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Stylish Erotica

Posted by celeste teal , 24 February 2017 · 104 views
Erotica, Art Deco Fashion and 2 more...
George Barbier (1882-1932) was a renowned French illustrator and fashion designer for theatre and ballet productions. Many of his illustrations have an element of same-sex desire between women, sometimes subtle, other times explicit. Examples of the later include his illustrations for the books Les Liaisons Dangereuses and Les Chansons de Bilitis, a...


Senserotic Art

Posted by celeste teal , 24 January 2017 · 226 views
Lisa Yuskavage, Painting and 2 more...
I just discovered the art of Lisa Yuskavage the other day while image browsing (a pleasurable, but very addictive habit). I felt an instant attraction to her style, and quickly binged-browsed for other works by her. Her style and subject matter is an interesting blend of sensuality, affection, and eroticism that I feel playfully captures the unique beauty...


Women In Boats - Gallery 2

Posted by celeste teal , 11 January 2017 · 86 views

This is a continuation of the previous post. These are images of women from a different time and world who have traveled by boat to a private place where they can be themselves, relax, bathe, and perhaps enjoy intimacy.

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Edward Cucuel (American 1875-1954) - At the...


Women In Boats - Gallery 1

Posted by celeste teal , 16 December 2016 · 224 views

These paintings are some extras that I found while researching for my blog post Women Afloat, in my A Mug of Fluidity blog. They all share to some degree the theme of women escaping into nature by themselves or with other women. Image yourself in their place, in their time when getting away from duty and home must have felt so liberating and...

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