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  1. Is there such a thing as a super orgasm? Since experiencing a relationship with a woman I've learned a lot more about my body and how to enrich my sexual pleasure. Multiple orgasms, which were a rare occurrence are now commonplace, even when on my own. A month ago I had some 'me' time. I relaxed on the bed and got out a vibrator. After a short while I climaxed, as the pleasure dissipated and I continued. It felt good but nothing more, then all of a sudden this tension started to build. It grow stronger and body started to shake. Then these waves of pleasure just erupted through me. It was amazing, like having a number of orgasms at once, but deeper. I was completely immobile for what seemed like ages, whilst still feeling tingles of pleasure. I've not been able to achieve it since but would love to know what I did.
  2. I was recently looking on an online sex toy shop at strapless strapons (if that's not a contradiction in terms). I was amazed at the number of products available. Different sizes, some with vibrators etc. I guess it's possible for a woman to use this toy on a man but most would surely be used by girl on girl. There must be demand for these products otherwise they wouldn't be made. I therefore was curious as to whether more of us are having sex with other women? I know it would be difficult to prove but I just wondered if we ladies are becoming more open to our desires.