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  1. only realized I saw the trailer already after I checked it out on youtube
  2. when a male friend you've known for years, with whom you mostly had conversations not involving feelings suddenly writes you he misses you and is sad you are leaving on holidays soon, etc. you wonder, is he drunk or something? 

  3. The people I meet either went to get into my head or into my pants. No one wants to get into my heart or open theirs to me *sigh*

  4. this is such a nice reminder. I was swamped with my internship that I stopped taking care of my health and as a result...I have fallen ill and now have to take antibiotics, afraid of the damage it can inflict. It's sad how everyone wants a healthy partner (I'm guilty of it sometimes, too) and discards you or doesn't care if your health is not good. Whose is? It's a constant work. It's raining outside and I have an acquaintance visiting, I want to go out though to breathe fresh air after a crazy work. Mental health affects physical health, too. My mother's health has gone down since she was diagnosed with diabetes, and it did affect her mind. I feel guilty I didn't see her for a very long time but I'm gonna see them soon and hopefully will take her out and cheer her up. I'm sorry about your health, I hope you have some company @Redbird2017
  5. Oh my god, I'm sorry to hear you had to go through this and endure it through your marriage. It mustn't have been fun. I never had sexual cystitis but I had a simple one last week I think due to overheating (and still recovering), last week with all the pain and going to the loo was such a terrible experience, I've never had such a bad one, I literally screamed when I peed. However when I sleep with men, I always feel some painful pressure on my bladder. I thought it's just me, so sex with men has never been fireworks. I guess it can help to see the urologist. I saw one because I had some bladder inflammation but in this country doctors do the minimum checkup. Sex with a woman is different, in that sense
  6. I liked it. Charlize Theron did a great job at kicking ass
  7. I don't want to offend anyone but I'm tired of straight women talk

  8. I just would like to go out with a lovely woman. Am I asking for too much?

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      Hmm...let me think... :)

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      I think you won't be able to help me from afar @BenedettaC:)

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      I can be very resourceful... ;)


  9. I'm not 50/50, as I prefer women but I know I'm not gay. I don't know the ratio, though, it's just...fluctuating. Sometimes I wondered if I might be gay but now and then I am attracted to men so definitely not
  10. I love looking people in the eyes but I can't read if it means flirting or not
  11. definitely, they often change titles for markets
  12. Now I want to see this *like women as badasses* (did you see Seven Sisters?) (not to mention a woman-on-woman attraction)
  13. angry dog
  14. Indeed, there were a few French people but, it seems, they are gone, otherwise many other Europeans
  15. oh god, dying to have these studies over and my life back. looking forward, looking forward

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      Sometimes all the pleasure :D keep going...

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      well, I have something good coming up and some good news in between so, I'm more like, I don't care about this thing anymore