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  1. Hi there and welcome.. I am sure you will find your way around here and get a lot of support. It is a lovely place to be.
  2. Hi there and welcome. I am sure this site will help you in many ways. It has helped me become more confident in myself.
  3. Welcome to the site.. I am sure you will find it very supportive and full of a lot of helpful information to help you steer your way through this world.
  4. Welcome. I myself have been around for a while but I have been away from here for a bit, so am just coming back and getting used to the lay of the land here myself.
  5. I'm sorry to hear about your experiences and that your workplace is not as supportive or as open as you would like to be. My work place is the opposite, it is very much filled with same sex equality, a lot of people who work in my office are gay or lesbian and so it is a very supportive place to be. I haven't really told anyone I work with what my preference is in relation to my being pansexual and either way it wouldn't matter at all since they are really good. It is a state government organisation and quite obviously we need to be seen to be supportive of everyone no what their sexual preferences, race, religion, background are.
  6. I'm 32 and still single.. I honestly feel happy where I am in my life though and I draw my happiness from my family and friends. I don't really feel lonely as such since I have a big family.
  7. Mine is because I am entirely fascinated with Angels. I was heavily into angels especially from the angel aspect on Supernatural and 85 is my birth year.
  8. My plans this weekend is to go to a car race in my home town. It is the finale for the year and it’s being hosted in my home town for the very first time so as a huge fan of this series I am very excited in going to both days.
  9. I am 32 at the moment and will be 33 in June next year.
  10. Right now, it would have to be Stephen Amell, and Christian Bale.
  11. I have been on this site for a while now on and off and when I first joined, I was very confused as I had just gotten out of a long distance online kind of relationship. Over the course I was most active here, I was jumping from the possibility that perhaps I was bisexual and then maybe a lesbian, then jumped back and forth between those for a long time. It finally came to a head when I picked up the term pansexual and began to research what it meant to be pansexual. Ultimately I have really tried to steer away from labels, but it did make me feel secure with realizing that is what fit most and I am still happy and content with referring to myself as being pansexual.
  12. Honestly, I think being called cute is a positive thing, so don't over analyse it or think it has a negative emotion or sentiment attached to it. I do think we all live in the age where people can be too negative so focus on the good and positives. Smile and let yourself indulge in that moment.
  13. I'm really into Arrow right now. My sister and a friend convinced me to watch it and I am loving it.
  14. Aussie
  15. I was so happy with this outcome, though we still need it to be made legal through Parliament, however I am positive it will become law in Australia. ,