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  1. I am watching season 10 of project runway and Elina is saying women never wear navy blue anymore as she's wearing a navy blue shirt! I may be yelling at my tv haha

    1. DiscoLemonade


      Elena makes me crazy lol; she's so nuts! My favorite is when her and Dimitri argue.. :hysterical:

    2. Hufflepufflove3


      They said they are like Natasha and Norris from Rocky and Bullwinkle hahaha also hulu took project runway off for 1 day and I freaked out becaise I'm midseason the next day it was all back on there and I was like thankkk goodness lol

    3. DiscoLemonade


      Ugh, I hate when they do that! Half the time it resets your progress with the show and it makes me nuts because then it pops up in your feed with "new episodes" to watch lol.

  2. Hi! Just checking out your profile. I love Catfish too. :)

  3. Stopping by to peek at your page! I hope you're having a fab day :D

    1. Nidalaeh


      I'm doing better now than I was this morning, so that is good. How about you? 

    2. DiscoLemonade


      Well that's good to hear; I'm glad your day has gotten better :) I'm doing pretty well today; just got off work and now I'm trying to relax for a few before I start some chores.. nothing too exciting lol.

  4. Hey there girly nice to see you back. Netty is here visiting me until next week. So nice to have her here :)

    1. DiscoLemonade


      Awww that's so awesome! Hugs to both of youu :D How's everything been going? 

    2. wolfbigrl88


      We're doing well thanks, she's here visiting me now and I'll miss her so much when she has to go home. I love her so much.

  5. "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it" -Proverbs 4:23

  6. ^^ Thanks for the follow again hun!

    1. DiscoLemonade


      No problemo mamasita! :drinks:

  7. Heyy gorgeous, how've you been lately?

    1. SJess93


      I am so incredibly sorry for not responding!

      I am almost never on here anymore! I appreciate you reaching out. I've been doing alright. I hope you are doing well also! 

  8. Just peeking :drinks: I like your glasses btw!

    1. nudous


      Thank you! I like yours too :)

    2. DiscoLemonade
  9. Just peeking! Saw you like project runway.. I am on season 9 and I'm addicted :lol:

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    2. DiscoLemonade


      That sounds like a wonderful night :lol: Now for a real question; what was your favorite unconventional challenge? :spruce_up:

    3. Hufflepufflove3


      Such a hard question! The unconventional challenges are my favorite I love to see what they can make so I love them all lol

    4. DiscoLemonade


      Good answer! Lol I don't know that I could pick a favorite either.

  10. DiscoLemonade

    Is this a good idea or a bad idea?

    Hugs to you, first of all! My best advice is to follow your heart; a fresh breakup is always painful, but even more so when it was your first relationship with a woman. You've been in emotional overdrive, and you have to just give yourself a break. Your heart will tell you when you've had enough grieving and you're ready to move on and start looking at other girls, but until then you just have to keep doing the things that make you feel good. Go out with friends, read a good book, go to the beach, just take time for you.. You deserve it! Your husband sounds like he's trying to be very supportive, but I don't know that him pushing you to hit on girls is the best thing for you; friends with benefits are great and everything, but the last thing you need is to be confused about how you're feeling about someone else on top of grieving for the relationship you recently lost. You could always check out a dating app or a chat app when you feel like you want to get back out there; maybe just chatting with someone would be less of a process than meeting someone in person. Also, please don't beat yourself up for still being devastated a month after the relationship ended. I'm a pretty sensitive person and it took me two years to get over my first love. I'm not saying I recommend letting yourself take it that hard, but try not to stress about how long you're going to be upset for. You don't need that kind of unfair limitation on top of what you're going through, y'know? It may not always feel like it, but you'll get through this, and you'll be stronger for it.
  11. :drinks:

    Heyy ladyyy, I hope you've been well!

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    2. Rocker83


      Thank you :) I try not to complain. Just a rough few months. Hopefully it'll be over soon. I go through huge flare ups but they usually subside after a while. Just gotta wait it out x

    3. DiscoLemonade


      Superwoman has nothing on you mamasita; I'm sending some extra super twin-powered hugs your way :drinks:

    4. Rocker83


      :lol: Always appreciated. Hugs make everything better x

  12. Leaving you some loves and hugs :wub: ~ Sorry if you've tried to text me back; my phone is out of minutes >.<

    1. Nynaeve


      Hey you!! I haven't been on in ages! Texting you now. <3