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  1. I saw this somewhere online after her death, I don't remember where. I remember someone mentioning "I wanna dance with somebody..." in the context of her bisexuality. Probably, it was not widely-talked about. But she's dead now, she cannot admit nor negate it. Whatever happened, RIP Whitney
  2. they talked about her bisexuality right after her death. this is not exactly new. Probably, just the details
  3. Had a ghost of my ex today. Ugh, that spoiled my mood

  4. it feels so freaking awesome to have won a case in the court after 3 long years!!!

    1. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      Congratulations! :clapping:

    2. Veruca Salk

      Veruca Salk

      Wow...that's such a long time to wait.  Happy it worked!

    3. bluebell


      Thank you. The winning took place in the court of appeal but I counted the whole duration

  5. There's a hollow space inside me

    1. choosygirl1234


      What's going on? Anything you want to talk about?

    2. bluebell


      Sorry, I forgot to reply to this. Post-break-up blues. I'd rather talk about something else. Thanks for the offer, hun

  6. welcome smiling new girl
  7. don't care about conforming to gender stereotypes
  8. Capsize (of a boat) overturned in water I like a song under the same name
  9. it's tricky because people live in different time zones
  10. the chatroom on here was nice, maybe it will be back one day but in the meanwhile there's no equivalent on the forum
  11. haha, thanks, that will be too pricey with all the visa costs and my lot is not viewed well by the US government right now aaaah
  12. I find that meditation can help. There's this wonderful site with audios on various topics like self-compassion or just breathing that helps you to relax. For me being around people helps,for example,walking in a busy street,observing people or sitting in a coffee shop. Another thing although you can't do it in the office (others gave you good ideas) is volunteering and helping those in need. When you see how hard some people have it,how lonely some of them are they are happy for a minute of your time but still live and try to enjoy life despite their handicaps,it makes you re-evaluate things. It made to me. I hope you'll find things to let your friend gently know what she can do in and out of office
  13. It's 87/80 on rottentomatoes, seems not bad and it's released in France at the end of February. Wait, what??? I'm not gonna wait THAT long it was the same with "Carol" last year!
  14. no, no, no, please, night, go away

  15. I like those pics, funny and uplifting I wish there were more of them in continental Europe, like the funny ones, not just the militant ones "let's say no to homophobia!" with a screaming chick, for example