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Ok, I'm going out on a limb here because I really love writing erotica. I used to have some books & stories published on Amazon, but have since taken them all down. The following is a completely fictional scenario which is an excerpt out of one of the books that I wrote. I'm sharing it with you here because if you guys like my writing style, I'll happily create original content just to share here. And please - please forgive me if anything here is out of line. I don't think it is, but sometimes I can't see the line between what some consider erotica and xxx. 

At 10:15 AM on Wednesday morning, Tiffany’s Outlook notified her that she had a meeting with the new marketing director, Vikki Cox, at 10:30AM. Tiffany laughed to herself at the name, thinking it sounded more like a porn name, than a real one. She imagined the name actually belonging to a stuck up, conservative older lady with graying hair and reading glasses and chuckled out loud. Leaving a few minutes early, Tiffany decided to skip the elevator and walk up the three flights of stairs to the 9 th floor. The EverSo building was 11 stories tall. To Tiffany, it seemed, the more important your position, the higher the floor you were located on. As such, she rarely had any need to travel beyond the 6 th floor. She found Vikki’s office easily enough and was shocked to discover that Vikki was not a shriveled up old lady. She was, in fact, quite attractive. Tiffany shifted in her seat often and tried remain covert as she stole glances of Vikki’s cleavage which was practically spilling out of her low cut shirt. When Vikki stood up from her desk to write something on the whiteboard, Tiffany could not help but notice how nicely the pencil skirt Vikki was wearing clung to her ass.

At that moment, Tiffany realized just how badly she wanted to have a pussy spread out in front of her face, up close and personal. She wanted to experience a woman so badly, that she was on the verge of doing some really stupid like flirting with a marketing director on the 9 th floor. She was beyond relieved when the meeting came to a close. She wasted no time getting out of that office and away from that woman. Tiffany took advantage of the restroom on the 9 th floor. She was amazed at how much nicer the bathrooms got as one progressed upward in the EverSo building. This bathroom boasted a small seating area and a fully mirrored wall with a door separating that area from the stalls and sinks.

Tiffany was drying her hands when a woman walked into the restroom. She had straight dark hair, cut in a chic, edgy style. She was shapely, dressed in all black,and… “Biblazin??” The woman looked up, momentarily startled, looking around quickly, to make sure no one else was in the bathroom. Satisfied that they were alone, she put her hand on her chest, hunching her shoulders as she sighed in relief, recognizing the speaker as tiff4tat. “Monica,” she said, reaching out to hug Tiffany, laughing. “You scared the crap out of me.” “I’m sorry,” Tiffany said, also laughing. “Actually, I’m Tiffany. You work here? I’m with graphics on six.” She asked, even though it was obvious that she did. Monica had her esCo badge clipped onto her,as did Tiffany. “Yeah, I’m on Pao’s team.”

