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  1. Stay safe to all those affected by the hurricane!!
  2. It is normal and never really thought about it but now in yoga class tonight I will wonder if a female student farts (which happens a lot with other students) where the noise came from ha!!!
  3. As a professional writer, I love this topic. It is still open to debate whether Emily Dickinson was gay but she wrote some very beautiful love letters to her sister-in-law who may or may not been her lover. You can read all kinds of inuendo into the language but the letters are very passionate. I actually have some erotic short stories floating around in the cyber ethers. I tend to be the letter writer and have a very vivid and passionate imaginative but I have received some very sensual letters and emails from men I dated and a few women. Then there was the desperate, pathetic guy in college who attempted to woo me in college with a photocopied Garfield Valentine card. Ha! I went on a blind date with him but was not interested yet he thought the Garfield card would win me over. He also included his pager number--for those of us who remember pagers ha!
  4. Phone sex is very fun with the right and imaginative person. Love to listen to the moans and sighs. Very hot.
  5. Wonder what my problem is since I am a Zumba teacher. Ha! Although, I am not teaching right now. Many of the Zumba teachers are very sexy--all that booty and hip shaking action. ;)
  6. Men think with their little heads and in their deluded minds they all think their dick is the best one on the market. That is why I stopped online dating. I call them the leg humpers--the ones you tell on a first date that you are not looking for anything sexual/not interested in any hook-ups and then they try to kiss you at the end of the date. I told one dude, what part of not looking for anythimg sexual gives you the green light to kiss me? And he was a terrible kisser too. Pathetic ha!
  7. I am a copywriter so words are a huge turn on for me. Sexting and cyber are very fun and have done both with men and women. I really enjoy phone fun too.
  8. @BenedettaC thanks--wise words! I know I cannot run away from my feelings but also need to continue to stand in my truth and not settle for less i.e. emotionally unavailable people who are committed to other people and no desire to be part of any poly relationships--not my thing at all. Nothing against poly relationships or those involved, but I know myself too well. Even threesomes with a man and woman have zero appeal to me.
  9. I echo Katy and BiTriMama. Make a clean break. I spent all of my 20s in a 7 year relationship with a guy who sounds very similar to your boyfriend and take it from me, men like that never change--it is their way and they come up.for every excuse as to why their life sucks and how it is everyone's fault but their own.. All the crappy, belittling criticisms, especially about your body and trying to put you inside his perfection box, is just a reflection of his own insecurities and lack of self-esteem. I am in my 40s and it has taken me years to get to a place where I felt good about who I am. Do not let anyone make you feel less than or worthless. He sounds like an immature, selfish brat, in my opinion, who treats you like his mother and not a girlfriend and needs to find a job and earn his own income.. Like BiTriMama said, it is time for a dose of tough love. He is an adult and it is not your responsibility where he lives. He can find a friend or family to help him out. You need to be happy and when he walks away and does not want to talk about the real issues in your relationship, not only is he passive aggressive but this is a form of control and avoidance. Breaking up is always tough but there are plenty of people who will treat you much better and give you the respect and love you deserve.
  10. Me too. I love to kiss and really miss it. Heck, I miss it all. It has been awhile!
  11. It must be a Cali woman thing *raises my hand,* because one of my hottest experiences with a woman was in my car after the first time we met and went out. It was totally unexpected and I am sure the wine helped. Thanks for revving up my fond memories. I tend to be a bit of an exhibitionist so the fact we could have been caught in the parking lot only added to the fun. Loved reading about your hot car sex fun. Makes me want to repeat the experience again!!
  12. I am 45 but not married or divorced, but there are many women who come into their own in their 50s. It is never too late to make a fresh start. I echo what everyone else says. Do what makes you feel happy. Take a class (highly recommend yoga or an exercise class--increases endorphins and will give you a boost of energy!) At 45, I am still exploring and learning as I go. I have been with women and there have been many bumps along the way but thanks to the support of the great ladies here, I have not given up.. Just take it one day at a time and spend quality time with yourself!
  13. Gemini and for hardcore astrology fans, my ascendant/rising sign is Pisces and moon sign is Scorpio. I have one personality and not ten, thank you very much ha! Us Geminis get a bad rep for our many personalities.
  14. Love reiki and have taken reiki classes. Reiki has really helped me over the years with both physical pain (after a bad car accident) and emotional/spiritual healing. The more reiki sessions you have the better you will feel. It can be intense sometimes when you release a lot of crap after a session so remember to hydrate and rest. Reiki is amazing and powerful healing benefits!
  15. 45 but look and feel in my 30s thanks to good Sicilian genes, fastidious about my skincare, and lots of yoga and clean living...and red wine!