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A Note Just For You

Posted by GypsyButterfly in Kaleidoscope of My Heart, 13 May 2016 · 102 views
note, friend

If I don't phone, text or email you, please know you're still in my mind & heart. Which is why I can't contact you. It would hurt too much. It might lessen in time, but, I don't know if it will ever completely go away. If you reach out to me (which I hope that you will), I may not answer or get back...


Fluid Adaptation

Posted by celeste teal in A mug of fluidity, 28 November 2016 · 48 views

Posted Image

Same-sex behaviour is fairly common in nature and in one particular species, our primate cousins the bonobos (Pan paniscus), it is a defining feature of their social structure. Bonobo females prefer the company of other females and they form close...


Fade Into The Background!

Posted by Scorpio_pages in Scorpio_pages' Blog, 26 November 2016 · 45 views
#priority #desires #happiness

So November has always been  a busy month for me because of born day celebrations including my own! I was also super busy with work and my 2 yr old. Anyway, I've realized when I have no idle time on my hands, my desires for women romantically fade into the backgrounds of my life! Has this or does this happen to you? Or am I the only...


Leaving A Crush In The Past And Moving On...

Posted by Lookingformyself2014 in i have finally my way, 20 November 2016 · 77 views
Former crushMoving on and 1 more...

So it has been 4 months since I have heard from my former crush and it has been nice... I do think of him from time to time and probably always will, but I am noticing a change,,,for the longest time I couldn't watch sound of music even though it was my favorite movie because it reminded me of what I thought we were and so the other day I sat down and...


No Luck And I'm Fine With It

Posted by Katy in Wonderland, 13 November 2016 · 144 views

I placed a cigarette between my partially parted lips and struck my lighter insistently until the faint red glimmer slowly set aflame it's end. She sat there, just staring at me with seemingly hope filled eyes. Drawing in the toxic cloud with a sigh, all I could say was, " I have nothing for you aside from wanting to be your friend. There are no...


My Homeland Of Newfoundland

Posted by Cute&Curious in Cute&Curious' Blog, 06 November 2016 · 94 views
Scenery, photos

After reading kairi's entry about her homeland of Greece, I was inspired to share some photos of where I'm from....Newfoundland Canada. So have a look

St. John's is our capital city, known for beautiful colourful row houses in the older downtown area


Life In Greece

Posted by kairi in kairi's Blog, 02 November 2016 · 294 views

So,i decided to write about life in Greece!Greece is more than the debt or some politicians that give us a bad name.Greece is the sun and the sea,the small islands with their white houses,the nights under a clear sky full of stars and the smell of jasmine on a summer night,the quietness and the stillness of nature in a snowy forest,the...


This Is Me...

Posted by EightiesGirl in Only in the 80's, 29 October 2016 · 108 views

This Is Me... Hello,

This is me,

My name is Melissa and this is my first blog entry. I have had the ability to write them for sometime, but call it nerves, anxiety or a lack of confidence but I could not bring myself to do more than read others posts and wish I had the courage to make my own. Things for me have been in constant flux of late and I think something just...


Feeling Lost........

Posted by softdeedee in softdeedee's Blog, 25 October 2016 · 125 views

Hi everyone!
I wanted to formally introduce myself to you all. I am Dee a 49 yr old married mother of 2. I have lived in Pa all my life.

One day I was browsing the net and came across this site and it felt so right that I had to join.

I have been bi-curious for quite some time probably over 30 years now but I would never admit it to myself. I thought...



Posted by KittiKat in KittiKat's Blog, 11 October 2016 · 115 views
Best Friends ForNever


I know many of my own posts, and many of yours, have been around the topic of friendships. As if this particular breed of relationship wasn't complicated enough, we go and add sexuality, crushes, love, lust and heartbreak to the mix too. Sometimes our sexuality is relevant to the issues we face and sometimes it isn't, but it is a topic...



