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  1. I got acquainted with a girl and she turned out to be weird af! Where are the non-weird ones, please?

    1. blueberry


      Weird in what sense? 

    2. bluebell


      It's difficult to summarize it. Little things here and there

  2. bluebell

    Is Online Dating Futile?

    I think it's futile. I met women mostly on non-dating sites by accident but from all the times I tried dating sites, it's a waste of time
  3. hardcore straight women are, how to put it politely? insufferable sounds too mild

  4. I once read an article like this about the Skirt club. that is definitely not my thing. I'm a very private person and I won't be able to handle a two girls and the guy watching kind of thing. Orgies never attracted me, it is to intimate to be with someone and thus I would never do that
  5. bluebell

    Hi there.

    Hello there your nickname cracks me up I hope you'll make friends here too
  6. years pass by but the situation doesn't improve lol finding love has never been easy, no matter the orientation, I think
  7. bluebell

    Considering online dating....

    I don't actually remember but it was probably partly due to my ex and just all the werdoes on tinder. In my area I almost exclusively got matches with men, I had such an overdose of men that I can't look at them anymore. So, I can't answer your question precisely but probably due to bad experiences mixed with my own issues. in the last years I met only men through a dating site (and live not recently...also a man), I met women mostly through other sites and every time it was unintentional I also tried tinder plus but I agree with a guy who wrote a review of it online - it doesn't increase your chances to meet someone, you just spend time more swiping :( well, it's my experience, I hope you'll have more luck with it the problem is, I think, the dating pool is small, many women don't dare, there're two many couples and some sites don't help to differentiate, like tinder shows you EVERYONE. I tried Her briefly several times but found it blah. I don't know if dating apps for men are any better
  8. bluebell

    Considering online dating....

    I have never met a woman on a dating site to date (men yes, but strangely not women), I met them other ways and I've been single longer than you (or maybe not, it depends on how I look at it lol) so I understand the confidence issue (also because of someone else) but don't be afraid to put yourself out there, just be ready for it not being always easy and people not being always nice. I don't live in the US so apart from the well-known ones I can't recommend you anything plus even those ones like okcupid work differently in America and Europe. online dating kind of made me negative about people in general and I steered clear of it during my first months of work which helped me to become again softer and more understanding towards other people, although personally didn't add up to my luck. I wish you luck with it you won't know unless you try
  9. You mean "You me her"? But it's a tv show, not a movie
  10. bluebell

    if it's hard for you to meet a woman

    I was just thinking about it today, about the roles we learn while growing up and how we don't know how to communicate with the same sex romantically, send or read signals that's why there is this secret gay language. I think, it's easier to know if someone is straight, or at least is definitely interested in men once they start talking about a partner or drool and lust over them. But I even have a hard time finding a woman for a date, I don't know why but I just don't. I'm not ugly, I'm not fat or dumb, I don't have bad skin or teeth, I don't smell bad nor am creepy (I hope :D) how to do it without having to go to a gay club or a bar which here are not exciting, is beyond me, and almost every time I went to a gay club there was someone there I already knew and liked who went for someone else. And I was told I look straight, only once a guy in the street who tried to chat me up asked me if I have a girlfriend after I said I don't have a boyfriend
  11. bluebell

    if it's hard for you to meet a woman

    yeah, in my job everyone seems to have a boyfriend or I don't know them much to know anything about their private life. I don't feel comfortable coming out to any of them although they are all very nice. The prettiest one has a bf too I tried tinder plus, to see what it's like and if it's worth it. I agree with a testimonial one guy wrote online that tinder plus doesn't increase your chances to meet someone, you just spend more time looking but it's not a winner either. Jesus, why is it so hard? :(
  12. bluebell

    if it's hard for you to meet a woman

    you said exactly what's on my mind! I'm going to this drinks thing with the local group called L friends from meetup next week, I think, last time I went out with them was ages ago. Knowing my luck with women I don't hope for more than a chat lol which is sad in a way
  13. I thought I'd create this topic for all of us single who find it hard to meet a woman. I'll start. Well, the title explains it all. Yesterday I went to a festival and a (much) older guy said near me and struck the conversation with me right away (he didn't leave me alone the whole evening). I enjoyed the festival a lot but when he felt more familiar with me, he spread his legs so widely, I had not much place left for myself. Then he asked me out for a drink, I did, the night was young and I didn't have to go home. He made me all those compliments blabla but all I was thinking...damn, I wish it was a woman. I felt zero attraction for him and I didn't want to come out to him. Anyway, to cut the long story short it made me once again think how easy it is to meet a straight man and how hard a woman. Especially here. I live in a big city with lots of people but my luck with meeting one equals -1 and on the eve of my my birthday I feel down. Please, share your stories ladies