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  1. I was expecting a permanent ban not a suspension lol

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    2. RubyStarlight


      You getting in trouble ?

    3. netballer1973


      Sometimes you have to be a little naughty, world would be very boring otherwise, only a little though!!!!

    4. lilac_lover


      Some people have no idea which side their bread is buttered on. It's not about being naughty. It's about being nasty and undermining to members. Hassling and insulting is not naughty: it is unacceptable.

  2. Animals. Coffee or tea?
  3. Yeah like they say do it so we could all see it online!
  4. Hmmm how come my replies here kept on being removed? Was it the boogey man who took them away?
  5. I figured we all need to add some humor here on shys. Most of the people here are too serious especially with sex. Anyway, I do like a wanker hiding inside my closet just like in classic porn videos!
  6. Simply, turn it on
  7. Hey, lurker

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    2. Hintkin


      In a relationship or nah?

    3. Mocha24


      Nope not currently

    4. Hintkin


      Okay. I'd like to get to know you. Will sending you a PM creep you out or nah?

  8. A wanker hiding inside my closet
  9. No, my phone camera might suddenly stop working if I try to even capture a pose lol
  10. I do it once in awhile but I make sure my hands are clean lol
  11. Not feeling like that anymore. She replied yesterday and I finally got my answer. It's a "No" and asked to be just friends. Well, I'm done for that and just going to focus on myself. I realize its not worth it anyway and its time to just accept defeat and failure. Right now, I just feel nothing. I'm not even hurt anymore. It's just blank. Anyway, there are still good things in my life. So, at least I get to bond with my mom again with less awkwardness from her. I'm just going to focus on my family. They matter the most. My love for my family is greater than to hers anyway.
  12. i just became stronger now

    1. wolfbigrl88


      Cool that's good to hear hint, sounds like you're making progress, glad you came back to shys.

    2. Hintkin


      Yep and I'm done feeling shitty because of people. Anyway, some people are just not worth the time and affection. I still have my family though so I'll be fine. l'd like to resort to sarcasm and say "Oh... Thank you!". Will that count?

  13. Nah, she has not been online since May. We talked recently on fb though. Please stop saying about "time does heal". It has been awhile so how come my broken heart was not healed then? I think that the phase is used to escape reality. I think acceptance is the only way to deal with this nightmare. I have to accept the truth and relg on time itself. Nothing can cure a broken heart. Only that person who is broken can mend hers. No one else
  14. Yeah.. I thought I already moved on from here but I realized I only escaped and I feel horrible about myself. She has moved on and I haven't. I can't blame her and I can't blame myself either. I tried to send her a message about how I feel but she just read it and did not reply. She did reply at first but when I said things about still being in love with her, she stopped messaging me like I'm some kind of freak. I feel worthless and just don't know what to do but to disregard my feelings. I guess this is the onky way to cope with this feeling,