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Apparently I got a new part time job at this small so called grocery store. Make some friends and enemies. My boss always assigned me to help my 'crush' restocking stuff the whole day. God forbid, I was freaking nervous.

Good thing is I am doing great around her. Can't help but laugh everytime I didn't get her bc of her strong Chinese accent. She always laugh at me being so weird sometimes. It all started with silly joke, to hilarious-hell-of-a-joke to flirtatious joke.

We work at this candy section which is at the back of the shop, and my other coworker rarely there except both of us. She's a sweet person and very pretty indeed to me. She takes her work seriously. She has short hair with bangs, and she also short in person which is cute. She always ask for my help to reach things that she couldn't reach since I'm quite tall.

Day after day, started with flirtatious joke and touching arms and laughing again. There's something about her that I couldn't put my finger on. I would end our night shift with "u soo cute" and she'd say "u tooo". She would poke me when we came across each other when working, and I'd smile wide as hell flattered. I observed the way she interacted with some friends of mine, unfortunately it was way nothing like us. She's more 'cold' and quiet around others, which is weird. 

At Valentine Day, she's not on offday which was probably a good sign for me. So I asked her "Today is Valentine Day. Aren't you celebrating?" and I smiled. She smiled and went like "What about you? Aren't you celebrating eh?", I laughed at that question. I went "No,I don't have boyfriend" She pushed me,looked at me and said "Don't lie maa" and I burst out laughing, trying to convince her I'm single. Weird, she didn't answer my question.

The next day I was moping the floor, and she came across me. She gives me weird look and I said " Go on", then she purposely stepped on the wet floor and laughed. I went like "Ehhh this kid" laughing.

It went on like more weirder,and we became more close. The last day I was working, I dont have the balls to ask for her number directly. So I went like "Today is my last day working. Dont u wanna ask for my number". She looked at me and walked away,leaving me hanging. "if she really interested, she'd come give her number" I said to myself"

But she didnt.

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Hmm next time just ask her number or anyone’s number you’re interested in. I was like you 2 years ago who was not direct in asking phone number. You can always get a number of a girl without being too obvious of your intentions if you don’t want her to know straightaway. “Today is my last day of working. GIVE me your number (a command) so I can annoy you even if I’m not around (with humour and smile).” You cannot assume that with all that bantering, she likes you. You cannot assume. Another thing, this is probably newish to her given that you’re in a conservative country. She was probably confused and went in panic mode. 

Take it easy. 

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@blueberry yeah u are right. i should have took it easy, she probably panic in the inside. nevermind, I'll try to be more straight forward but cheeky. im soo badd at flirting. but i cant assume shes not straight right? haha lol jk its fine.

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Even friends ask each other for their numbers when they leave their jobs. You should've asked. :) Maybe one of your coworkers has her number? You can pilfer it and then send her a text saying hi and that you hope that she doesn't mind you having her number, but you really wanted to keep in touch..etc. 

That wouldn't come off as weird to me. 

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