Monica, much more relaxed, looked Tiffany up and down and nodded. She liked what she saw. “What is it?” Tiffany asked, playfully. “You’re even hotter in person. Oh yeah! Hey!” Monica went to Tiffany’s side and began to pullat Tiffany’s shirt. “Can I see your tattoo?” “Sure, but can we go in here?” she asked, pointing to a stall. Monica trailed Tiffany as she entered the stall and lifted her shirt. Monica held Tiffany’s shirt up for her with one hand and traced the outline of the serpent with the other. Tiffany’s skin tingled under her light touch. “Wow,” Monica mused,“that is nice!” Tiffany was still horny from meeting with the new marketing director. And now she was face to face with biblazin. Monica. And…Monica was touching her. All she could think about was that, in addition to the sexy chat they’d engaged in, they had also seen pictures of each other’s pussy. Tiffany decided to play her position right then and there in the bathroom stall. “You want to see the other one since I practically have my shirt off anyway?” Monica nodded and quipped, “You can take your shirt off for me anytime!” Tiffany laughed. She really liked that part of Monica’s personality. She seemed to always have something to say to make one feel completely at ease with saying or doing something raunchy. She pulled off her shirt and turned to face Monica. She had a very intricate tattoo that started above her breasts and extended to the top of her abdomen. “Oh wow…” Monica, breathed, “take this off.” She reached around to Tiffany’s back and unclasped her bra. Tiffany let the bra fall down to her elbows. The tattoo was very colorful and graphic. Green vines played around the tops of her breasts. Those vines twisted into a complicated tribal sort of design down between her breasts where it erupted into a colorful bouquet of flowers and a trail of tiny butterflies that dotted their way to her abdomen. Monica moved her hands delicately over Tiffany’s tattoo. Tiffany’s nipples perked up at the light sensation of Monica’s fingers which treaded dangerously close to them. “There’s more. Underneath.” Tiffany urged. Monica lifted Tiffany’s breasts slightly. There were words written on the curve where her breasts connected to her chest. Under the left breast was inscribed: love is a fruit in season at all times. The right breast said: within reach of each & every hand. Monica lowered Tiffany’s breasts but did not remove her hands. Looking intently at Tiffany’s lips, she whispered,“You are so fucking hot.” Her hands still resting lightly on the sides of her breasts, Monica lifted her face toward Tiffany’s and kissed her lips slowly, twice. The third time, she opened her mouth, prompting Tiffany to do the same. Monica searched Tiffany’s mouth for her tongue and allowed hers to touch briefly before pulling back into another kiss. Clunk! The door to the seating area opened and audibly clunked closed. Monica pressed her lips together and smiled with widened eyes as she bolted out of the stall to the sink. Tiffany pulled the door to the stall closed and began putting her clothes back on just as the woman opened the second door. Monica did not acknowledge the woman as she made a show of washing her hands. Tiffany flushed the toilet and exited the stall as Monica finished washing her hands. She rinsed and dried her hands quickly, after which both women raced into the seating area, passing another woman who had entered and walked past them, quickly heading toward the stalls. Monica blew Tiffany a kiss and said in a low voice,“Bye!” Tiffany waved dumbly as Monica opened the door and rounded the corner to go back to her desk.

She was blown away by the fact that the whole while they were chatting during the day, there had only been 3 floors separating them. She spent the better part of the next hour trying to find the Monica she’d made out with in the bathroom via the EverSo Corporation’s employee intranet search engine. There were too many. Her search yielded no less than 250 Monica’s in the esCo national directory. There was no way for her to narrow it down unless she at least knew what her last name started with. Of course, she hadn’t been paying attention to that little detail. Wow, Tiffany thought to herself, elated, I’m finally gonna taste some pussy.


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Haha who needs glass slippers when you have intranet? Looking forward to the next installment?

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LOL @ChemFem this story is a bit tame, really, but I didn't want to go too far. I'm going to post the next part of this story if interested..

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Tiffany finally gets a taste

