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  1. Probably Aruba .. St Thomas ect
  2. Hey there just stopping in to say Hi !!!!

  3. No I respect others choices... I just don’t understand it from my I have had 3 somes but do not find them all that satisfying .. to much going on at one time and they don’t feel like they have any type of intimate factor for me personally
  4. Well thanks for your thoughts and experience... like I said just curious the mindset lol
  5. I have a question and do not know if I ever asked before if so I apologize. Also I mean no disrespect in the question... just curious. Why do women or men for that fact when looking for a 3rd , think women are into the husband sitting back watching? Personally for me I find it to be a personal intimate moment and would feel like I was putting on a dog and pony show . Then some women on dating sites want a 3rd but note ..not looking to be with your bf . So why would they then think I would want theres . It just always makes me wonder where they are coming from ... again no disrespect at all
  6. Hey, Just checking in, since I know it’s been a tough time for you, so wanted to send my support. I hope all is well! -hugs-

    1. gwnanc


      Thankyou so much ....yes it is getting alittle better ....I know it will take time . How are you ? Whats going on in your world ?

    2. Freaky.Fiona


      You're welcome and, yes, I expect it will take time (and likely never fully get over such a loss :().. I'm good, thanks, I've been enjoying summer and all it has to offer. Enjoying being with friends, family, etc. including, of course, women I've 'specially' connected with. :) Even got to enjoy time at an old gf's new 'island resort' on Sunday and met her new gf, too (I went with my main girl, as well as my older sister- who also used to date this old gf of mine- and her current gf. She's also bi, and a mother, though now divorced; as is her gf). :).  Other than your obvious traumatic issue you're dealing with now, how are things with you and what's going on in your world? :)

  7. That is actually HOT .. thanks for sharing
  8. Hey your welcome to chat with me anytime..
  9. I believe you are probably correct... you probably feel like you can’t completely let go with a woman. But in my experience when you allow yourself to , its the most amazing sex ever . The best I ever had was when a woman and I were so intune with eachother and completely let go ...the sky was the limit... both found pleasing the other so hot ...she even got me to the point of squirting and made a point to get me there each time. So find the one girl you feel comfortable with. You won’t regret it
  10. Has anyone here used Craigs list personals in the past for dating ? I know they closed the site down ....but does has anyone found a alternative other then pof ..okcupid , ect ? I found a few great women on Craig's list opposed to the others . I believe it was because it allowed women that were afraid to put a pic up or something < a avenue to search anonymously ....And I found some normal awesome women that way through the years ....suggestions ???
  11. Whats the lesbian D/s scene ? I am probably figuring it out
  12. So I have a question...I am always getting younger guys hitting on me .. they say they prefer older women. Lately I have been getting much younger women saying the same. Has anyother older women experienced this with woman... or any younger woman find a attraction to older women then yourself and why ?
  13. I brought this up once before but any women interested in creating a girls vacation destination...maybe in 2019 ? Would give time for planning ect
  14. Actually I get young guys all the time hitting on me ... they all say older women turn them on or know what they want and how to ask for it ! If you really are hot for him go for it ... I am currently looking for a female also ...but hey life is short.. just be careful ; )