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  1. About five minutes ago... told hubby my head hurt and I needed a nap. I'm awful... lol!
  2. SupercalafragilisticEXISTENTIALCRISIS!

  3. Jesus fucking Christ it's FOUR IN THE MORNING and I have work in like five hours and what am I doing? Getting hot and bothered over this awesome shit. Whew! Unemployment is less stressful anyway, right? (wonder if you can call in horny. LMAO!)
  4. I read a lot of Labyrinth fanfics. It always bothered me even as a kid that Sarah and Jareth never ended up together, so I find stories where they do. (And some of them get REALLY freaking hot...) ... IHaveAlsoWrittenSomeFicsBeforeAboutFandomsILike *runs away in shame* *EDIT* I was also a big Twilight fan in college, and to this day I maintain that she got the Breaking Dawn Jacob/Renesmee imprint thing from me... except my storyline that led up to it was much less cheesy and way more tragic. The beginning involved Bella giving birth, being turned, having bloodlust like a normal non-mary-sue, and accidentally killing Charlie before disappearing and joining the Vulturi. Evie (the daughter) grows up normally, with the venom inside her basically acting like a tumor in remission. At any time, she could turn. Sigh. Wish I'd finished that one.
  5. Mikey Jumps, NomCat, and Episode are my new favorites. I was a Pokemon Go girl, until I caught everything and got sick to death of it.
  6. I'm an introvert; which is difficult to manage with a family of four in a small house. O_O Thankfully I have my own office at work.
  7. I've posted to this before, but lately I've developed a complete obsession with Kate McKinnon. Anyone else mesmerized by this woman???
  8. Effing horribly. We're monogamous, which I'm fine with (I can't see myself as the type to find someone else if I'm committed anyway). But (and the ladies who have seen my posts from a year ago probably know), I go through the WORST dry spells with my husband... sad to say that it hasn't gotten much better. I'm honestly starting to think about if I have other options.
  9. "Soon we must face the choice between what is right, and what is easy." - Albus Dumbledore.