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I love morning sex, waking up refreshed and with a lot more energy than the end of the day! 

Spooning her from behind, wrapping my arm around her waist, running my hand down her gorgeous body while I kiss her neck, sleepy murmurs of response as my hand slides across her thigh and I part her legs. Turning her slowly onto her back so I can slide my fingers inside her as we kiss harder and faster and then lose the morning to 'us' to intamacey to raw passion and hot wet sex......


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Love morning sex... however having a child limits the time! 


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On 12/31/2017 at 1:34 PM, salliemae said:

I often tell my husband no, because if we start it’s hard to get up and get the day going, and well, kids are usually awake. 

But—I do love being woken with him pushing his erect penis into my back or side as we cuddle and him reaching around to a discreet fingering session with my clit. I am usually wet and ready, which kills him as I we often don’t go farther than that. 

I don’t know if I could stop there! Our kids always get up before us. But we wake up in that situation, I get up and lock the door. It’s gokng to be quick but I must finish if I get that far! 


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