How Do You Know If You're Bisexual ?

Being attracted to someone of the same sex or understanding that your gender identity is different from your biological sex can be frightening, so much so that you may deny your feelings. But soon the feelings arise again..

You try to put them out of your mind but you can't. Finally, you stop resisting, and in that instant, your world changes. You discover that being true to yourself feels better more natural than denying your true self ever did. But what will this mean for you and for the rest of your life?

Shy eyes

Certainly, life is more challenging if you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. You will be required to develop the courage to honor your own experience of love and self-identification above anyone else's judgments about it. But you can do it. And, when you are ready you can take the next step you can come out. Millions of people have done so, and many say it was the best thing they ever did.

Being honest with yourself

From birth, most of us have been raised to think of ourselves as heterosexual and as the gender that corresponds with our biological sex. Our parents, our families, our teachers, our friends and seemingly our entire culture told us that a day would arrive when we would meet someone of the opposite sex and get married. Very few of us are told that we might fall in love with someone of the same sex. And virtually all of us are strongly discouraged from identifying more with another gender. That's why so many of us are shocked or confused when it happens.

Many people identify as gay or lesbian because their primary attractions both emotional and physical are to members of the same sex. Many people who are attracted to both men and women identify as bisexual. Some transgender people say they felt like they were trapped in the wrong body for as long as they can remember. And sometimes people don't feel comfortable with any of these labels or they choose a mix of them. The important thing is to be honest with yourself and when you're ready to be honest with others about who you are and to whom you are attracted.

Figuring out who you are can be very difficult and it can take time. Remember, however, that most of those negative stereotypes of GLBT people you may have heard are based on erroneous or inadequate information. And what you need are the facts !

How Can ShyBi Help ?

By providing you with a sleaze free and safe place to discuss these feelings. It's also a place to make new friends most of whom either are, or have been in the same boat as you.

We've done our very best to keep the weirdo's and the spammers out of this site, we protect your privacy at all times but at the same time give you the opportunity to divulge your own contact details to any one YOU choose once an active member here.