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I Don't Recognize Myself Anymore. Things Have Changed.

Posted by NikkiTattooedHeart in Just A Thought, 30 July 2015 · 25 views

It's been a really long time since I've been on Shy, let alone wrote a blog entry. My life from the outside looks the same. I have my husband, my son, I go to work, yadda yadda. Went through some drama with my husband...thats for a different blog, but it put a strain on our relationship. Really everything is different inside me. I'm not even...


I'll Be Okay.

Posted by Tena in Tena's Blog, 27 July 2015 · 51 views
Weakness and strengths.

I've often been the one who would say yes when I mean no vice versà because I was either being nice or protecting someone else although I'm very good at admitting when I'm wrong and not bosting when I'm wright most of the time I feel like I can take it or I'll be okay say for instant if we both hungry an its enough for one I will...


Letting Go

Posted by RollerDoll in RollerDoll's Blog, 27 July 2015 · 55 views

In this moment I have a choice.  I have a little over an hour before my boot camp class starts, so I can either scramble to grade a few compositions and make the bed, or I can sit here with myself like I never do anymore and sort out my head in the hopes that it brings some clarity.  Somehow, the latter seems so much more important right now.

I've been...



Posted by balancingact88 in balancingact88's Blog, 26 July 2015 · 50 views

I was reading some of my entries about the friends I had feelings for and who just used me.  I walked away from her with no notice, no explanation, etc.  It was one of the best things I ever did.

I have not been friends with her for two months now and I look back and wonder what I ever saw or even felt.  All the feelings I had are gone.  I don't even...


Another Update (2015)

Posted by 2Confused in Writer's Notes, 24 July 2015 · 44 views
Update, Tired, It, All, of, Me and 2 more...

And just when I thought my roller coaster was coming to an end...
I've got good news, awesome news, and "uhmmmm" news.

So let's work our way to the awesome.

My sister is once again pregnant. Yup... I'm slapping my forehead as well.
First, she comes back to the house because her husband cheated on her, then after a week she finds out...


Blog 1: Hubby&"friends"

Posted by Jus4me in Jus4me's Blog, 19 July 2015 · 118 views
Married, bi, husband, friends

For a while my husband has been trying to boost my confidence by telling me that people had been contacting him about "getting with" me. Of course the topics just popped up during random coversations we were having and from my understanding his "friends" and he were have mutual convos... Honestly I thought he was joking at first or maybe...


So Many Stars In The Sky...

Posted by starsfollowme in starsfollowme's Blog, 18 July 2015 · 98 views
best friend, help

I don't even know where to begin this post.  I'm not usually one for blogging, but maybe this will help me get my thoughts and feelings sorted out.  I've always been a person who puts others before my feelings for them.  I over think everything usually from all aspects.  While it is good to over think in some situations,  others (like when you...


Our Story

Posted by bailiwick in What a difference a year makes, 17 July 2015 · 830 views

Were they moths? Bats? My stomach was alive with the flapping of wings much larger than that of butterflies...

I'm baili. I'm sure I have spoken with alot of you on one occasion, if not more, if even for a brief moment.

I am a lesbian. I am in love. Grab a coffee...if you'll allow me to have your attention for a moment, I'll tell you all...


Here's A Thing

Posted by Ms.G in Just me, just G, 14 July 2015 · 72 views

i haven't blogged for awhile. i don't think i'd want to rant about how my life...


Doors Open And Close Down The Narrow Hall

Posted by Cloudburst in Cloudburst's Blog, 09 July 2015 · 143 views

My last blog entry ended with the thought of "when one door closes another one opens"...
Well I must be walking down a hallway of doors opening and slamming on my nose.  Or even a glass room filled with mirrors as the person I thought I was seeing very clearly was just a reflection of someone who was never really there.

I don't like to go...


We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

Posted by MissKit in Delirium, 04 July 2015 · 112 views


hahaha! fitting considering there's been so many freakin attacks, jesus.

