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One Of My Gigs In Stand Up

Posted by Fern in Fern's Blog, 21 August 2014 · 7 views

I went to one of my divorced friend’s parties.  She is 50 years old blonde, bulimic, with a great body, (her skin doesn’t fit as well as it used to but still good). Face not bad, Botox has improved the quality of life for most women who choose it.
At first I thought the party was purely women, as all I saw was tall amazon Botox women,...


Google Doodles

Posted by goldengi in Buckeye Pride, 21 August 2014 · 9 views

I decided that I'd submit some ideas to Google for a possible doodle for bi visibility day.  We'll see what they think! I've attached the images that I sent to them.  I also included explanations of all the colors and symbolism in my email to them.


I Am A Moron

Posted by WildZan in Casa de WildZan, 21 August 2014 · 52 views

I think most of you know that my bi experience is limited. Ok, very limited. All right, I have only ever been with one girl, sort of, ever. A long time ago. It was amazing and yet extremely frustrating, and turned into an incredibly toxic situation.

Since then I have been through so many ups and downs, so many things in my life are completely different...


The Little Voice Pt.7

Posted by 2Confused in 2Confused Confessions, 19 August 2014 · 30 views
open, honest, free, all, of, me and 3 more...

Senior year...now the fun begins...
So it was the summer between senior and junior year that I got my first job...as a cashier at Walmart...
It was actually not so bad. Some (if not most) of the people were horrible but my coworkers were pretty awesome.
There was one night when a couple of coworkers and I tagged another coworkers car. Another time we would...


Back In The Present...

Posted by OutOfControl in OutOfControl's Blog, 17 August 2014 · 65 views

I interrupt this broadcast to just empty my head a little bit today.

It's been a long old week. Hectic and insane, and long. Mother Nature has been hard at work messing with my head this week too, I have a coil fitted but still every month or so I hit a patch of insanely horny but short-tempered feelings where chocolate and the showerhead are my only...


My Galaxy... It's Far Out There Tonight, No Stars Are Lined Up Here...

Posted by starsfollowme in starsfollowme's Blog, 16 August 2014 · 30 views

So... This is a first for me.  I don't even know where to begin. I will start my very first blog ever... with a glimpse of what is going on in my head. One might ask, what brings me here?  Well... My emotions, my thoughts my feelings. I feel like I have a whirlwind of emotions and feelings coursing through my veins.  I do know that I have never felt...


My Journey (So Far)

Posted by Julieventur in Julie's Journey, 14 August 2014 · 51 views
New feelings, married, curious and 1 more...

Welcome to my special journey, so far. I still feel a bit new very here...and also a bit new to these feelings. But really, they've been there for quite a while--sometimes openly admitted to myself in private moments--other times pushed deep into the background. But after ten years or more of chatting with women...


My Own Personal Soapbox

Posted by Amora in Amora, L'Amour & The Life I Love, 14 August 2014 · 84 views
polyamory, multiple love and 1 more...

You know, part of me still blames the Disney ideals that we are all brought up with, that idea that there is one person for everyone, well, we don't have just one friend or just one child and care about the others any less, we have this capacity for love and affection and sharing our lives and...


Don't Know What To Name The Title

Posted by Ms.G in Just me, just G, 13 August 2014 · 31 views

i want to read the book my friend wrote. its title is "love the lover of the other". i suck at translating but the title itself says a lot about the book. perhaps i still have "a little thing" for L, who is now a lover of the other. great.

you know when you like/love someone, be selfish about it. really. i meant as in sweep any other...



Posted by wolfbigrl88 in wolfbigrl88's Blog, 12 August 2014 · 125 views

Well once again I find myself at a place of contemplation. Is it too much to ask of the other person in the relationship, even if it is long distance, for them to at least say they're thinking about you today, even if that's all they can text you? If I were to even get one text a day letting me know she was thinking about me at least, it would give...


