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  1. it's so hot here. Is heat tiring? or is walking in heat?

    1. myladylove


      Yes to both, I am prone to heat exhaustion when the temperature gets up in the late twenties/early thirties. Have to stay indoors then. Cat suffers too. Have just ordered one of these dyson cool air things cos I find hot humid nights hell.

  2. I've been listening to reggaeton the last couple of days. Not that I'm proud of it but needed something upbeat
  3. I like to listen to reggaeton sometimes but geez, their videos all look the same

  4. "monogamish"...that would probably suit me
  5. I read somewhere, I think here, that it makes sense if you are going to be together soon or if you were but went away temporarily. So, I have had thme and I never liked it, I really really don't like LDRs, it just doesn't work for me. My last relationship was a LDR and there were lots of things, how can I explain it, that were misunderstood and there was probably dishonesty, not on my side. Such kind of relationship is not fully authentic for me, personally, and makes me feel insecure and I don't like feeling that way, so I avoid it as much as I can. I think I have invested myself so much in the previous ones, amicable or romantic ones long-distance relationships, that is, I can't bring myself to invest into one any more, as long as the person doesn't live within distance that allows us to meet soon and on a more or less regular basis
  6. I'm not closed to the idea of having kids and met two people in my life with whom I wanted that but other than that often when I see babies, I find it endearing but realize over and over again, I don't have a maternal instinct, I don't want children. My mother would probably be deeply shocked if she knew that
  7. it sucks when you want to talk to someone but can't message your friends out of nowhere because you are not that close :(

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. bluebell


      I just meant I wished I had a friend to talk to two days ago,yesterday, etc that's all

    3. Hungry


      Oh, I misunderstood, sorry. Everyone has that sometimes even if you've many friends you still have to reach out and that's difficult. I feel that sometimes!

    4. bluebell


      yeah, that's that, you see

      anyway, mood is like waves, there are ups and downs and this thing goes to the background for the time being. I can't find an internship, that's priority n°1.How are you?

  8. I read fanfic occasionally (don't tell anyone! :P) but it is veeery rare and usually because I like a show and am still in a euphoria state once a show is over
  9. that post made me laugh
  10. doing sports is an excellent way to stop thinking of something but my partners need to stop hitting me in the face

  11. two dates in one day and a blast from the many emotions in one day...*fans self* I wish I could talk to a friend right now

  12. I have no idea, I won't follow it, I can't vote. I don't like politics but here everyone talks about it so I participate sometimes
  13. now you made me curious. This song wasn't bad, so not "typically" French, but no wonder taking into account the author. The Russian candidate was forbidden to enter the country, it didn't refuse. What else can you expect from this country, no comments. Peace
  14. it is funny, I forgot creating this topic but not long ago I felt exactly the same. I told myself, I'm done pursuing women. I don't equal it initiating contact with them, I mean actively pursuing someone who doesn't show interest but still keeps me at an arm's length without letting close (I don't mean physically).