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What can I do to make this better?

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Here's the thing. She's taken what should of been an office setback and turned into an emotional weapon for personal use. You weren't wrong to go for the job, it's fair game. Office politics/gossip is often worse when you're friendly with someone when it should be the opposite, go figure!

She liked you paying her attention clearly and has used this situation as a way to try to manipulate you, so that you have to give her attention again to try and make her feel less hurt. That's pretty twisted.

You have to ask yourself, whether you really want her trust back. Of course, it's easier when everyone gets along. But I think she's playing with you just because she can. If you do want to win back her trust, just let her know she can take all the time she needs to feel hurt and once again you're sorry. But at work fair is fair and you don't think any personal feelings should have affected your choice to go for the position. Clearly, she thinks you did this on purpose, just assure her that it wasn't intentional and you hope you can move forward when she's ready.

There's nothing more you can do at this point and you shouldn't let her have too much power in making you feel bad. If it was anyone else she wouldn't say things like she feels  like she's been dumped etc. It's all very dramatic, when she's never really upfront about any other feelings for you, what does she expect?!

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