Who Wants To Get New Piercings?

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20 hours ago, KAHcurious said:

Other than ear piercings I don’t have any others.  I have wanted a clitoral hood piercing but haven’t gotten the courage up yet.

what do you ladies think?


Go for it!! the hood piercing didn’t hurt all that much bc there is minimal skin the needle needs to go through.  for me, it healed very quickly.  i recommend you go to a very reputable place to get it done.  i had it done 15+ years ago and never ever regretted it!  


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On 09/04/2017 at 2:15 AM, Playful said:


Can only speak to the HCH but I agree wholeheartedly. Piercings came up during dinner with good friends and I divulged that I had a "naughty" piercing. We finished dinner and ended up back at those house and she continued to inquire about it...did it hurt, how long before resuming sex, etc. I finally asked her if she wanted to see it. She and I went to her bedroom, I dropped my pants and thong and sat back on her bed. She got down there and was staring at it. Asked if it hurt when I moved it and I told her she could touch it if she wanted to. She tugged it lightly and flicked the ring a bit and that was that.


Next time we got together we had our first sexual experience and she loved playing with my ring.


I really have to make that appointment. :)

So....since my last post re this on 18 Sep, I got another 2...but in my ear (flat and auricle) :-) 

Up to 8 now...and will keep you posted re VCH ;-) 


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