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  1. I miss having that special someone in my life

  2. I'm sick,heartbroken and have no friend to confide in. Not because I have no friends. And too sick to talk or even type

  3. yes, why not? however, online chatting since like a thing from yesterday. Although I'm not against some chatting now and then, I don't know what the cool kids now use these days (except whatsapp, viber and the like, obviously, but with someone you know, although I don't like them as I prefer mails or face-to-face interaction). Oh, god, I feel old
  4. very sick...stupid and embarrassed
  5. "you can't appreciate her beauty because you are not a man" this is some unheard-of bullshit 

  6. I usually don't say it but...Straight people and the heterosexual privilege are annoying

    1. myladylove


      It’s their air of superiority that annoys me, I mean it’s no great achievement to bag oneself a man really is it.

    2. bluebell


      I'm just tired of women discussing men and fawning over them and being able to do it loudly and also assume you are straight too. Boo. And yes @myladylove

  7. shybi

    I think it's a good proposition @HungryI agree with you but right now I'm out of any ideas to support it, my mind is engrossed in other things *sigh*
  8. shybi

    I remember many people who joined fan pages on fb created separate accounts. I have a separate one just for apps. It' what many people do. On my main one I never post anything anyway and I'm lucky to have no family members on it so most people either know or wouldn't care. wouldn't mind joining a fb page if there was one but it also needs an admin. It's not very difficult, I think, at least it didn't seem so
  9. I read about it. But only heard of 3 seasons. Unless they renewed it after the 2d? I also wanted to be a scriptwriter,even started one which then turned into a story
  10. seems like you've been following the show closely I just checked out the release date. Forgot it was on Netflix as I don't have it
  11. is there going to be the 4th season? at first it was only renewed for 2 more seasons
  12. shybi

    I wish I was more tech-savvy to know and help about these things. I regret I don't. I will try to help the way I can in the future. Sorry, I was knocked out yesterday. I'd love to keep it going as it means a lot to me and I agree we need to take action and do things ( I don't know which ones) by having the staff participate in that
  13. I read that Pr.Marston's granddaughter didn't appreciate it (I had an impression she was just defensive about her family although no one knows what exactly happened between those three, if Olive and Elisabeth had a sexual relationship too yada yada). I liked it though. And the fictional Elisabeth and Olive are prettier than the real ones were like Luke Evans (who I heard is gay but I think he played very well)
  14. oh god, I think I have an infection. it's so long to receive the first test results to know what it is. and to go on a business trip on top of it, ugh :(

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    2. bluebell


      a couple of weeks ago, it started during the trip. I think I caught a stomach infection. I know, I know, I don't trust them much either, though, but I can't go to another country to run a test. So, I'll be waiting for my results and they'd rather find something, it's really strange. I do hope I will manage, don't know if I will lol, what else can one do but be optimistic. i'd hate it to ruin my work. 

    3. Hungry


      That's not good. Hope you manage, if it's not a condition could your immunity be stress related. Mine was so much worse before I was diagnosed and when I healed up I'm essentially almost normal now. There is brightness and health ahead for you somehow it's just finding it! :)

    4. bluebell


      It's good to know you are feeling better.

      I don't feel stressed in any area of my life now, I think either I caught an infection during my last travel or I work too many hours and I need to do sports. All seems bright and peachy, except the weather :D 

  15. I saw the new trailer and I don' like where the story is heading. Drama. But it will be the last season so I will give it a go. Nice show. I found season1 better than season 2