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  1. Shes so beautiful--even when she's  sleeping.  I love her and I'm so glad she's  mine.

  2. Hey!  How is everyone doing?

    1. BiTriMama


      Hey stranger!  Good to see you popping back in!



      Hey there!  LOL! 

  3. Now I feel crappy....she said that if anyone thought she was into girls or into me, she would completely deny it.  I don't know why that is bothering me so much after a year of happiness with her.  After 5 years of knowing she's 'not gay' and 5 years of knowing that this is all new to her.  Why did her words sting me to the core?  I have some serious thinking to do.

    1. ChemFem


      Ouch. Does that mean she is hiding your relationship from other people?

  4. She found out that I shared our story with a friend I met on Shy's.  This friend is like a sister -- we've been friends for over a year and I trust.  That doesn't change the fact that I betrayed her.  :(

    1. Rocker83


      Some people are very private about their lives. They see talking about it as betrayal. I'm sure you meant no harm by talking to your friend about it, you were likely excited and wanted to share that with someone. We make strong friendships here and find ourselves trusting people with information some times. I know I've done it in the past. I hope she doesn't stay mad at you for long. x



      Thank you, @Rocker83.  I know that she is extremely private, but I really didn't think she'd find out.  I guess that's where I faltered.  It didn't matter whether or not she found out.  I should have honored her wishes and not said anything at all.  My close friend from Shy's lives in another state -- we don't have any mutual friends.  My girl is so ashamed of what we have.  My heart is broken for her.

    3. Rocker83


      I dont know your story but I'm sorry she feels ashamed. It's not easy sometimes to admit that you're into the same gender. So many see it as wrong or a sin. I really hope she can come to terms with it. My other half is very private also so I understand. I hope you can both figure this out x

  5. Celebrating 1 year together this month -- honestly, the year started off rough.  My girl was dealing with religious convictions.  We probably broke up 5 times (LOL), but stayed the best of friends throughout.  Fast foward to today -- we're closer than ever and even talking about moving our families in together.  I have grown as a person by leaps and bounds.  She's been so supportive and is my number 1 cheerleader.  Now....how should we celebrate?

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    2. CuriosiTee


      This is just another chapter in your love story. It seems to be growing stronger as you keep growing and building together. It's true what @Hungry said, more people becoming aware will happen naturally over time. Some may have already figured it out and are just waiting on y'all to announce it to them. Although you're probably very anxious for more people in your personal lives to know right now, you've already been so patient so what is a little more time. As you already stated y'all are soul mates! Positive vibes moving forward :) 



      @Hungry -- Cohabitating with my ex has it's ups and downs.  Our daughters are happy that the whole family is together (for now) and there's very minimal arguing.  Planning to move by the end of the year...that's my timeline.  If my girl isn't ready by then, that's totally fine.  I have the patience of a saint!  LOL.  @CuriosiTee -- I'm enjoying this chapter the most so far.  She uses pet names when she talks to me and we spend a lot more alone time together.  My daughters adore her...they always have, but they get to spend much more time with her now.  Things are going great.  Never knew a relationship could give me so much joy.  It's still unreal.  Can't explain it.

    4. CuriosiTee


      All smiles for you girl :) 

  6. Better late than never! I really hope you think long and hard.... My husband and I are separated now, but we still live together until I can afford to move out on my own. Things are amicable -- we have two children together, so it's best that we don't carry on around them. The same woman I mentioned to you in my post is now my gf. We are celebrating one year together this month. It started off as a very rocky year...she was going back and forth with religious convictions and battling the fact that she truly fell in love with me. It's an amazing relationship. We are best friends first and we making even more amazing lovers! Please don't let anyone else control your destiny. We get one life, doll. Live it to the fullest!
  7. I wrote her a poem about how much I miss her back in December. I recited it back then when I wrote it. Today, I sent it to her on Facebook Messenger. I was sitting across from her as she read it. Her lovely face...her smile...so priceless. I'm smitten with my kitten.

  8. Hi, ladies! I miss you!

  9. Correction - she just got fitted for new bras...she's actually an H! H for heavenly! Mmmmmm!
  10. Hey! Thanks for the friend request! ;)

  11. I love my dolly's DDDs. She's beautiful.
  12. Hey there! This is really a good place to be. I found this site back in 2012 when I first fell in love with my girlfriend. The ladies here have been so helpful and encouraging. I've made true friends on this site. I hope your journey is going well!
  13. You chose the perfect time to ask about 'us' Things are amazing. This is the best Valentine's Day I've ever had. NO BS. We've made love since the last post I made. I have no words to truly express the way I feel about my beautiful woman. She's everything to me. She so supportive, nurturing, passionate, kind, and giving....so many more words. All the good words in the dictionary. I'm waiting for her ass to come on and get out of the closet. I think she will when I finally move out. I think I'll be in a good spot to move this summer. Hanging on until then! I hope you have a great Valentine's Day!
  14. I absolutely LOVE this! I would steal the idea, but my gf has already hinted around that she may want a pandora bracelet. I'm going to get it for her with her birthstone in a heart as her first charm. Your idea is romantic. Your gf will love it!