New, New Things

Posted by ConfusedCat in The Ramblings of a ConfusedCat, 12 August 2014 · 36 views

I just got my new laptop today… still getting used to it. But again, it feels nice to get new things, not just because it’s an upgrade but because it’s different to me. I like surrounding myself with different things. I’ve made a habit of it ever since I was a little girl, going back-to-school shopping every year, thinking...


Blog #4....working In Corporate America

Posted by LadyDi in LadyDi's Blog, 09 August 2014 · 38 views
corporations, hell, solitude and 1 more...

So, the middle of July, I FINALLY got a job at an auto insurance agency doing underwriter assistant work for $15 an hour. Considering the highest pay I'd ever received was less than $10, this was AWESOME. Plus the title sounded pretty professional and the description of the job seemed easy enough to handle once I got the traditional company...


A Bit More Of Me :)

Posted by Kisa in Kisa's Blog, 06 August 2014 · 38 views

I thought I would start a blog by introducing myself a bit further.

I am a 25 year old student studying to be a mental health nurse. I am in my final year. I have mental health problems which is quite conflictive for me considering the job I do.

I have a 5 year old son.

I have kissed women but never anything more. I do want to take this further however I...


Brief Introduction

Posted by Cami2909 in Cami2909's Blog, 05 August 2014 · 36 views

I decided since I just created this blog, to introduce myself a bit.

So there is not much in my life right now, I'm a university student, I play handball, tennis and soccer weekly and I have an office job.
Recently I've realized or at least accept that I want to be with a girl, maybe I already knew but the fact that I was dating my male bf,...



Posted by Confused1203 in Confused1203's Blog, 03 August 2014 · 74 views
ChangeDifferent, life, love and 1 more...

So much has happened. I don't know where to begin really. lol. Life has been crazy lately. Just so many changes all at once, but I guess that's just how things happen sometimes. So, I'm separated from my husband now. We were awkwardly still living together and that just wasn't working for either one of us and it wasn't fair to my...


Bussy Life

Posted by Matty in Matty's Blog, 03 August 2014 · 57 views

OK alot of the new people will not know who i am. But there is still a lot of the older shy's crowed on that know phalen and i.

Hears a update of what's going on in our lifes.

1. Virginia Usa is about to get same sex marrage if that goes through this month. We are looking at getting maryed in October 2014.

2. We are in the middle of buying our...



Posted by MissKit in Delirium, 03 August 2014 · 38 views

So I don't think I've posted Simon's Cat up here but it's always amusing.  Oh note to future self: show them very mary kate.

That's my a-hole cat, right there.  Only he's got more of the "yeah? what are you gonna do about it?" attitude.

So life goes on, super effing busy.  Like so busy I did...


What Do You Think Of My Ad?

Posted by cat127 in Malama Aina, 30 July 2014 · 160 views

I posted this ad on craigslist - any suggestions or comments?

Looking for some one who needs a sugar mama - w4w

Looking for a younger sweetie to spend some time with, and spend some sugar on. You need to be attractive, femme but not high high maintenance, submissive at times but also ready to switch roles if I ask....


My Nerves Are Shot!

Posted by Madison29 in Madison29's Blog, 30 July 2014 · 89 views
taking care of loved ones

Alright so must of you know that I have a mother that is in a bad spot.  She had open heart surgery and isn't doing so hot.  The surgery happened this spring and now with Summer almost gone she is still in the hospital, still in a pretty rough spot, still needing rehab pt and ot, still on a vent machine but has a trake in.

I have been driving back and...


Update And New Cover

Posted by amberyeahthatsme in Whatdoyoucallit?, 30 July 2014 · 101 views
decisions, music, cover

Hey guys, it's me again. Just checking in. I've been blogging a lot about my covers (which I hope you enjoy) but not much about my personal situation. It's been so back and forth that when I decide to write about where I am at that moment, I suddenly slip into another state of mind. I can't keep up with myself. I tried to clear my mind by...

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