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  1. What was it like? strange, exciting, awkward? All three for me I think. I’d never touched another woman until I had sex with my first girlfriend. Both naked we laid down together and after some kissing my hand moved between her legs. When touching yourself you’re focussed on the sensations it generates but when touching her I was not only aware of her reaction but also a picture of what I was touching. I moved over the contours of her protruding lips, so soft and smooth. My thumb resting against her trimmed pubes. And when I used a finger to part her lips I was surprised how wet she was. Her clit felt so petite and delicate. At some point I remember gently sliding one then two fingers into her. At the time it freaked me at little. Never thought I’d actually do that. Good memories.
  2. Is there such a thing as a super orgasm? Since experiencing a relationship with a woman I've learned a lot more about my body and how to enrich my sexual pleasure. Multiple orgasms, which were a rare occurrence are now commonplace, even when on my own. A month ago I had some 'me' time. I relaxed on the bed and got out a vibrator. After a short while I climaxed, as the pleasure dissipated and I continued. It felt good but nothing more, then all of a sudden this tension started to build. It grow stronger and body started to shake. Then these waves of pleasure just erupted through me. It was amazing, like having a number of orgasms at once, but deeper. I was completely immobile for what seemed like ages, whilst still feeling tingles of pleasure. I've not been able to achieve it since but would love to know what I did.