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Back again....And I need some real advice!

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I have some similarities to your situation but not completely. My husband and I are both bi and we have begun to explore the art of swinging together. Our goal of course is always a bi couple, but it doesn’t always happen that way. 

My first experience with a woman was actually a very close friend of ours and it happened at a bar with one too many drinks on board. She kissed me and it was over. In that I mean, my straight life was over. My husband and hers, also one of my closest friends, encouraged us and gave us the go to take it as far as we wanted. We did and invited them to join after getting tired of them watching. It was both of our first times so we really didn’t know what we were doing.  

We’ve been together several times all four of us since the. but I desperately want to just be alone with her for awhile. She wants this too and her husband is on board. She has even asked my husband’s permission, but so far he has said no. My husband is against me doing anything that is not in his view and feels that even if I am doing something I have done before with his permission it is cheating if he is not there. (No, I’m not his sub, but we do require permission from each other before doing anything with anyone else) 

Me being bi scares him and I do understand. He’s been bi for years and kind of out to me so I always knew there was a little bit and it always freaked me out because I figured he was just repressing himself and would eventually explode and leave me for a man. So when I realized I was bi, had my first kiss, and my first sexual experience all in one night he was a bit shocked. 

I do wish he’d allow me to have a girlfriend. I would extend the same courtesy to him with a bi male. But for now, I will continue to be with women only when he is present. And I’ll be thankful that we have such a strong marriage that we can continue to explore our sexuality together. 


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