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Things Make More Sense Now, So Why Am I More Confused?

Posted by seeking-answers in Under Construction, 18 April 2015 · 62 views
figuring it out, realizations

<p>All through my life, I have found myself saying, "I would go so gay for her" or "I'm only looking at her ass because I wish mine looked like that". I was always interested in LGTB, thinking I was just supporting my LGTB friends, of which I had many. My curiosities were chalked up to just that, normal curiosity.
It was just...



Posted by starrynightowl711 in my poems, 18 April 2015 · 11 views

the waves calmly crash at my feet
the peaceful sound the make
puts my mind at ease
a gentle wishper in the wind
warms my heart and makes me whole again

The waves come bigger and fast
the more dramatic the crash
for just a moment i fear for my life
but then the waves settle
and ease my thoughts

Waves come and go
different each time
reminding me of...


This Is My Story

Posted by starrynightowl711 in my story, 18 April 2015 · 19 views
truth, set free, peace and 1 more...

I have let you torture me for too long. My past, the secret that stays hidden except from my husband. You have haunted me and messed me up in ways that can't be fixed. You scarred me, bruised me, and broke me. But over time on here piece by piece, I am going to free myself from the hold it has on me. It ends now you will have no hold on me. No power to...


The Months Flew Bi

Posted by Cloudburst in Cloudburst's Blog, 17 April 2015 · 55 views

Took a little break, maybe 7 months?  Was connected to a beautiful woman I met here (who is overseas) in the time I was gone, but she's moved on..found someone else close by to pass her time with.

I've had many lovers cross the country and overseas, so many memories.  Most ended well, at least all the ones involving women have.  For some reason...



Posted by Ms.G in Just me, just G, 16 April 2015 · 59 views

i’ll be honest, very honest that girls are never one of my strong suits, aren’t they? they just keep hurting me on and on, then tell me i hurt them. what? what in the world i’m dealing with? why do i fall for creatures carrying toasty buns behind?

i’m tired of everything right now. this freaking lawyer keeps changing my...



Posted by NikkiTattooedHeart in Just A Thought, 16 April 2015 · 73 views
life, happiness, frustrations

So April is coming to a close (I can't believe it!), and Spring is in full swing. I'm looking foward to this next chapter of my life. There's alot unknown ahead, but I'm putting my big girl pants on and getting excited about life again.

I've been working out consistantly everyday which I've put off for years, so this is very...


Reflections, Letting Go, & Moving Forward Lightly

Posted by raven in raven's Blog, 14 April 2015 · 152 views

I am sitting in the corner of a lovely wine bar with a mimosa, its 2:45 p.m. (don’t judge me), and I am attempting to write my first blog.
I titled it Refection’s, letting it go to the universe & lightly moving forward.  My last four...


A Weird Experience

Posted by Cymoedd in Cymoedd's Blog, 14 April 2015 · 135 views

I saw one of my ex boyfriends today for the second time this month, though he didn’t see me. That would have been impossible. Oh but it was him, I just knew as soon as I saw her the first time. She came into the clinic where I work and I attended to her. She would not have known me, more to the point she wouldn’t have known of my existence. Oh...


Longing For Another?

Posted by skittlesloli in skittlesloli's Blog, 13 April 2015 · 90 views

So I have a guy friend I've known since high school "Ess".
S has always been attractive to me, and was my first pick out of my guy friends, but he ended up being snagged by a girl friend of mine. After that he seemed off limits, even after they broke up. My hubby and I also got together not long after the break up so he wasn't in a...


Time Flies When You're.........

Posted by JessicaRabbit18 in JessicaRabbit18's Blog, 11 April 2015 · 147 views

It's been forever and a day since my last visit here. Not a day goes by where I don't think about shys or all that it's done for me in the short time I was here. When I first started my shys journey I didn't think I was going to find anything more than information. An education, so to speak. Instead I found real women leading real lives that...


The Best And Worst Two Weeks Of My Life.

