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  1. Is anyone ever been interested in dom / sub relationships... female only ? I would love to hear some experiences or you can PM me about it also.
  2. Thankyou all for your input and personal experiences ....its so nice to have a place to share with women that honestly understand being bi and the different situations we actually live out .
  3. So then as I read your response your a full swap couple ..where you enjoy watching your husband please another woman through penetration also ? I guess I just don't see the allure of a man being in the picture without that ...I have been with many women alone and actually enjoy myself much more in that situation ...that the thought of going for a 3 some again really would have to be worth the time and the couple would have to really make me feel like a star as you say , and have yet to feel that in the situations I have been in . Thanks again for sharing ...
  4. Can I ask what it is you personally think you are offering the 3rd in a 3 some. Again just curious the thought process . If I were to say your a attractive couple but why should I take on your proposition.. what would you say ? And thanks for sharing ladies
  5. gwnanc


    I just opened a topic about the unicorn. I am single and have been approached and messaged on sites by couples . I have also had a couple 3 somes in my lifetime. Honestly its not my favorite thing . I prefer women alone. I also feel like couples say they want all leaving totally satisfied but then put boundaries up . Basically then the couple gets the best of both worlds as they say but the 3rd does not . She gets a man and woman giving her oral.. and then usually expected to give them both oral ... and they finish with the Big Bang... while the 3rd is left out of that scenario. I am not a fan of the bj unless I am getting finished through penetration ... so honestly the man isn’t doing anything for me in a 3 some if that boundary is up ... And I noticed alot of the posts actually were just worried about themselves and not much of a mention of there unicorns experience and desires .. does that make sense from the 3rds perspective?
  6. Hi ladies A couple quick questions and absolutely no offense to anyone . I am just curious . I tend to get approached alot on dating apps and hookup sites by couples . I generally depending on the site list I am looking for a female . Nothing about a male mentioned . The couples that write me generally have a very attractive female or lets say my type as far as what turns my head . Single women do you get alot of this also ? The other question is for married women that are looking for a unicorn ....again no disrespect ...just curious why married woman automatically assume another woman is fine having her husband sit and watch or be involved only in a small way . My thinking is if I want a man its only for one thing lol ....So I am interested in the mind set of a married woman and why there seems to be a wide spread assumption that because a woman is looking for another woman with no mention of a man ...that they might message and say ...hey here I am but my husband and I are a package deal ....? And if you were the single woman looking would you care if someone else’s husband was in the room watching or participating and would you feel satisfied with that type of sexual experience opposed to a ff experience?
  7. That was actually very interesting how you explained your choice ,,,and actually agree with alot of it ...
  8. gwnanc

    Still looking

    Hi ladies I have brought this up in the past but looking for new perspectives. I am not out as bi or possibly gay ... I definitely prefer women over men for many reasons and men tend to be my settle gender . I don’t know if not being out is the issue but I am sure its part . I just have found it really difficult to find a partner and know that I have a terrible gaydar .. I have no idea if a beautiful single woman is interested in another woman. Sometimes I just get so down about being attracted to women and wish I didn’t have these feelings. I wish I was just straight and didn’t care but I do . I just cannot lie to myself but it hasn’t helped in finding that person that makes me wake up every day with a smile on my face . Can I get some personal thoughts
  9. Probably Aruba .. St Thomas ect
  10. Hey there just stopping in to say Hi !!!!

  11. gwnanc


    No I respect others choices... I just don’t understand it from my mindset..lol. I have had 3 somes but do not find them all that satisfying .. to much going on at one time and they don’t feel like they have any type of intimate factor for me personally
  12. gwnanc


    Well thanks for your thoughts and experience... like I said just curious the mindset lol
  13. I have a question and do not know if I ever asked before if so I apologize. Also I mean no disrespect in the question... just curious. Why do women or men for that fact when looking for a 3rd , think women are into the husband sitting back watching? Personally for me I find it to be a personal intimate moment and would feel like I was putting on a dog and pony show . Then some women on dating sites want a 3rd but note ..not looking to be with your bf . So why would they then think I would want theres . It just always makes me wonder where they are coming from ... again no disrespect at all
  14. Hey, Just checking in, since I know it’s been a tough time for you, so wanted to send my support. I hope all is well! -hugs-

    1. gwnanc


      Thankyou so much ....yes it is getting alittle better ....I know it will take time . How are you ? Whats going on in your world ?

    2. Freaky.Fiona


      You're welcome and, yes, I expect it will take time (and likely never fully get over such a loss :().. I'm good, thanks, I've been enjoying summer and all it has to offer. Enjoying being with friends, family, etc. including, of course, women I've 'specially' connected with. :) Even got to enjoy time at an old gf's new 'island resort' on Sunday and met her new gf, too (I went with my main girl, as well as my older sister- who also used to date this old gf of mine- and her current gf. She's also bi, and a mother, though now divorced; as is her gf). :).  Other than your obvious traumatic issue you're dealing with now, how are things with you and what's going on in your world? :)