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When The Log Roles Over

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Posted 04 May 2008 - 01:04 PM

A young boy was home alone for the first time.  
He was excited that his parents would trust him at such a thing.
Although, he was beginning to become a little frightened once they had finally gone for the evening.
He began hearing the faintest voices.
He thought it was all in his head, so he continued to play his videogames.
But, he just couldn't ignore what he thought he was hearing.
So, he started searching around the house to find out where this voice was coming from...
He checked the kitchen, nothing going on there.
He moved to the dining room, still nothing.
He opens the basement door and peers down, there's no way he's going down, he's seen the movies.
As he moves towards the steps to go upstairs, he begins to get a little more scared.
Now, he can almost make out what's being said...
He runs to the kitchen to grab a knife, he's not about to go down with a fight.
As he makes his way up, he hears more...
"When the log..."
Now, he's almost the top of the stairs...
He hears, "When the log roles over..."
He runs into his bedroom first, thinking about the "would be burglars".
He checks everywhere and can't find the source of the voice.
He checks the closets and then decides to check his parents room.
He gathers his strength, ready to attack if need be.
As he enters the entrance to his parents room, he can hear the voices, plain as day.
He peeks in and tries to listen...
"When the log rolls over, we will die, we will die."
What could that possible mean?
Now, he's wishing more than ever that his parents hadn't left him all alone.
He enters the bedroom, but there's no one there.
Again, he hears, "When the log rolls over, we will die, we will die."
Could the robbers be in the bathroom?
That's only place left to check.
But, what would robbers want out of his parents bathroom?
Surely, there's nothing worth taking from there.
As he creeps closer, the voices just get louder and louder.
"When the log rolls over, we will die, we will die."
He throws open the door, but NO ONE!
Then, he sees where it's all been coming from...
The toilet!
Two flys sitting a piece of poo!
Singing, "When the log rolls over, we will die, we will die."

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Posted 04 May 2008 - 05:20 PM

My mom told me this one when I was a kid, but instead, the flies were singing, "when the log rolls over, we'll drown, we'll drown, when the log rolls over we'll drown."

Still quite funny!
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