finally messed up and caught her when she did not crop the website link out of the photo. When I called her out on it, she confessed to lying--lied about her entire life so I told her to &%$# off! The last few guys I met online (this,was years ago) were big liars. One was married and had a GF on the side and had a child with her (while still married!!!) and the other guy said he was divorced but not quite--found out he,was still living with his wife. That is just terrible and lame to pose as military. I do not understand why people lie because they will eventually get caught. It is crazy. I have become pretty adept at researching people online and as a freelance writer, I have some inside sources and have done background checks. You can never be too careful!! PS--thank you for your service. Lots of military and vets in my family.
  13. Thanks for the follow :)


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    2. Nidalaeh


      On Shy's I'm not that shy (amazingly, lol). I know it's because it's online. I've been trying to lose weight, so in person I still have a complex about it and just in person I'm different. 

    3. Yogagirl34


      Congrats on getting healthier and do not beat yourself up about the weight. 

    4. Nidalaeh


      Thanks, it's a work in progress, like all good things :)

  14. Meet-ups are a fun way to meet people with similar interests. You should definitely go. Yes, I have heard KY is beautiful so get outdoors and enjoy.. I live in California so lots of beautiful scenic spots and trails.
  15. Absolutely agree! I do not want someone sabotaging my hard work and efforts. It realy helps to have a strong and healthy support network. Sounds like a perfect date to me. ;) I love to cook and always trying out healthy recipes. I would love to do more challenging hiking and camping this summer. I am lucky to live close to hiking trails and pretty places to camp.