“I like it.” Vikki said in a definitive tone, nodding her
head. “Find out where we can fit this in on the production
Vikki had come to Tiffany’s cubicle. Tiffany
did not have a guest chair, so Vikki actually crouched
down to her level to review the printed document she had
come to proof. Tiffany enjoyed the view as, naturally,
Vikki’s cleavage was front and center. She was wearing
a camisole instead of a bra so Tiffany could actually
make out the beginnings of curves in the plunge between
her breasts.
Their meeting coming to a close, Vikki stood up
as if to leave, then stopped. “One more thing…” she
said, then more quietly continued, “They’re real.” She did
not wait for Tiffany’s reaction. She simply smiled as she
left, leaving Tiffany’s mouth to hang open in shock.
Tiffany was more than slightly mortified. She
had not been able to stop checking Vikki out, and Vikki
had noticed. Of all people, she had to stare at the new
marketing director’s tits.
Tiffany sat, rationalizing with herself, but
decided that if she didn’t want people to look, she should
cover them up. Besides, it’s not like she reached out and
touched one, right? She hoped her logic was sound.
Tiffany turned and unlocked her computer.
There was a green IM icon flashing on her screen.
Tanaka, Monica: Hey girl! What’s for lunch?
Garrison, Tiffany: good question!
Tanaka, Monica: come over...
Tanaka, Monica: I’ll make you lunch.
Garrison, Tiffany: ??
Tanaka, Monica: lol, I’m working from home,
today.G arrison, Tiffany: Who could turn down a
home cooked meal?
Tanaka, Monica: who said anything about
cooking? ;)
Tiffany took a few extra minutes before
leaving to make sure her work was in order just in case
she was late coming back from lunch. As she stepped
off the elevator, she saw Vikki pushing her way out of
the main entrance. She noted with much relief that by
leaving a few moments later than she’d planned, she had
narrowly escaped being trapped on the elevator with
Vikki and “the girls”.
Monica had said she lived closed to the job and
she was telling the truth. It took Tiffany all of 10 minutes
to get to her place. She took the three flights of stairs to
her apartment and locating 13C, she knocked.
Out of nowhere, she began feeling rather shy
and unsure of herself. She knew what she wanted, but
she wasn’t exactly sure how to go about it. The last time
she’d seen Monica was during their bathroom incident.
They’d spoken plenty since then and described in detail
what they’d do to one another during their next
encounter, but being face-to-face with someone was an
entirely different matter.
Monica answered the door, smiling. She was
wearing a short, black baby doll dress with peasant
sleeves. She greeted Tiffany excitedly, pulling her inside
and putting her arms around her neck to hug her. She
was not shy at all. Tiffany responded by putting her arms
around Monica’s waist. She left her hands there as
Monica initiated a kiss between them. Unlike the kiss
they’d shared in the bathroom, this kiss was intense and
it did not stop; there were no interruptions.
There was so much tension built up between
the two of them that Tiffany’s inhibitions quickly melted
She allowed her hands travel down to
Monica’s ass, rubbing and cupping the round cheeks in
her hands. Monica’s hand found its way between
Tiffany’s legs and gently rubbed her cunt through her
thin dress pants. Not satisfied with such a barrier, she
unbuttoned the pants and pushed them down until they
fell to the floor, leaving Tiffany wearing only her shirt
and panties. Tiffany kicked the pants off as the two
continued to kiss, hungrily.
Monica returned her hand to Tiffany’s pussy
which she now felt through thin, black lace panties.
Tiffany’s clit throbbed at feeling her touch and craved
the feeling of her fingers directly against her skin.
Tiffany brought one of her hands up, feeling for
Monica’s breasts through the thin cotton material of the
dress. Monica reached up to pull the stretchy sleeves and
the front of her dress down, causing her breasts to spill
out. Tiffany ran her hands all over Monica’s breasts,
pulling at a nipple here and there. No longer being able to
resist, she broke their kiss to bring her mouth down to
lick Monica’s tits. She’d never had a woman’s nipple in
her mouth before, but she felt a familiar lust growing
inside of her as she continued to do so.
Oddly, she couldn’t help but think, at the
moment, what it might be like to play with Vikki’s giant
Monica groaned as she moved Tiffany’s
panties aside and found that she was impossibly wet. She
allowed her fingers to meander in Tiffany’s juices until
one finger slipped inside, followed by another finger until
they were both saturated. She brought the fingers to her
mouth and pushed them in deep, past the second knuckle,
licking them until she could no longer taste the sweet
slime on her fingers.
Monica took Tiffany’s hand and led her to the
living room. Tiffany joked, “I thought you were going to
make me lunch.”
“Your lunch is made.” Monica said, with her
usual quickness. She sat on the sofa, pulling her dress up
and spreading her bent legs wide.
Tiffany instantly got on her knees as she
realized that Monica had positioned herself in reference
to one of their earlier conversations: Monica had asked
her how she would eat her.
She looked at the beautiful caramel pussy
spread out in front of her. She had no clue what she was
doing, but she been dreaming of this moment for so long.
She pressed against Monica’s clit with her index and
middle finger. She slowly slid them down until she
reached the thick puddle covering her opening. She
watched her fingers disappear into Monica. When she
pulled her fingers out, they were so wet and shiny; she
would have sworn there were sparkles in Monica’s
pussy juice. She brought her fingers to her mouth and
tasted them as she had done after fingering herself
countless times.
Had she known that the best part was yet to
come, she wouldn’t have even wasted her time doing
She didn’t know how to eat pussy, so she just
lowered her open mouth onto it and kissed it with her lips
and tongue. She could not believe how amazing the pussy
felt in her mouth. It was soft and melted like butter, but
instead of melting away, the warm lump continued to
replenish itself. She took mouthful after mouthful of
Monica’s clit and did not want to stop; she was so
hungry for it. She used every part of her mouth as she
ate that pussy with careless abandon. She spread
Monica’s lips and dived in so deeply that pussy juice was
all over her mouth, nose, and chin.
Monica spread her legs as wide as she could
while Tiffany put her hands under her ass to slightly lift
her off the couch, bringing her even closer to her mouth.
Her pussy was wide open and she could feel her juices
along with Tiffany’s saliva running down into her ass
crack. She had had her pussy eaten before, but not like
this. She was having a hard time believing it was
Tiffany’s first time. She was eating her pussy like there
was no tomorrow. And she was eating it good, too.
“Damn, girl! Mmmmm.”
Tiffany slid a middle finger into Monica’s hole
as she continued to eat her. Monica moaned and her
stomach quivered from the intensity that was building up
in her clitoris.
“Ohhh shhhhit…” Suddenly, Monica’s body
went rigid with such an intense orgasm, that she yelled
out loud in short bursts, unable to catch her breath.
Tiffany left the finger inside and left her mouth
motionless on Monica’s clit as she calmed down. When
her breathing sounded somewhat normal again, Tiffany
let her finger slide out and reluctantly lifted her face from
her meal.
Monica sat up and kissed Tiffany’s mouth,
messy with her cum, as she pulled down her black, lace
“Your turn…” she whispered to Tiffany’s lips
as she began to finger her, “I want your ass in my face.”

