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I Think I Am Demisexual...and It Explains Everything....

Posted by Lookingformyself2014 , 21 January 2017 · 267 views

demisexual Bigirl
Demisexual is a term used for people who experience sexual attraction and can enjoy intimacy, but donít actively seek it out and often require a deep personal connection before being intimate. Demisexual people often have lower sex drives, but are not completely asexual. Demiromantic people experience romantic attraction, but are not drawn to romance and do not actively seek it out..

After reading this online, it suddenly all makes sense... After reading this, it's like something clicked in my head, and it would explain all the relationships I have had. Let's see, where to start-

Relationship A: he was my gay best friend who after awhile of us hanging out and getting close, I started to realize I had a crush on him. We were so close at one point that all he had to do was look at me and he knew what I was tihnking, he was the first person I came out to and he was the only one who said he was proud of me after coming out to my mom...when we were hanging out together it was like we had our own little world and I always liked hanging out with him one on one because I didn't care for a lot of his friends and they weren't always so decent to me... Now looking back, it may of been me and my anxiety...but at the time I wasn't aware of it. But he was.... He played the cello and I loved how goofy he was and how he could make me laugh and then after awhile of us hanging out and stuff, I started to fantasize about him coming behind me and us making out in the hallway and this was while he was sitting across from me...

Relationship B- Mr.Clingy: this was the most recent one and this one takes the cake. He drove me crazy at first and then I started thinking he was cute. Our boss at the time tried to play match maker for us and at first I resisted doing anything because I didn't feel right about it and yet I kept thinking about him and we used to do computer lab for the kids and the kids picked up on it really quick that there was something going on between us and so after working with him and being around him, I started to like little quirks of his personality and then one day I realized I was crushing on him and I loved talking to him and we started to do a story by text and we would do these all the time and my feelings for him were growing more and more and now I realize that it was his personality coming through in the story and that was who my feelings were for...not really him cause we don't really know each other.

So now all of this is starting to make sense and now to post this, and learn more about myself and keep on exploring and see where this takes me....

I identify as demisexual too. It's helped me understand a lot of stuff about myself. It's also helped me feel a lot less weird, since There are other people in the world who identify that way as well.
Since I am married it's not something that comes up often, but it's helped me a lot to understand why I felt the way I did throughout adolescence and my 20s and it's been a gateway for a lot of self exploration. Good luck to you with that.
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Feb 25 2017 07:47 PM
thanks for the reply! I agree with it helping me to figure out things and clearing up the confusion. Looking back it explains a lot of what I had felt as well and I was wondering how to meet other people who are also demisexual...
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