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A good friend of mine came on to me a little over a month ago. It wasn’t that shocking as we have fooled around in the past. But I “thought” she pulled away from me, so I pulled away. Come to find out she thought the same thing. Pretty much just a bunch of miscommunication. I have been chasing someone else for a really long time, finally just got tired of it and decided to let it go. Tired of getting my heart broke all the time. So the friend comes on to me and she pretty much makes it impossible for me to say no. We sleep together a few times and she tells me she wants a girlfriend. Everything that came out of her mouth could of easily came out of mine. Trying to figure out how this can actually work as we both have families. We have both talked about what we want. Everything has been going great. Only problem is we have been drunk during all our encounters. It’s easy when you have been drinking. Sober it’s another ball game. I expressed I want to sober, she was all for it. She comes over yesterday morning. We were both so nervous neither one of us even mentioned anything. We sat there for a good 4 hours and just made small talk. It got down to the last 30 mins we had together. I finally made a move and kissed her. A little awkward at first. Just bc we didn’t really know how the other one was feeling. Kissed a couple of more times and then she said let’s go to the bedroom. We kiss for a minute in the bed (still with clothes on), then she sticks her hand down my pants, omg! I think I could if lost it right there. It felt amazing!!!! I wanted her so bad at that moment. This is when I did someting I have never done before. I jumped on top of her and went down on her. Never done that to a girl before. She had done it to me a few times but that was a first for me. Then she returned the favor. We only had a few minutes so we ended up having to end way before either of us would have liked. She comes up to me and says “well we did it sober” lol. We talked about it later on that day and expressed all the things we couldn’t before that happened. It’s so nice to have someone that wants the same things as you and is willing to express her feelings as well. I think this maybe the start of something great!  


The girl inwaa  was chasing after for so long, is still around but strickly a friend. I never thought I would be able to get over her and I’m sure there maybe some struggles later on but I feel like even her and I are in a good place. 

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That's great! Wishing y'all the best! 

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