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Posted by jxw in A Day In The Life, 07 October 2015 · 97 views

I spend a lot of time hiding in plain sight, covering up all sorts of insecurities, just as we all do. Some of this is due to my upbringing. It was full of a lot of judgement. But some of my insecurities are quite rational. There are a fair number of people who have proven that they cannot accept certain aspects of me. So here they are. I ....
* have...



Posted by Rocker83 in Rocky Road, 20 September 2015 · 147 views

I'm listening to the new Disturbed album on repeat the last few days. This song makes me cry everytime I hear it. So just posting it here for anyone coping with loss. Whether that be death or even the end of a relationship. If you're missing someone in your life, you'll maybe relate to these words. I've experienced death before, of people I...



Posted by Tena in Tena's Blog, 20 September 2015 · 116 views
Having faith…

Hello everyone these past couple of weeks has made me believe more in the unknown things I don't understand and having faith when there seems like know hope as if your in the dark and can't see away out i won't get into details but I saw and experience this with my own eyes I thought that I had to except the fact that there was no hope and just...


Owning It.

Posted by Polyher in Musings and such. , 20 September 2015 · 95 views

I am so tired of hiding who I am. I am tired of  not feeling comfortable in my own skin for the sake of others. So as of today, I am owning it! I deserve to be who I am just like everyone else does. I deserve to be happy with who I am. It's unfortunate that its taken me this long to realize that I haven't been true to myself. I have allowed...


Releasing The Flood Gates

Posted by RollerDoll in RollerDoll's Blog, 17 September 2015 · 182 views

This is really raw and not at all edited, but I'm trying to work through some stuff a little at a time.  I just hope it stops taking so much time.  My bday is coming up, and I'm just really hyper aware of time's passing right now.  And I've been really strong for a really strong time, and I am not sure how much longer I can do it this...


Back To Center

Posted by iamthesiren in Wearing My Insides Out, 15 September 2015 · 110 views

There's something in here waiting. It's pressed up against the door, listening for someone to come by, hoping to call out loud enough and be set free. I don't know who I am today. Or more narrowly-put: I don't know which parts of me are me, and which are just layers of plaque I've built up along the way. Where does the separation happen?...


A Side Rarely Seen

Posted by Katy in Katy's Blog, 14 September 2015 · 111 views
hubby, dominance

*Randomness blathering ahead*

The relationship that my husband and I have is a simple one really. We are both very independent and we do not feel as though we have to constantly watch what the other is doing. I do not mind him going out by himself to meet with friends. Hell, he could go out and hang with a group of women and I would not worry one bit. If...


I Didn't Get The Tech Gene

Posted by MerryAutumn in MerryAutumn's Blog, 13 September 2015 · 127 views

I grew up with two brothers.  Both of them became computer programmers for universities.  One has his entire house wired to do all kinds of things.  Me?  I didn't get the tech gene.  Not even a smidge.  I have been wondering why I can't get into the chat room.  I figured must be I needed the 200 posts.  I finally went and looked at the various...


Feeling Hopeful

Posted by Nunu30 in Nunu30's Blog, 08 September 2015 · 92 views
Self esteem, love, open marriage and 2 more...

So for the past week I have been feeling amazing. Aside from the whole having to give up my dog issue.
When I say I feel amazing, I mean for the first time I feel pretty. I don't look in the mirror and loath this person that I see.
I also don't feel fat.

Because of these feelings I actually lost a friend on facebook. She said she couldn't take...


Happy Thoughts

Posted by MerryAutumn in MerryAutumn's Blog, 08 September 2015 · 97 views

I just wrote something that made me sad and I don't like ending my days like that, so I'm just going to list some of the most beautiful things I enjoy.

Fall: it's coming on here and I love the smells, the colors, the crisp air, the harvest and the feeling of a glorious evening in nature's seasons before everything tucks in for winter.




Posted by tomboygal in tomboygal's Blog, 28 August 2015 · 98 views
Her face, her smile

I can't get her out of my head. I used to make her smile and laugh. It's the first time I made a girl smile and laugh. When I smile sometimes, I think of her smile. She used to scrunch her eyes and blink a lot when she smiled and laughed. I...


In Or Out

Posted by WildZan in Casa de WildZan, 26 August 2015 · 62 views
coming out, staying in the closet

I am struggling to control my mouth lately. Maybe it's getting older and caring less what others think, maybe I am more temperamental than I used to be. But, more and more, as I am around people who make certain assumptions about my life based on their observations (and my silence on the matter) I feel words bubbling below the surface that I have to...


The Proposal

Posted by wolfbigrl88 in wolfbigrl88's Blog, 24 August 2015 · 230 views
The ring

The Proposal Okay ladies here's the picture of the ring and the story. Netty and I had the Sunday afternoon together before I had to go to work, so I took her to the lighthouse park. There were people there playing this game with metal balls, I don't remember what the game was called but Netty knows, she said it was a French game and they were playing French...


It's Over, Done, Finished, And I Feel.........

Posted by Amora in Amora, L'Amour & The Life I Love, 17 August 2015 · 397 views

So it's over.  I no longer have a girlfriend.  For several reasons not least of which was distance and available time for us to meet.  I have no issues with an LDR but I need to be able to meet the other person more than once every 5-6 months, I can't conduct a relationship like that as it just doesn't allow the intimacy and closeness I need and...


Finally, A Breakthrough

Posted by crd991012 in Progress, 16 August 2015 · 217 views

I feel like I could take on the world right now!

As some of you know, when I joined Shy's I was still hiding who I was to a major degree.  In fact, I was doing such a good job that my husband had come to the conclusion that it was something of a phase from my past and not still a part of me.  We have had several conversations about me being...


Poem: Be Yourself

Posted by calicokitty in CK's Blog, 14 August 2015 · 110 views

I wrote this a few days ago...

Being yourself is not about what others want.
All they do is sneer and taunt.
It's about finding who you really are.
One of a kind, a beautiful star.

[font=helvetica, arial,...


The Right Things To Do

Posted by Ms.G in Just me, just G, 11 August 2015 · 440 views

do you sometimes wonder if breaking up with someone a right thing to do?
i do, especially my last relationships. one of them, A, just got married. i didn't call it a breakup because we never make it official but her friends and mine know about us. every time my friends texted me to go out. i'm like i'm at A's and her place is way too far to...


Me And L

Posted by mustBbi in Me and L, 09 August 2015 · 229 views
#Latest, #dating, #straightgirl and 1 more...

im a sorta private person, and the internet is weird. i don't want to say too much. i guess i just wanted to put into print that im in love with someone who is a female. and im having to come to terms with the fact that im dating a woman all over again-- even though ive been OUT as a bisexual since i was 17. i was...


I Don't Recognize Myself Anymore. Things Have Changed.

Posted by NikkiTattooedHeart in Just A Thought, 30 July 2015 · 141 views

It's been a really long time since I've been on Shy, let alone wrote a blog entry. My life from the outside looks the same. I have my husband, my son, I go to work, yadda yadda. Went through some drama with my husband...thats for a different blog, but it put a strain on our relationship. Really everything is different inside me. I'm not even...



Posted by balancingact88 in balancingact88's Blog, 26 July 2015 · 94 views

I was reading some of my entries about the friends I had feelings for and who just used me.  I walked away from her with no notice, no explanation, etc.  It was one of the best things I ever did.

I have not been friends with her for two months now and I look back and wonder what I ever saw or even felt.  All the feelings I had are gone.  I don't even...

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