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  1. my director bought me a 1 year subscription to Babbel, the rumors that I want to learn a new language must have reached him. I was silly happy about the fact of the gift itself rather than what is behind it, haven't received gifts in years

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    2. bluebell


      you mean busuu? I heard of this one but never used it. you need to pay for most of them and I had no money for that.They gave it to me the same day I received the book I'd ordered. what language do you want to learn?

    3. Hungry


      I meant Busuu sorry, yes all the good ones need payment to be honest. But it's what you need to advance I think. There must be ways to self-teach better with the internet but I think most people want guidance when trying something new. 

      I want to be fluent in French, my french is okalso I can write better in French than I can read! It's the small things really and I am not sure how best to learn and gain confidence? That is my first choice because I plan to spend more time there, but it's not for a while yet...

    4. bluebell


      why do you want to learn French? I agree that many people want guidance. I prefer learning in a class with a teacher most.

      The best way is just talk without being afraid to seem foolish and make mistakes, ask French speakers to help you