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The Chatbox

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What is the Chatbox for?

The Chatbox is for short greetings such as Good Morning, Welcome to the site and other quick messages or general questions of that nature. Please refrain from using this as a place to chat and have lengthy conversations. The chatbox itself is very public and viewable to all people, including non-members. Unlike a chat room, this is not hidden and doesn't reset/delete when you log out. So all conversations and details there are viewable to the public. Please don't share personal details of any nature. Try to keep all conversations limited to profiles or PMs if you want something more private.

While on that topic, if you'd like to PM someone please ask before sending a message if you do not know the person. Many of our members find unsolicited inbox messages intrusive and annoying. Do not use the chatbox to solicit messages.  Unsolicited personal messages (or soliciting PMs) may lead to a ban from the site.

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