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Parting Is Not Sweet Sorrow, Parting Sucks

Posted by wolfbigrl88 , 12 April 2017 · 169 views

Parting Is Not Sweet Sorrow, Parting Sucks Hello again ladies,

Well today was not a happy day for either netty or myself. This is the part about being in a long distance relationship that sucks, taking her back to the airport.

We had an awesome time together but it was way too short and went by way too fast. If she wasn't going to be coming back with her daughter in July, it would've been even more difficult. Every time I come back home after taking her to the airport there's always a heaviness and a sadness because she was here with me in my home, which is now her second home. My sheets still smell of her, a parting gift to remind me of our times of intimacy with each other.

The sex was and is amazing with her every time because it's so right and we are so connected.

We finally were able to watch Below Her Mouth and that was a great movie with lots of sex :).

Don't get me wrong I do understand that when you live with someone day in and day out that it's a whole different dynamic all together, but I think that we will not have a problem when that day arrives around 929 days from now or sooner. My youngest graduates high school June 2019 and will most likely live here in the condo and attend a local college then go off to a major college two years from then. I have a countdown clock so that I can look at the days.

When I visited netty last summer I got to see where she lives and how beautiful it is over there. I have no doubt that we will have our disagreements on things, but for the most part I am going to enjoy living there with her because she's the love of my life. I don't expect my family to understand but maybe one day they'll get it. My life is just that; my life and no one is going to convince me otherwise. My children will all be adults and living their own lives as I have raised them to be. I know that my youngest will be successful at whatever she chooses to pursue.

My mother barely visits me now and I only live a little over an hour away and I mostly communicate with my dad via email because we can't speak civilly to each other on the phone and he usually only gets up here when something breaks or he decides he just wants to come visit me. My sister hardly ever calls me and she's on her religious high horse claiming that she still loves me but that it's "wrong" to live like I'm living according to the bible. I used to be religious myself but religion never saved or helped anyone. I still have my faith and consider myself to be very spiritual but I can never go back to living the way that my mom and my sister live. My dad understands me and he gets it and he's very supportive of my relationship with netty. I think he really likes her alot and he's even told her he loves her. I know my mom and my sister love me too but they just don't understand and I don't expect them too. My mom says that I'm leaving everyone behind to run off and go live in Scotland and I'm leaving her behind. I'm not leaving my family behind, I'm just moving to another country but will still come back to visit here. I've been in Florida my whole life and yes it's great living here but when I visited netty in Scotland I knew that Scotland was my home and I can't wait to get there. My youngest will miss me the most because it's mostly been just her and I for the last 4 years since my divorce from my second ex husband. My middle daughter has been engaged a few times and hasn't been around much but after she broke up with her last fiance she's been living with me too and has had a much better attitude and been a lot more helpful with financial things. She's planning on going into the Navy and that will be a huge step for her and good for her future. She might even be able to come and visit netty and I once she's stationed and can take leave or go on vacation because she'll be paid well as long as she scores well on her test and gets put in a good occupation.

The future looks very bright for netty and I. The plan is for us to get married as soon as she's divorced, hopefully in a castle over there in Scotland but if we can't do it that way then we'll get married here because our marriage will be recognized here as well as in Scotland. I know it won't be easy living there and I will have to find a job so that I can help contribute to our family, but I'm sure I'll be able to find something that I can do. I don't know what it will be like living there but I know that it is very different than living here in the U.S. What I like about where she lives is that there's rivers, the sea, and there's hills and further north there's mountains, so I will be able to finally learn how to snowboard, woo hoo! And I'll get to experience surfing in very coooolllldddd water but that will be a blast because I saw what nice waves look like on the coast. There's also lots of golf courses over there and if I can get my elbows to where they don't hurt so much, we'll be golfing. I like to camp so we'll be going camping. We'll also be able to travel to some of the places that I've wanted to see. Personally I think my mom is slightly envious of the fact that I'm going to be living in the home country of our ancestors. My great great grandmother is from Edinburgh and I have her wedding ring that my mother gave me. Maybe my mom will make it over to visit me and maybe my sister too. My sister visited Ireland a few years ago. See with them it's all about money and because I have none they think I should just stay here and work and live where I live the rest of my life but that's not going to happen, I'm leaving this country and starting a new chapter in my life with netty because I want to grow old with her not here in this small town where people like to talk. I know people talk in small villages too but I can handle that. It's not the same for her there as it is here and I do get it, but it will be a very small price to pay in comparison to what it will be like to just be with her. I also can't wait to just be there and be with the animals because I can't have any here. Netty and I got a puppy together when I visited her this past summer and he's gotten so big, I see him when I'm on skype with her. I miss not being able to have pets because my dad is highly allergic to cats, so the cat that I raised from a kitten couldn't come here to live with me. Someone adopted her from the fruit stand she stayed at and they took her home so I don't even know where she is now. My first ex husband has the bird with him and his mother, and I had to take the two dogs I had to the shelter when I moved in here.

My life wouldn't be the same without netty and when she left today she took my heart back over to Scotland with her and she left hers here with me. When I move over there our hearts will be united and will finally be able to be one and we will finally be able to be a couple and do things together as a couple. I long for that day and so does netty.

While she was here this time we all went bowling, my three kids, one of my daughter's friends, and netty. It was so much fun and all of my kids love her. My youngest came in to say good-bye before she left for school this morning and gave her a big hug. My middle daughter gave her a big hug when we were leaving and said to her don't go. Because my middle daughter was able to be here, netty gave her strength to make better decisions and I'm so thankful for that and that my middle daughter sees netty as her second mom. It's so great when the kids can be so accepting and encouraging. My youngest is involved in the arts at her high school. She's in dance, drama, and chorus and has a lot of gay friends. She's even become a member of the equality club and went to the pride event up in Jacksonville. She's such a great kid. Kids today are more understanding of same sex relationships than they were years ago. It's become even commonplace for there to be gay teachers. Her chorus instructor has been with his partner for years and is a well respected teacher. Her drama teacher has done some risque plays like The Normal Heart. Oh my gosh that one was a real tear jerker and the guys even kissed in the performance.

Anyhow thanks for reading this and yes parting is not sweet sorrow, parting sucks but one day we will not ever have to part again.


Apr 12 2017 09:54 PM
Sorry about the size of the image I couldn't seem to get it rotated for the picture :(
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Apr 13 2017 03:17 AM
If I could figure out how to attach an image that's not sideways I'll do it :)
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Apr 13 2017 04:03 AM
The picture is sweet. I really enjoy your posts and your story =). I'm sorry she had to head home, but hopefully July gets here before you know it!
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Apr 13 2017 01:16 PM
Thanks so much Q and yes July will come quickly and I'm looking forward to seeing her and her daughter :)
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Purple Rose
Apr 14 2017 08:19 PM
I love hearing about you and netty and it gives me so much hope for me and my girl.  We only live 50 miles apart but even then getting time together is hard.   We just spent 2 fantastic days in Edinburgh together and it was so hard parting at the station.
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Apr 14 2017 08:34 PM
I wish I lived in Edinburgh because I'd only be about an hour and a half or so away from netty but then again if I were over there, I'd be living with netty and will one day be living with her :). Thank you Purple Rose, when you're in love and have the goal of eventually being together it makes the distance a little bit easier to bear but at this time it is hard on both of us. She's coming here again in July with her daughter and then it might be another 8 months before we see each other again. :(
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