Posted by CuriousT26 in Musings of a Curious T, 10 April 2015 · 186 views

So much to say. These past two weeks have been surreal.

Things I have learned:

I am bisexual.
I want to someday be with a woman sexually.
That day does not need to be tomorrow, or in a month, or even in a year.
I do not want this realization to ruin my marriage.
I am a sexual being and I cannot repress my desires any longer.
I need to be free to...


My First Blog

Posted by Rocker83 in Rocky Road, 10 April 2015 · 203 views

So, thought it was time I made a blog. It's only took 3 and a half years to get around to it :P

With my new position on shys, I thought it was a good idea for everyone who stopped by my profile to have the opportunity to get to know me a bit better. Saves filling up my actual profile with such a huge intro too. Who knows, maybe my situation can help...


That Is Not What I'm Saying

Posted by Shaiyan in Simply Shaiyan, 07 April 2015 · 66 views

Today is a processing day ( more or less just ranting), regarding my thoughts and feelings about being bi-sexual. I stumbled across the highlighted comment below,  made after someone discussed the looks of disgust given her by lesbians after breaking up with her boyfriend and coming out as Bi. ( [font=helvetica,...


How To Be Independent?

Posted by wolfpup91212 in wolfpup91212's Blog, 03 April 2015 · 110 views
mental health, independent, help

I'm 24, have Asperger, GAD, and mild depression. If I'm lucky we get something big accomplished one month at a time (March was my Physical health) but as the months drag on I feel like I'm not really accomplishing anything. I don't drive, I don't have a Job I'd rather have a job first otherwise if I fail at driving or something it...


Letting Go

Posted by KittiKat in KittiKat's Blog, 26 March 2015 · 182 views

Yes this post is about Teacher. Yes it has been 3 months since we have even spoken, since I told her goodbye. Yes I am still in love with her. Yes I am still talking about it 3 months later....

Yesterday was her birthday. I know she expected to hear from me and I think she hoped to hear from me. I did nothing. I said nothing. And it hurt so much, because I...



Posted by Navi Green in Navi Green's Blog , 23 March 2015 · 179 views
Tricks, Sprite, Brain

Do I really like the taste of Sprite?

I've lived long enough with myself to know not to try to understand my thoughts & brain.
I just indulge it and I wonder if anyone else feels the same.

If you don’t drink “soda/pop/soft drink/soda-pop” then maybe you won’t get this lol. But if you’ve never had this happen to...


Coming Out To My Friend

Posted by shane in shane's Blog, 18 March 2015 · 200 views

So few days ago I decided to come out to my friend. She's been a good friend of mine for few years. I think she started noticing even before me that I wasn't straight. Now that I think about it was almost like I was dropping hints. A word about bisexuals here. Some research about LGBT topics there. The thing is I wasn't subtly coming out. I was...


It's Been A While......

Posted by Tracey89 in My random blog..., 17 March 2015 · 175 views
blog, girlfriend, visit, lesbian

Hello everyone! :)

It's been a while since I've been here but I've been so so busy recently!! I'm currently in the process of applying for new jobs and trying to find a new place to live but both are taking time but fingers crossed something comes up soon!

Last week my girlfriend flew in from the US to spend her spring...


Harder Than I Thought

Posted by Amora in Amora, L'Amour & The Life I Love, 16 March 2015 · 227 views
advice, help, sadness, anxiety

I guess I wish I had more female friends around me, especially more that knew about my bisexuality and especially those I could confide in about my girlfriend.  Especially when things are a little difficult.  When she is working lots of shifts and we don't talk much and I start to worry because the insecurities and damage from my ex make me feel on edge...


A Month Since Her Visit:

Posted by wolfbigrl88 in wolfbigrl88's Blog, 15 March 2015 · 134 views
Missing her

Well ladies it's so hard to believe that it's already been a little over a month since netballer1973, my wonderful future wife to be has been here to visit me.

I will just say this I do miss her and sometimes the distance is harder on her I think than it is on me. In that aspect she is very much girly. I do alright with her not being here because...

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