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  1. my director bought me a 1 year subscription to Babbel, the rumors that I want to learn a new language must have reached him. I was silly happy about the fact of the gift itself rather than what is behind it, haven't received gifts in years

    1. Hungry


      That's awesome. I'm glad it was something you really wanted too! What language/s are you looking to learn?

    2. bluebell


      yes, it is. I saw they have both Brazilian Portuguese (for pleasure) and Dutch (for work) that interest me but as the voucher was only for one, I chose Dutch. Both the website and the app are not identical but more complementary, it seems. Hopefully, it's better than Duolingo

    3. Hungry


      Hopefully. If you learn what you can from there I've heard good things about Bissu. I'm not planning to make an effort until later in the year, by then we compare our findings and you'll speak Dutch :)

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