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  1. I can relate to all who replied... same for me . All the women I am attracted to have bf or husbands and have to have them in the mix . To find a single female has been difficult. I have been on many dating sites but most of the women I like live to far away. The one woman I did meet over a year ago and got into a relationship with ended up being bat shit crazy .., I have reverted back to searching for men by default at times because they are everywhere . I so wosh there was a shybi dating app . Lol
  2. Caliwoman I agree ... bummer... I have met a couple of good women on there also
  3. Does anyone have any kinks such as bondage they like to do with another female. I personally love blindfolding and restraints for the wrists so she can feel different sensations with her others senses . Ice ... feather ... taste honey from my lips .. ect ect .. feel free to share any other kinks you may have.... leather ... role play ..ect anything you feel you and another female would enjoy together
  4. Thankyou so much your advice worked
  5. I hope someone can help me. For some reason when I try and upload a profile pic from my iphone says the file is to big. But I was able to attach the same picture to a email on here . Any suggestions or Ideas would be welcomed....thanks Nanc
  6. Thanks for the replies ladies . I really am generally not lonely at all . Have tons of friends .. activities ect . It was just a brief moment of feeling that way . Not finding that love of my life to spend the day with moment. I had just wondered if anyone else felt that way from time to time : )
  7. Someone suggested which was good ... which is different groups to hangout .. meet people without the pressure of dating. We just don’t have alot of women’s groups in my area .
  8. Merry Christmas first and foremost ....So a question to us single ladies . First a quick background ....Was married for 16 years . The marriage wasnt terrible but through time I knew I wasnt really in love and just doing the socially acceptable thing . We had a daughter together which I love dearly . I got divorced knowing my heart and emotional connection is really with women . I am still not totally out after all these years ...but spent a good amout of my life as living as a straight woman to my friends family and co workers. Since my divorce I have not met that one women yet that would make me feel it was time to come out to all. I have a very very small family ...and we are not a close tight knit type . Those we do get together for holidays . My daughters father remarried and his wife has a huge family . Now this is great because my daughter being a only child has the opportunity to have big fun family gatherings which she deserves. But this morning here I sit kind of sad as she runs off to his house for a big family breakfast ......I am usually not a lonely feeling type person and usually very positive ...but today for some reason not so much . I wonder sometimes if I should have just stayed in the status quo ....Though I know women are really want I want and need its seems so hard to find them . I have done the dating sites...over and over ....Do any of the single women on hear ever feel like this ...or am I the only one ....? I know I will feel better later surrounded by my family ...but just a question ? Merry Christmas to all you beautiful women glad we have eachother
  9. lol I dont know about all that stuff ...Its from my phone and I had uploaded it before a year or so ago ...but now it wont work ....says file is to big . Its just a picture on my iphone.
  10. Oh ok ...Yes that is gone foresure ....Alot of other stuff there though now !! Any help on how to get a profile pic keeps saying my file is to big but I had it on there before ?
  11. Thankyou bluebell great idea
  12. Thank you for the replies ladies . I will try those apps Hungry. Do you know does HER show up on your facebook ? I am consurned about apps that have to sign in thru FB ,,,I am not out to everyone and FB basically tells the world everything ?
  13. Where was that ? There is a huge Barnes and Noble at 6 and Newburg in Livonia !!
  14. Just wrote a post about this . I was wondering if anyother women were having problems finding feminine females to date . I know I am . I think most assume I am straight and don’t go to bars . And I know I assume the same when I see a feminine female I am attracted to. Plus dating sites in my area do not have alot of women appearing fem . Any suggestions
  15. I am from Michigan ...Novi area......Doesnt look like alot of Michiganders