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  1. Glad you have moved on as she sounded like she was not healthy for you, and really messed with your head and heart. I think it is even more hurtful when you have been friends and have history with someone for so long and they hurt you and play with your feelings. I let go of a longtime close friendship/fwb situation last year. She and I had been sexually intimate with each other on and off over the years, and we had a strong, intense connection. It was not so much that she blew me off for a loser dude (and she asked my advice/opinion about him and told her to gtf away from him). So she asked my honest advice, which I gave, and then completely disregarded my advice. Then when loser dude got jealous of my sexy, flirty texts to her (which he read on HER phone), she completely disrespected me and blew me off as her friend because boohoo he was insecure and jealous of me. She knew me a lot longer than this ahole, and the fact that we had been sexually intimate only added to my hurt and anger. .While I was not in love with her, I cared deeply about her and we shared a special connection. I valued her and our friendship. It speaks volumes when a woman will totally disregard a longtime friendship and give up who she is to placate a jealous, insecure loser. She has a bad history of picking crazy, abusive men who treat her like shit and that is all on her because she is incredibly insecure and has a very poor self-image. But enough was enough and no one is going to treat me like that--done and done. This past year I spent a lot of time re-evaluating my friendships in general and let go of a lot of unhealthy people in my life. It felt very liberating and I needed to do it. So I totally understand how difficult it is to get rid of these energy sucking, selfish people, especially when feelings are involved. We all deserve to be happy and not waste our precious time and energy on people who do not respect or value us and our feelings. Anyone that laughs you off or does not take your feelings seriously is very immature and has their own issues. That is messed up! Never apologize for your feelings. Stand in your truth and power!!!
  2. After these last weirdo dates, I am happy with my cat too ha! Don't give up @Vampire. You never know who you may meet but I understand how frustrating it can be. The dating game is tough.
  3. I recently started to dip my toes back into the dating waters. I an 46 and wow, just wow. For the record, I live in a small town so the dating pool is fairly limited with single people in my age range. I have been laying low with women and have gone out on dates with men--both younger and older than me. It has been tough and a bit disheartening. I am trying to keep an open mind but at least, I have figured it out pretty quickly that these dudes had issues and did not waste my time. This applies to both men and women but if you are single and in the 40s-50s plus age range, have you found it difficult to meet new people and date? I did the online dating scene in my 30s but do not want to dabble with online dating, even though I personally know people who had good luck with it and met their partners/spouses through dating sites. It is also scary and I tend to be paranoid and overly cautious but there are some freaky people out there. I thought folks would be more settled, secure and happy in their 40s-50s plus but not so much. I have encountered a lot of weird, dark energy lately. I would love to hear from single women in the 40s-60s age range as to what your dating experiences have been like. Is it just me or is it tough? Thanks for sharing!
  4. I live in California with a lot of diversity. I have dated African-American and Latino men and have been sexually intimate with African-American and biracial women. I like who I like and never really thought about it, but yes. I can understand where cultural differences would come into play.
  5. As a professional writer, sexy word play turns me on very much--love sexting and naughty teasing. I have done my share of sexting, naughty photo exchange (very much an exhibitionist), and yummy phone fun. Obviously, it is not as much fun as the real deal but it can make for hot, sexy foreplay with the right kinky and imaginative person. I really love descriptive details so the more detailed the better (and good writing skills help too).
  6. @starcrossed I really appreciate your perspective and thanks for sharing your personal experiences. Believe me. my feelings were strong and I knew what I was getting into. I never expected any of them to uproot their lives for me and no way am I the homewrecker type. It just got to be frustrating and a little disappointing because I got emotionally attached. I lead a very happy and fulfilled life as a single woman/no kids (am unable to have children) and I personally do not feel that I need to be married to have a full and complete life. Marriage is great for others but have never had a pressing desire to be married. At 46, I am okay with where I am in my life sans spouse. I have been in longterm relationships but not sure marriage is for me. I am a free-spirited Gemini ha! However, I am always open to the possibility of a serious, committed relationship with the right, healthy person and dipped my toes recently back into the dating waters.. Thanks for sharing and and appreciate your feedback. It gives me a new perspective from a married woman's POV.
  7. As a professional writer, words are a huge turn on for me and I am a big flirt so yes, sexting with the right person can be very fun and and very arousing. The same with titillating photos--as long as you trust each other and are safe/careful about the photos.