Posted by Asphodel in Asphodel's Blog, 07 October 2016 · 91 views


My last status said I was going to try to be here more often (back in January!) and now it's October. Oops. Well, there's been a lot going on. In order of importance:
1. I got a well-paying job back in March!
2. I moved out of my parents' house and into my own apartment just a few weeks ago (I am so relieved)
3. I am getting...


Enjoying The Changes Of The Seasons.

Posted by Tena in Tena's Blog, 01 October 2016 · 88 views
Fall Holloweenclothing.

I love fall nice mild weather the change of the leaves in its on glory of colors brown, Bright oranges, gold, I can were my leather jackets or trench coats, boots. Went to the orchard for apples, cider and doughnuts yum and its so beautiful there this time of year. Being up north as I walk through the woods early in the morning I can hear the sounds of...


Feeling Depressed Sometimes

Posted by roses_n_kisses in roses_n_kisses' Blog, 29 September 2016 · 100 views

I still haven't been in a relationship since my ex, but I haven't put too much effort into either...I just don't feel like going out to the same places time and time again. I'm bored...and I'm bored with the people there. Its the same routine every time I get the chance to go out. I go out alone and I come home alone. I try talking to...



Posted by pennylane in Girl Boy Girl Blog, 23 September 2016 · 122 views

Hey gals, so I've been with my girlfriend for a year and we see each other every other weekend or so. It's been somewhat difficult for us being bisexual married or divorced women and meeting someone. That's why I want to post about our erotic three some life out of the main forum. I'm very fortunate and I appreciate what I have. It took me a...


Making A Long Distance Relationship Work

Posted by wolfbigrl88 in wolfbigrl88's Blog, 14 September 2016 · 303 views

Hello ladies,

Well from the looks of the numbers on my blog I see that a lot of you have read my blog but not commented a lot on the entries. It's okay, not everyone is a writer and I understand, but lots of people love to...


Kissed A Girl

Posted by rankiec26 in rankiec26's Blog, 05 September 2016 · 196 views
Katy Perry remake, true story

I kissed a girl and I liked it.
The taste of her juicy, red lips.

I kissed a girl 'cause I wanted to.
I know that nobody minds it.

It felt so right,
Yeah, oh so right!
She doesn't want to be more than friends, though.

But I kissed a girl and I liked it..

No, I loved it!


Today I Learned

Posted by shylove15 in Shylove's Corner, 04 September 2016 · 221 views

Today I Learned Today I learned you cannot trust your heart to keep quiet. When it is broken and trampled you cannot stop it from feeling the pain it is in or the stop it from screaming the loudest FUCK YOU it can muster. You cannot tell it to stop the words it wants to say even though your head is telling it to shut up! Bite your tongue! I learned today you cannot...


Going Straight?

Posted by myladylove in myladylove's Blog, 31 August 2016 · 209 views

So right now I am feeling more inclined towards a heterosexual relationship. This, despite a recent possible bi connection. There may be an age issue here, in that I am much older now, and also a longing for companionship. Things in common can bring people together so much. Sometimes its uncanny how much you can have in common with a person when both older....


44 Question Survey

Posted by tizoodle in tizoodle's Blog, 07 August 2016 · 176 views
survey, questions, random

44 Odd Things You Don't Know About Me

[ Odd? These don't seem odd at all. ]

1. Do you like blue cheese?

My guy loves it. I'm mainly on the other side of the fence.

2. Have you ever smoked?

Nowadays this could be one of a few...


Wanting Her

Posted by beautimusb in Beautimusb's Blog, 18 July 2016 · 123 views

She makes me so warm
The temperature rises
When she enters the room
She captures my gaze
Like a magnetic force
Turning my head
I want her to look at me
With the same desire
I know she's capable of
My heart races
For no reason
Other than her presence
She's like a walking lifesource
That I'm no longer
Granted access to
My whole body aches


July 4

Posted by Ms.G in Just me, just G, 06 July 2016 · 163 views

july 3 to be exact. i met my heroine again, it was awkward for some reasons. i have a feeling she even ignores me. we come to the party for hours, i’m always in her line of sight but she never comes and says hi. while others look around to catch my partner in crime, and they ask where the hell i’m hiding. funny...

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