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turned me on....hubby will like that lol

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And here is the final installment of Tiffany's adventure....

Tiffany has Pussy Fever

Tiffany looked at the meeting invite she’d received

from Vikki two hours prior. She tried to come up with a

few excuses so she could get out of it, but ultimately, she

knew that she had to meet with her because work was

work. But that didn’t stop her from feeling awkward.

Vikki had sent the meeting request the

same day. There was a document attached for them to

review, so she sincerely hoped that nothing about the

previous incident would come up.

Tiffany knocked lightly on Vikki’s closed door.

Without waiting for a response, she pushed the door open

a little and stepped inside, closing the door behind her as

she greeted Vikki. Vikki sat in her chair facing the

window and turned around as Tiffany sat down on one of

her guest chairs. Tiffany’s words were lost as she looked

up to see Vikki seated in front of her, completely topless.

“I wanted to let you know that it’s OK,” Vikki

assured her. “I get looks all the time from women,

wondering if they are fake. Come on, you can touch one

if you don’t believe that they are real.”

Tiffany was stunned. “No, I, uh…It’s ok. I

didn’t think…”

“Here,” she said walking over to grab one of

Tiffany’s hands and placing it on one of her huge tits, “I

don’t mind.”

Tiffany was hesitant but did not remove her

hand. What the hell? She stood up and squeezed them

both and weighed them in her palms. She

caught sight of Vikki’s expression as she lightly fondled

her. Holy shit…She’s enjoying this! Holy shit…her tits

are nice.

Tiffany allowed the fingers of one hand to

creep slowly toward Vikki’s nipple. By this time, Vikki

did not care what happened, she just wanted Tiffany to

keep touching her. Likewise, Tiffany wanted to take

advantage of this insanely ridiculous situation.