  8. Hahhh great response to the unsolicited dick pics!
  9. Married women are tough, especially as a single woman. Most of my experiences have been with married women and did not turn out well. However, I also had a disheartening, hurtful experience with a longtime bi friend who was single. She threw me under the bus for her control freak ahole BF whom she barely knew and we had been friends 10 plus years. We are no longer friends. I cannot speak for married women but I think if everyone is open and honest and on the same page, I think it might be easier for married women to date or be sexually intimate. It really depends on what you want and your boundaries. From my single woman's perspective, I felt like I was getting the leftover crumbs and was an afterthough in the married woman's life. Some single women may not have a problem being an occasional sexual hook-up, no strings attached set up, but sex minus an emotional or mental connection does not work for me--man or woman. I also want someone to give me their full attention and not always possible. With married folks (and even divorced/single moms), they have a lot going on, especially with kids and family responsibilities. Some people can make it work but I feel someone is going to get hurt in the end--why the poly lifestyle is not my thing. I have gone down that road briefly with married men and that sucks too. If you are single and date a married woman, just go into the situation with realistic expectations and your eyes wide open. Be honest and transparent from the start. It is when people start to lie and act sneaky that things can take a bad turn very quickly. Please be respectful of the other person's feelings. Whatever your status, just remember the other person is a human being and has feelings and thoughts and it is not a one-sided situation.
  10. Yes, careful coordination is key to hit the magic, sensitive spots. It also depends on body types/height. I am short so had to do some maneuvering but we found a nice rhythm and it felt amazing.
  11. I could feel your pain reading your story. While my experiences have been different, I have felt similar gut-wrenching pain (and ignored the red flags) and it does not feel good when someone you trust lies and sneaks around behind your back, and dishes out the emotional crumbs because they are selfish and want you to stick around as the back up woman. I wish people could just be authentic, mature and honest. I had a situation happen to me recently that confirmed (thank you, Universe) that I am on the right track and no longer will I allow energy vampires to invade my energetic space with their dark clouds and bitterness. As painful as they are, I truly believe that these experiences happen for a reason and help us grow and we need to learn these life lessons. People come into our lives for a reason, even if they do not stick around permanently. I have interacted with and been with my share of game-playing, dishonest head trippers (both men and women), and it got to the point that I had to get real with myself and ask myself what I really want and be specific. I also had to be firm with my boundaries. Last month, I created this really cool vision board with my women's circle group and literally, a few days later things turned upside with this sketchy man I met in my yoga class. It is a long story but the Universe has a way of helping us out and steering us back on track, especially when we stand firm in our truth and listen and act upon our intuition. Sending a virtual hug. Hang in there @Cloudburst
  12. I like the energy in your photo and nice to see that there are women around my age around here. Just wanted to say hi. :rolleyes:

  13. @Amethyst753 interesting discussion and points because I am sure fellow Shys have experienced or in the same dilemma. For me, I would rather a woman be honest with me from the beginning. You take another person's decision making power from them when you are not forthcoming about your intentions to experiment and it is not fair to the other person. I knew I was this woman's first time and I had no illusions that we would magically enter into a relationship. But I was angry that I was lumped into the experimentation category since she was also having sex with other men besides her hubby. It was like she was sex hungry for these wild sexual experiences and more power to her, but I felt like she was very selfish, that it was all about her, and in the end she was not sensitive to the fact that it was more than just sex for me and she told me she had developed feelings too for me. There is not an easy answer and it really depends on the women and situation and your boundaries. Some experienced women may be totally okay with being another woman's first timer. I just think if you start lying from the beginning it sets a bad precedent and too many people could get hurt in the future.
  14. It is hot and I had really strong orgasms. It can sometimes take some maneuvering to hit the right spots but mmmm. It was a long time fantasy and would love to repeat the tribbing experience again. Need to put in my plug for safe sex though...make sure you know the sexual history of your partner before you engage in skin-on-skin contact.
  15. I dress to fit my mood and never really thought about my clothes tied to my sexuality. My hair is really short and I can rock the short hair. I actually feel sexier and far more sassy with short hair and I am lazy ha! I never really thought about it. Some days I dress sporty, especially when I am hiking or walking, and some days I dress very feminine or in between. I love to wear make-up and tend to be girly but that is just me. I like what I like.