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Not too sure about it yet lol.  I like the 2nd half better.  Of course it is what I want to do to my boss haha! Too bad couldnt send it to her ;)

Come close to me
Feel my breathe on you
The heart beat in my chest
Our finger intertwined
My lips on yours
Feel the passion
My tongue parting your lips
More lust, more desire
Bite your lip a bit
Touch the small of your back
Move my lips to your neck
Make you feel helpless
Throw you down
Slide my hand, ankle to thigh
Remove your shirt; your bra
Caress your breasts
My tongue explores your nipples
Slip of your pants, off your panties
My hands explore every inch of you
Touch your breasts
Gentle strokes
Soft kisses
Fingers guided to warmth
Kiss your thighs
Feel the heat
My mouth invades.
My mouth explores.
My tongue penetrates
My tongue twirls
You moan. You twitch
My tongue moves faster
My mouth moves with you
Juices become thicker
Taste sweeter
You shiver. You release
I pull you down to me
Kiss your lips. Smile.


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Very nice!

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