Tiffany ran her index finger lightly across

Vikki’s nipple. Vikki expanded her chest in anticipation

of more. Tiffany rubbed both of Vikki’s tits with her

hands and in one motion caught both of her nipples

between her middle and forefingers. She moved her

fingers up and down on either side of the nipples,

squeezing them. She was hesitant to go any further, so

she gave a final squeeze and let go.

Vikki looked thoughtful for a second, taking

Tiffany by surprise.

“You know,” she said, “plenty of men have

felt up my breasts, but I’ve never actually touched

another woman’s breasts before.”

Tiffany looked at her quizzically.

“May I?” she asked, motioning toward

Tiffany’s chest.

Tiffany pulled a face and shrugged, but Vikki’s

hands were already loosening the buttons on her black

shirt. Vikki pushed the silken material off of Tiffany’s

shoulders. She marveled at the tattoo on her chest,

tracing her hand over it momentarily before reaching

behind her to unclasp her bra. Vikki brought her hands up

to Tiffany’s breasts and

immediately squeezed her nipples rather hard, the way

she herself liked it. Tiffany breathed in sharply, but felt

her clit tingle nonetheless. Vikki twisted and pulled

Tiffany’s nipples repeatedly until they were very firm

and stiff.

Tiffany leaned down and took one of Vikki’s

breasts into her own mouth. She could not believe she

had the hot ass marketing director’s tit in her mouth!

She grabbed both of Vikki’s big ass tits in her

hands and went back and forth from one and then the

other. In her pussy lust, Tiffany gripped Vikki’s nipples

hard between her fingers and pulled her into a kiss,

stretching her nipples just a little. She continued to roll

Vikki’s nipples between her fingers when she felt Vikki’s

hands return to her own. The rougher Tiffany was with

Vikki’s breasts, the harder Vikki kissed her. Oooh,

kinky bitch, Tiffany thought.

Tiffany lowered her head and gripped a nipple

between her teeth. She felt Vikki’s hand come down

onto her head encouraging her to spend time there. With

her free hand, she boldly began to creep up Vikki’s skirt.

Her pussy was so wet, her thin panties were completely

soaked through. She hurriedly pushed them aside as she

continued to pull on Vikki’s nipples with her teeth. Her

fingers slid over the slime soaked clit as she massaged

her way down between the lips.

Tiffany had to get her mouth on that pussy.

After having had her first taste with Monica, she

officially had pussy fever. She pushed Vikki’s signature

pencil skirt up and worked her panties down to her

ankles. Vikki allowed herself to be guided into a guest

chair where her legs were spread wide open. Before she

could possibly protest, Tiffany’s face was all over her

pussy. After a few seconds of merciless licking, it was

clear that she wasn’t going to protest.

Now knowing what turned her on, and wanting

to ensure that she kept the pussy spread as long as

possible, she reached up with one of her hands and pulled

Vikki’s nipple as far as she could and shook it hard. Her

big tit hung in the air and jiggled, much to Vikki’s delight.

Vikki was enjoying Tiffany’s feast on her

pussy, so she grabbed up her other tit. Tiffany looked up

to see Vikki licking and sucking on one of her own huge

tits and her pussy cramped hard.

While Vikki was preoccupied with her own tits,

Tiffany gave her full, undivided attention to the pussy

spread out in front of her. It was so warm and deliciously

wet. Her own pussy was throbbing and she was sure

that she could climax off of the act of eating alone. She

had licked her in such a way that she could avoid Vikki’s

clit but that she wouldn’t want her to stop, and also so

that she wouldn’t cum right away. She knew that she

was going to have to wrap it up soon but she was so

hungry that she ate and ate for several more minutes.

Finally, she dropped her soft mouth around Vikki’s clit

and flicked her tongue against it in a steady rhythm until

Vikki shook with orgasm. As Vikki climaxed, she held

her nipples in the air and allowed the sheer weight of her

breasts to tug them until the throbbing subsided.

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Wow that did it for me ;)

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My vibrator did it for me but each to their own :P

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@pinklotus Very well written story! I could see it all play out in my mind.  Excellent Job. 

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