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Signing Up and Registering on Our Forum.

Signing up is totally free. In fact everything onsite is totally free to use. So no worries for you there. Here a few hints and tips however to help you get the best out of your time on

Try to make sure you choose a username which you don't use elsewhere. Some members in the past have made the mistake of joining up with usernames that they use on other well known forums. This has meant that some of their Shybi posts have shown up when searching for their usernames. Ooops. So if you're not out and proud, it's definately best to use a name which you don't use anywhere else on the net.

If you do make a mistake with this, a quick message to Admin or one of the moderators can get your name changed to something a bit more anonymous asap.

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Personal Messaging, The Chat Rooms and The Shoutbox

The Personal Messaging (PM) system is automatically open to you after 50 posts when you then become a 'trusted member'. By then we are 99% sure you are a genuine member here. It is not a lot to post and most members here do it within a few days to a week. After this time you may PM other members and chat privately, one to one.

Before 50 posts simply use our dedicated 'Contact us' form and forum for new members. This will make sure that the first moderator online to see your query can respond very quickly.

The Chat Room will also automatically be open to you for chat anytime you wish after 50 posts. HOWEVER ON THURSDAYS THE CHAT ROOM IS OPEN TO ALL MEMBERS HERE regardless of posts. This gives new members a chance to meet each other as well as some of the regulars here,and it also covers most time zones. So don't feel shy about popping in we'd love to see you there !

The Shoutbox also has a 20 post restriction on it. This was due to abusive and offensive posts by a few new members, since banned and probably men.

Personal Safety Online

For your OWN protection please do not post up personal details such as email addresses or contact details up on this the boards. For the following reasons we have chosen not to allow this on the general boards

1) All sorts of spammers 'harvest' these details and if picked up, you will be bombarded, not with replies from nice girlies here, but with endless 'penis enlargement' and Viagra spam. I'd be guessing that's not quite what you were hoping to get from this board ???? (There shouldn't be many on here require penis enlargements )

2) I'll be blunt....MEN !!!!!! You make yourself an easy target for men looking for cheap thrills. Your details are up there and men pretending to be women can easily take advantage. Again not what we're hoping for from Shybi.

3) This is a discussion board above ALL, and one we hope has turned into a great community of bi and bi-curious females. A lot of you will be used to plain old message boards where the messages go along the lines of 'hey I want to met someone tonight in *******' and 'oh I'm up for a shag tonight email me', is not how it works here..

This site isn't a cheap contact board. We want to be a non-intimidating, sleaze-free place where both newbies to the bisexual community and experienced bi's can chat and discuss issues and have a bit of a laugh doing it. That's why the 50 posts restriction is in place. Once you can Personal Message and Chat Live you can arrange and pass on whatever details you like IN PRIVATE! And everyone knows that if you've posted 50 times then there's a 99% chance that you're a serious member here.

And that's it ladies, for your own protection and for the good of this board, please refrain from handing out any personal details about yourself until you can do so safely and privately.

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