UGGGG video embedding you suck again!


Life has been a biznatch lately and besides me being the last man standing in my department, shits been whoa...


My Week Off Nerdfest

Posted by ambRAWR88 in ambRAWR88's Blog, 03 July 2015 · 71 views
rpg, dungeons and dragons and 2 more...

I have been enjoying a week off from school and work. As much as I need to get the house clean in prep for the in-laws....well it can just wait. The expectations of a woman vs. a man are pretty evident on days off. When a man has a day off, he has a day off. When a woman has a day off, she still has a full workday worth of cleaning and house management....


I Suddenly Have Contact With Three Women

Posted by Gudrun in Gudrun's Blog, 30 June 2015 · 188 views

I hope that you all had a good weekend. I was in the country in relax and fishing. I took the computer with me. I am talking to three women at the same time at a dating site. That is new. One specially is very interesting


Best Week Ever

Posted by seeking-answers in Under Construction, 30 June 2015 · 89 views

So, an update to the fabulous week I had; I woke up on Friday to the best bews ever. Love Wins!!!! my date went well, for the first time ever I had a date show up, give me a beautify single peach rose, open doors for me, take me out to Tribe gay bar, then to Nashville's biggest gay club Play. We had some drinks, danced in a foam pit and...


Shy's Can Be Theraputic

Posted by LorenaQueSueña in LorenaQueSueña's Blog, 23 June 2015 · 217 views
therapy, friendship, support

As I was hopping on my computer and doing my daily visit to shy's, I realized after a few posts, blogs, and replies that for me Shybi is therapeutic. As I was sitting there typing out a response to someone who is going through some tough emotional questions, I was feeling so fully fulfilled by the fact that I could respond honestly and give this fellow...


The Chance Encounter, That...

Posted by Whippet in Whippet's Coffee Break, 21 June 2015 · 141 views
meeting, crush, dating

I have to get this out of my head!

A while ago I went to a small cafe near my home that sells handmade truffles. The girl behind the counter there was really lovely, but at the time I didn't think anything of it. In fact, it was probably before I came to Shys and so was still in denial. But there was certainly an enticement there, on my part.



Questioning Your Worth

Posted by Rocker83 in Rocky Road, 20 June 2015 · 168 views

I made my first blog a little while ago and it definitely helped me to write things down so I'm gonna give it another shot.

At the moment I'm having a hard time feeling "worthy" of love. As some of you know I have numerous health issues which make me feel like I'm not "normal". Lately I've gotten a lot worse health wise...


Book Review: Girl Sex 101

Posted by jxw in A Day In The Life, 10 June 2015 · 125 views

Book Review: Girl Sex 101 by Allison Moon, illustrated by K D Diamond

Girl Sex 101 is a good primer for women who enjoy sex with women. As you'd expect, it covers sexual anatomy, techniques, and good health practices. It also spends a ton of time on the mental aspects, such as flirting, staying present, and various communication skills. The book is...


Giant, The Doctors, And Getting Turned On By Strange Things!

Posted by SoppyCow in SoppyCow's World!, 09 June 2015 · 126 views

Giant, The Doctors, And Getting Turned On By Strange Things! Right where to start?! This is my second blog, Im going to tell you about another dream I had, I have had a few dreams since the last one but keep ending up forgetting them :P This one is fresh in my mind though, because it was literally ten minutes ago I woke up from it :) Are you ready?

Then I shall begin, my dream:

I was floating in the air,...


So Many Emotions And Feeling To Deal With

Posted by Hell Bunny in Hell Bunny's Blog, 02 June 2015 · 203 views

Ive never written a blog before but i really need somewhere to get things off my chest and try to clear my head. Im sorry if im rambling and not making much sense :(

A few days ago i found out my husband is having an affair with a friend/work collegue of ours. I am in the last stages of my pregnancy and im worried how my feelings are going to affect the...

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