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  1. a colleague of mine stopped using a deodorant. It's become tough being around her and how does one go around with it when it's just a colleague? LOOOL

    1. Hungry


      Do you know she stopped using it? I'd take her aside and say sorry to be the one to say this to you smell and that's not something you want at work. 

      You could ignore it but I feel like in those instances the person should be informed. Maybe she has a terrible sense of smell? :P


    2. bluebell


      I don't know it, I feel it.

      We are not that close, I am not sure she'll take it well. Next week we'll move in the same open space, ahhhh:D I hope she'll get it fixed by then

  2. alrered like photoshopped? I don't edit my photos beyond cropping and changing them to black-and-white and the like I don't have many photos anyway I don't like when people show you pictures where they are blurred, look much younger or pass themselves for someone else. Even my brother did it, he used a photo of some other guy. I don't understand it because people will find out anyway when you meet them, what's the point
  3. I feel profoundly sad

    1. JadeBleu15


      Leaving a hug for you. I sure hope it passes soon.  

    2. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      I'm leaving a hug too, and a picture of cute puppy. 

    3. bluebell


      thank you, girls, it's very nice of you :*

  4. panicking inside because my ex has told she still loves me *yeah, sure* but do I?
  5. my ex has just basically told me she's still in love with me. the alarm went off in my heeeaddd!!

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    2. bluebell


      I have no idea if she just wants attention or something else. We're different in the way we express ourselves. I don't think it's not real,though. It came out of the blue. Yeah,I need to be composed because it's in the state of emotional distress we can take the wrong decisions,don't we?

    3. Hungry


      I always feel like that when people surprise me with, take some time and you can always stop thinking and message me if you like any time! Have a good weekend:)

    4. bluebell


      thank you Hungry, I'm taking time for myself. It's the Bastille day today, a day-off, thank god! I hope you are doing well? Have a good week-end, too

  6. the title sent me to giggles loool I like any accent of a person I like if they talk in their native language
  7. My ex is in town and suggested meeting after all this time.Several months ago I would be elated at the idea but now I am not sure. Oh geez,what should I do?

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    2. bluebell


      I didn't say that. I got over her long ago but I'm a little attached. It takes different times to get over different people,it depends on many things,there's no magic recipe

    3. Girlygirl


      That makes sense. I wish there was. 

    4. bluebell


      If it makes you feel any better,many people went or are going through the same

  8. you know when someone texts you and their number is not in your phone book but it's definitely someone you know because they ask how your internship is going? So awkward!

    1. Leopard


      I think you can ask. I think unless I know a person well I always add my name. Failing that call the person just to check its for real

    2. bluebell


      I know,right? I sign my texts when it's an acquaintance I haven't talked to for long. Oh,I had to ask this time and was like, I know why I didn't keep you in my contacts. But it was awkward

  9. When I like someone, I care for them and try to show it,be nice. And again,all I had was broken promises and whatever attitude. I feel so bad right now, as if he had wiped his feet off me

  10. I watched it yesterday. Gal Gadot slayed it! Oh my god. I enjoyed looking at her so much (even if it was all retouched), I feel bad. Today in the office I told colleagues, one of them who saw it just said, "she is so beautiful, isn't she?" while watching it I was like, oh, isn't this Robin Wright? isn't this Elena Anaya? I'm not into comics and I don't read any and very rarely watch any (the last one was Spider man 3 so long ago) but I loved this movie, although I'm not a fan of too many special effects. I only found one of the actors too old for the character he was playing, in my opinion. I was inspired by it, actually, I went out in the street after and it felt surreal and I felt like a badass wonder woman myself loooooooooool I was thinking of giving up on karate next year but after yesterday I was like, nahhh, I will continue with martial arts
  11. I have a manager from hell

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    2. bluebell


      Thanks Hungry:) she scares me. You know,others were right about her,if you remember my post

    3. Hungry


      Damn, do get in touch and I'll try to advise ways to diffuse her. Where are superiors? She shouldn't have any control or too many people facing duties if she goes around like that.

      Funny, you wrote this cos someone dropped the F bomb to me at work today and I was not happy!

    4. bluebell


      superiors were there today, they know, everyone knows. She's going to quit, don't know when, hopefully asap. Am always up for your advice :)

  12. Hello everyone! Here goes my little rant. I was having a lunch with two female colleagues today and as I don't feel comfortable about opening up there, I usually mostly listen. What they said today was one step towards I'm starting to get fed up with those talks: -We have boys in the company. We have many boys. -Boys is good. We need to have more boys here (Me (internally) *yawn* *get me out of here") -And we have handsome boys. We only hire handsome boys, you saw that? We only take handsome people (Me: (internally) WTF have I just heard?) writing this while sitting with my window open and an ill-mannered young woman outside keeps calling someone "homos" :/
  13. I feel very sad today because a student from my faculty was killed in a terrorist attack in Colombia last week. I didn't know her personally but it makes me very sad, poor girl :'(

  14. Be a closeted bisexual newbie in the office where all women talk about men all the time sucks! It's also boring

  15. Duolingo: "Translate "I like women" Me: "Yep, lol"

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    2. Hungry


      Not from there.. but yes they don't even offer the language I want so it's ok!

    3. bluebell


      may I know what the language was?

      I did BrPortuguese

    4. Hungry