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The Impossible Is Always Possible

Posted by AndryLove in Andry's Blog, 11 September 2014 · 82 views
challenge, dream, question

Like all of us, I came to Shys with a set of pre-conceived ideas about relationships - what they should be and what they could be.

Being from a non-traditional family myself, I know all sorts of arrangements are possible. But I still had my reservations and doubts about some arrangements that caused me to judge others without the whole story. We all do...



Posted by Binoculars in Binoculars' Blog, 16 September 2014 · 1 views


Music Is In My Soul

Posted by Ani_30 in Ani_30's Blog, 14 September 2014 · 39 views

Music runs through my blood, Music is the beat of my heart <3

So many beautiful sounds and songs to be heard and I'll never hear them all in this lifetime. That won't stop me from trying tho lol.

I never was one to be stuck on mainstream music. My older brother showed me so many different sounds and styles of music. That and chorus for 8 yrs...


From This Moment On..

Posted by OutOfControl in OutOfControl's Blog, 14 September 2014 · 51 views

The nerves are back. They subsided for a couple of positive days, until my BFF insisted I come down to see her (she lives 200 miles away) ,  with the possibility of going "out" in her city.  And by out I mean out.

So I spoke to DH about it, and he giggled and made smutty comments about what me and her would be getting up to. Much as she's...


Out Of The Light Into The Darkness

Posted by WildZan in Casa de WildZan, 13 September 2014 · 69 views

Life isn't supposed to be easy and comfortable. It's about personal growth, always moving forward, never staying on those well-known paths. I can never be satisfied with simply existing, I have to always push my boundaries to see what else I am capable of.

Maybe it's because I know I have a finite time to do the things I want to do as I am now....


The Changing Face Of Fear!

Posted by femmekat in Kats Talk, 12 September 2014 · 70 views

So anyone who knows me knows I have had a few issues with fear and anxiety in social situations over the last 4.5 years.

I was afraid to talk to people, afraid to give eye contact and add the risk of party games or generally having attention drawn to me in a group and I would implode (I'm sure literally).

I still did talk to people and met people but...


I Came Out?!?

Posted by Constantly curious in Constantly curious' Blog, 12 September 2014 · 45 views

So recently I came out to my friends and the majority of them said "um we already knew that."  Well damn.  I'm not even sure what coming out means.  I mean to myself it means I will willingly admit that I am attracted to both men and women.  But I'm not sure it changes anything.  I'm still me.  I still maintain my core values.  I still...


The Little Voice Pt.11

Posted by 2Confused in 2Confused Confessions, 12 September 2014 · 17 views
open, honest, free, all, of, me and 3 more...

(just had a wonderful drive around town and I am drinking some espresso so be ready for a long read :D )

So the last day in California we decided to go to the mall (mainly because I wanted to check out the Sanrio store (love Hello Kitty and so not ashamed muahahaha ;D ) and the MAC store).

Now mind you, I was still not fully well... and it took a turn for...


Wrote A Letter.....

Posted by Tracey89 in My random blog..., 11 September 2014 · 41 views
letter, feelings, truth, happy and 3 more...

I wrote a letter for J on Sunday evening and posted it on Tuesday :) It's a personal letter just expressing my true feelings and how she has made my life so much happier :) I'm nervous about her receiving the letter and her reaction but you can only try right?

We've also spoken about possibly meeting up sometime soon, possibly me going to visit...


Just Rambling

Posted by sweetersong in Random musings, 08 September 2014 · 31 views

Just a bit of a ramble seeing as I have not been about in ages.  With work and the kids I just haven't had the time recently.

I have quit searching for a FWB/girlfriend, haven't thought about it much for the last couple of months tbh.  I may do again in the future, but at the moment, actively looking for something isn't on my mind.

However, I...


More Thoughts

Posted by wolfbigrl88 in wolfbigrl88's Blog, 05 September 2014 · 138 views

Well here it is September and it's been a little while since I've put down my thoughts. Once again I find myself at a place where I'm questioning some of the decisions I've made.

I quit my job at the restaurant to go to work at a better job or I thought at least that it was a better job opportunity only to see things differently. My current...


Re-Introducing Myself~Sunflower07~

Posted by sunflower07 in My view on Myself, 04 September 2014 · 65 views

Re-Introducing Myself~Sunflower07~ Just wanna say hi and hope to meet some new friends on here.


The Letter

Posted by Fern in Fern's Blog, 03 September 2014 · 101 views

Dear Roni,
It’s time to say good bye, I have had a desire for you for way to long. I am well aware that this fantasy will lead nowhere.  It doesn’t really matter if you feel the same for me, I know that you are not going to take it to any level.
What makes this hard is that you are Anna's wonderful piano teacher, she is my first priority.


The Beginning

Posted by claire_1781 in claire_1781's Blog, 02 September 2014 · 93 views
how we started, the kiss

A little more detail for you all about the start of mine and Moons relationship......

We have four children between us and the middle two were at school together.  We formed a friendship on their friendship and along with a few other mums had play days during holidays, we would all meet up the kids would go off to play and we had time to just chat and...


Ruby, Faith, Moon And Me

Posted by claire_1781 in claire_1781's Blog, 02 September 2014 · 171 views

Firstly apologies to Ruby and Faith for putting your names in my blog title but you are what has inspired me to write, it actually has no more connection than that!

I have been quite affected by Ruby and Faith's situation in the last few days and it has brought to the surface all that has happened and the complete devastation that Moon and I caused...


From: How Do You Get Over Your Anxiety About Making Friends

Posted by claire31 in claire31's Blog, 01 September 2014 · 30 views

You mentioned wishing people would give you a chance to show what a great person you are.. Maybe you also need to extend that out to potential friends you are making as well.. I have seen you feeling like giving...



Posted by claire_1781 in claire_1781's Blog, 01 September 2014 · 57 views

I have just spent the best part of an hour reading and replying to Ruby and Faiths blogs and it made me think.

Life is so very fragile. Does my beautiful moon really know how much I love her? I would hope so but just in case I thought I would blog it!! This is my first but may well not be my last blog!

This weekend has been a roller coaster,...


A Lot Less Chaotic

Posted by curiousgemski in All I'm Dreamin' Of, 31 August 2014 · 15 views
work, life, settled

I feel much more content and settled since my last blog. My new job arranged for the staff to go on a spa day with lunch all expenses paid. It has really helped rid of the anxiety I was feeling about starting my new job. Everyone is so friendly and we had a laugh. The day totally put my mind at ease and helped me realise that I am doing the right thing.



Crazy Thoughts & Feelings

Posted by fotia in Kitten Moon, 31 August 2014 · 111 views

I'm not really writing this hoping for it to be read, I never really hope for any blog of mine to be read ha! More of a diary thing?
I haven't written one of these since I was about 18, in my days of drowning in mood disorders, anxiety and depression. No doubt my writing skills haven't improved since then, I find myself to go on a mad...


More Ohio Pride Flags

Posted by goldengi in Obio Pride, 31 August 2014 · 22 views

More Ohio Pride Flags Here are the other pride flags- I'll have to redo the straight ally one [I came up with like four versions of it and hated all of them] but I think some of them turned out really well- particularly the leather pride one.


My Desert Lady

Posted by Cloudburst in Cloudburst's Blog, 30 August 2014 · 63 views
desrt, hikeing, Trona

Situated along the 35th parallel, in the south-west region of CA is my new found treasure, a desert playground known as Trona Pinnacles.  It’s about a 20 minute drive from the town of Ridgecrest, where I drop my passengers off twice a week to treat their cancer patients, then another 20 minute drive along a dirt washboard road maintained by the BLM. ...

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